How to develop a successful career in Robotics?


The following article provides information on robotics, which is one of the leading technologies in the world. Scope of robotics in the future, skills required for a successful career in the robotics field and also how to imbibe those skills is also mentioned in this article. This will be helpful for students having an interest in robotics as this article also talks about the leading companies in robotics and about some of the most incredible robotics projects. If you have been wondering how to start a career in robotics, one of the proven ways is to develop practical skills by developing robotics projects hands-on.

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Scope of robotics:

In today’s time, robots are ruling the world. There is no field left for robots to show their wonders. They have made their mark, be it the field of medicine or the field of automation. Robotics is one of the leading technologies today and is yet to flourish more and more.

Robotics not only uses hardware components and technology but also has its own software requirements. Today, Robotics is blended with Artificial Intelligence to generate human-like robots and make them more sensitive towards responding to a stimuli. “Sophia” is one such amazing robot with advanced AI features that resembles a human being by showing frequent and relevant body gestures. She is the first-ever humanoid robot and has also participated in various chat shows and interviews and impressed the audience with her witty replies. “Einstein” is another upcoming robot which will also amaze the world with its advanced features.

As mentioned earlier, robotics has widened its horizon and reached almost every field. One can expect their jobs in automation sectors, manufacturing sectors, hardware industries, aerospace fields such as ISRO, NASA, ESA and so on. With industrialization prospering, the robotics industries are also simultaneously prospering as well. They can also create jobs like robotics scientist, robotics engineer and so on. Hence, robotics indeed has a brighter future ahead undoubtedly.

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Skills required to build a successful career in robotics:

Skills required to build a successful career in robotics

Robotics can be treated as a mixture of both hardware as well as software technology. It cannot be with merely learning soft skills or merely hard skills. Hence, one needs to be well versed with both the skills in order to secure a good career in robotics.

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Along with technological skills, you must also have good problem-solving skills about how to tackle the errors and the shortcomings in a project.

Apart from these two, below mentioned are some of the most relevant skills that are required for any robotic engineer, designer or technician:

  • System Analysis and evaluation
  • Coding/ Programming skills
  • Applied Math
  • Decision-making skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Technology design
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How to develop the required skills for building a successful career in robotics?

1.System analysis skills can be imbibed from various sources present on the internet. YouTube is another super good resource for gaining knowledge. Some books for system design are:

  • Grokking the System Design Interview
  • Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann
  • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler.

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2.There are about 1500 programming languages and gaining expertise in 2-3 of them is sufficient. Some of them are Python, MATLAB, C++, etc. They are easy to learn via online lectures present on various platforms.

3.Applied Mathematics is a skill which does not require any extra resource to learn, especially if you are an engineering student. Math taught in colleges is sufficient.

4.Decision-making skills are something that is not gained but polished by solving riddles and mind-boggling problems.

5.Same goes for analytical skills, they are only improvised by doing constant practice on various platforms on net.

6.Technology design; Some of the best books are:

  • Design and Technology by James E. Garrat
  • GCSE D and T Resistant Materials by Ian MacDonald
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What are all the robotic companies?

Here is a list of best established or emerging robotic companies to look:

  1. CANVAS Technology
  2. Anybots
  3. Motionworks Dynamics
  4. Grey Orange India
  5. Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Limited
  6. Milagrow Humantech
  7. Ikarus
  8. Yakasawa India Pvt. Ltd.
  9. RP Robotics
  10. Kawasaki Robotics
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How to develop a successful career in robotics?


Any technological skill is best improvised by practical doing. Building robotics projects makes you understand the crux of robotics. We at Skyfi Labs have resources to help you build a successful career in various latest technological domains. For robotics, we offer robotics career building online course that is purely career focused. In this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge about the latest concepts and technologies that will be useful to build your career in robotics.

In this robotics career building course, you will learn the concepts of robotics practically from basics to advanced by building numerous projects.

Below mentioned are the robotics projects that you will build in this course:

1. Line follower robot: Line follower robot is an autonomous robot, which follows a line drawn on the floor with the help of IR sensors. Arduino microcontroller is used to program the robot based on the requirement. Line follower robots find application in industries, military application, delivery, etc.

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2. Obstacle follower robot: In this project, you will build a robot that detects the obstacle and moves accordingly. IR sensor is used to detect the obstacle and Arduino microcontroller process the sensor values and actuate the motors.

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3. Obstacle avoider robot: Obstacle avoidance technology is used in self-driving cars. In this project, you will build a robot that avoids the obstacle and moves accordingly. IR sensor is used to detect the obstacles and Arduino microcontroller process the sensor values and actuate the motors.

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4. Mobile controlled robot: Robotics is one of the key technologies that are reforming the way we survive. In this robotics project, you will be creating a mobile-controlled robot using DTMF or Dual Tone Multiple Frequency. It will