List of 100 Robotics Projects


Robotics is a fascinating technology that amazes people of all ages from kids to engineers to working professionals. The core industries are largely benefitting from Robots because it has taken over the most dangerous and mundane jobs from humans which paves way for greater productivity and efficiency. Robots are now integrated into almost all the industries as they work on a set of instructions that can be programmed by the user.

As a result, a lot of students start to show interest in robotics at school and engineering level itself. For that main reason, we are listing out the best and top 100 robotics project ideas for you. So, if you are interested you may check this list of robotics projects ideas.

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1. Animatronics Hand: Animatronics is the technology that can mimic human-like actions with the help of machines. They are designed to carry out a specific set of actions like diffusing a bomb or assisting physically handicapped people by using this as an alternative hand.


2. Robotic Arm: Robotic Arm is widely used in the industries especially in the automobile sector. The robotic arm is an excellent replacement for humans who work in the most dangerous and delicate jobs where the risk of injuries is more. Through this robotics project, you will be building a robotic arm with 3 degrees of freedom and can be controlled using an Android App.


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3. Biped Walking Robot: Through this robotics project, you will build a robot that can walk on 2 legs. If you are a huge fan of the Transformer series, then I am sure you will love to build these types of robots. You will build a two-legged robot or a biped walking robot that will have six degrees of freedom with a hip, knee & foot and mimic the walking action of humans.


4. Hexapod Bluetooth Controlled Robot: In this robotics project, you will develop a multi-legged robot that can walk on uneven terrains. The hexapod robot that you develop as part of this project is capable of walking on 6 legs. You will be able to control the hexapod's actuation with the help of a Bluetooth controlled Android App.

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5. Surveillance Robot: Robotics are now making their way into the defence sector, thanks to the development of high-tech cameras and Artificial Intelligence. Surveillance robots will now save soldiers' life while carrying dangerous rescue or spy operations. These robots continuously watch and send live streaming to the authorized person. In this robotics project, you will build one such surveillance robot that can be controlled from a remote location and capture live video footages.


6. Swarm Robotics: Swarm intelligence is an idea of coordinating multiple devices to work together as a team. Imagine an aerial drone spotting a survivor in the burning train or a building and informing the firefighting robot that is closest to the survivor to rescue him. That’s swarm robots in action!


7. Sensor Guided Robotics: Sensors are widely used in all the electronic systems to get the desired output from the input provided by the sensors. You cannot imagine building a device without sensors. Even in robotics, sensors give the robot the ability to watch, hear and move with the help of external feedback.


8. Mobile Robotics : Mobile robots have the ability to move around in any physical environment. Generally, there are two types of mobile robots. One is the Autonomous robot and the other one is non-autonomous. The autonomous robot can move around without any external feedback whereas, a non-autonomous robot needs external feedback to move around in the physical environment. The most commonly used technology in the mobile robot is DTMF which controls the robot with the help of keypads present in every mobile.


9. Gesture-Based Robotics: In this robotics project, you will build a gesture robot that can be operated with the help of your hand gestures. These types of robots find it’s applications in almost all of the industries where minimal human interaction is needed.


10. Voice-controlled Robot : Have you ever been amazed by how Alexa or Siri recognizes the human voice? If you are keen on learning speech recognition technology, then you should definitely try to build this robotics project. The robot performs a various set of actions based on the voice input that you give to them.


11. Sixth Sense Robotics: Sixth sense is a revolutionary achievement in the digital age. It allows the user to use natural hands/eye gestures to interact with digital objects. The information is processed using the image processing technique which takes the input data from the user.


12. Wi-Fi Controlled Robot: Controlling robot in a remote location is only possible with the help of internet. In this robotics project, you will build a robot that can be controlled through a webpage using a Wi-Fi connection. As part of this robotics project, you will also get to learn about wireless communication technologies.


13. Maze Solver Robot: Maze solver robot is designed to escape a maze of puzzling lines. The robot moves with the help of infra-red sensors which identifies junctions in the maze and then intelligently escapes from the maze.


14. Raspberry Pi Robot: The architecture of Raspberry Pi is even more advanced than Arduino. The main advantage of Raspberry Pi is that it can process multiple programs at once. So, now you can build a single robot that can perform multiple tasks without having to build multiple robots.


15. Bluetooth Robotics: This project also comes under wireless technology. In this robotics project, you will design and install an application on your mobile phone that can wirelessly transmit information to a microcontroller via the app.


16. Human Detection Robot using IR Sensors

17. Mobile Controlled Robot

18. Mobile Robot Navigation System

19. Bluetooth Controlled Robot

20. Land Survey Robot

21. GPS-Guided Mobile Robot

22. Pick and Place Robot Vehicle

23. Line Following Robot

24. Edge Detection Robot

25. Self-Balancing Robot

26. Stair Climbing Robot

27. Night Vision Spybot

28. Load Sharing Swarm Robotics

29. Robotic Snake using Arduino

30. Whiskers Based Robot

31. Swarm Based Walking Robot

32. PC Controlled Human Detection Robot: This project aims at detecting human beings with the help of IR sensors and micro-controllers. It is very useful at the time of earthquakes or floods.

33. Metal Detector Robot: The main aim of this project is to detect metal objects that come in the path ahead of it. This project will be very much useful in case of land mines detection.

34. Obstacle Avoiding Robot: This is an intelligent autonomous robot built using an infrared sensor that detects obstacles coming in the patch of the robot. After detecting the obstacle, the robot smartly changes its direction and moves!

35. Kid Rescue Robot: You must have heard many a time that a kid falling in the manhole or borehole because of the irresponsibility of the authorities. This project aims to design a rescue robot that can save a child’s life with the help of command given by the user from PC.

36. Autonomous Farming Robot: This system is designed to reduce the workload of our farmers who toil every day in harsh weather conditions. This robot senses the moisture level in the soil, if the moisture level is low then it automatically pours water on the field.

37. Land Survey Robot: This project aims to calculate the total area of the land and then dividing it into sub-plots.

38. Automatic Fire Sensing Robot: In this project, you will develop a multi-flame sensor-based firefighting robot. If the fire takes place, then the robot detects the fire automatically and then moves towards the fired area and starts sprinkling water with the help of a water pump.

39. Automatic Wall Painting Robot: The primary objective of this project is to design a robot that can automatically paint a wall of any dimensions using IR Sensors and Micro-controllers.

40. DTMF Controlled Robot without Microcontroller: The main aim of this project is to control the robot with the help of a mobile phone using DTMF technology. These robots are highly used for surveillance and industrial operations.

41. Pick & Place Robot: This robot will come to your mother’s rescue who often has to pick and place your objects in the correct place every morning. This robot will automatically pick and place the objects with the help of programming a set of instructions into the microcontroller.

42. Surveillance Robot with Rope Traversing: This robot is designed to traverse in both horizontal and vertical directions especially in hilly regions. This robot is also equipped with a camera for surveillance purposes.

43. Water Cleaning Robot: In this project, you will design a robot that can collect floating garbage in rivers such as plastic straws, dead leaf & insects and food waste.

44. Automated Scrap Collecting Robot: This robot has the ability to collect scrap from any designated area with the help of motion & arm control capabilities.

45. Automatic Steering Control Robot: The main objective of this project is to create an automatic steering method for vehicles with manned as well as an unmanned mode with an automatic electronic clutch.

46. Automated Shooting Robot: The main aim of this project is to design a cost-effective robot that can automatically shoot a target with the help of an image processing mechanism.

47. Glass Cleaning Robot: The main idea behind this project is to design a robot that can climb on the buildings which are covered by glass. So, the robot can clean the glass automatically without relying on human resources. It can avoid the risk of injuries or loss of life and it is also cost-efficient.

48. RFID based Serving Robot: This robot has been designed to increase the efficiency of serving food to the people in the restaurant in order to reduce the waiting time.

49. Head Motion Controlled Robotic Vehicle: The main idea behind this project is to help paralyzed or disabled people to control the wheelchair by using their head movements using the accelerometer sensor.

50. Smoke & LPG Gas Detection Robot: This robot is useful for mining and underground applications to detect any smoke of gas pipeline leakage. The detected area information is transmitted using RF communication technology.

51. Garbage Collection Robot using Wireless Technology: The main goal of this project is to design a robot that can automatically collect the garbage on its own without any human intervention.

52. Design of Amphibian Robot: The main idea behind this project is to design a robot that can carry operations in both underwater and in rough terrains. This robot is mainly designed for defence purposes.

53. Lane Detection Car using Raspberry Pi: The objective of this project is to implement a monocular vision that can detect any lane obstacle using Raspberry Pi.

54. Robotic Manipulator: This is a robotic arm that is designed and programmed to perform similar actions just like the human arm like throwing or shaking hands.

55. Fruit Plucking Robot: The main purpose of this project is to increase the harvest efficiency of the farmers by plucking fruits from the trees when they are ripened. This reduces wastage of time by allowing farmers to focus on other activities.

56. Intelligent Solar Tracker Robot: The objective of this project is to generate maximum solar power from the solar panel by tracking the sunlight intensity automatically

57. Ball Tracking Robot: In this project, you will design and build a robot that can track the objects automatically for surveillance purposes using an image processing algorithm.

58. Arduino based Robot Control using TV Remote: In this project, you will build an Arduino based robot that can move in various directions by providing input using a TV remote.

59. Automatic Filling Machine Robot: The main objective of this project is to demonstrate the working environment of the industries by designing an automatic bottle filling machine using PLC and other sensors.

60. Humanoid Robot using Raspberry Pi: This project demonstrates on how to build a simple humanoid robot using basic components with raspberry pi being the central processor.

61. Autonomous Chess Playing Robot: The objective of this project is to build a robot that can play chess against a human opponent by integrating chess algorithms into the microcontroller.

62. Eye Controlled Wheelchair Robot: This project demonstrates the automated control of the wheelchair by using the movement of eyeballs of physically challenged people.

63. Autonomous Agile Aerial Robot: In this project, you will design a flying robot that is capable of military and photography applications.

64. Vacuum Cleaner Robot: The main objective of this robot is to clean the surface without any human commands or control.

65. Soccer Robotics: The main aim of this project is to design a humanoid robot that has the capability to play basic soccer like kicking, dribbling and doing goalkeeping.

66. Tank Cleaning Robot

67. Smart Robotic Boat with Obstacle Detection

68. Automatic Grass Cutter Robot

69. Self-Parking Robotic Vehicle

70. Automatic Fire Extinguisher Robot

71. Bomb Diffuser Robot

72. GSM based Mobile Controlled Robot

73. Smoke Detection Robot

74. RFID based Warehouse Monitoring Robot

75. GPS Guided Mobile Robot

76. Excavator Robotics

77. Automatic Object Sorting Robot

78. Ball Tracking Robot using Image Processing

79. Actuator Welding Design Robot

80. Automated System Design for Metro Trains

81. Snow Plow Robot

82. Light Emitter Robot

83. Autonomous Surveillance Robot with Path Tracking Capability

84. Arduino based Quadruped Robot

85. Industrial Monitoring Robot

86. Automatic Guitar Playing Robot

87. Indoor Helicopter Robot with Wireless Camera

88. Heavy Duty Robot Racing Car

89. Artificial Neural Network Based Autonomous Mobile Robot

90. Five Axis Robotic Arm Controller

91. Web Based Embedded Robot for Safety and Security Applications

92. A Socially Assistive Robot for the Elderly Impaired

93. Intelligent Robotic Fish for Underwater Surveillance

94. Robotic Bird

95. Automatic Steering Control Robot

96. Vehicle Anti-Collision Alert using Ultrasonic Sensors

97. FPGA Based Five Axis Robot Arm Controller

98. Automatic Drum Playing Robot


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List of 100 Robotics Projects
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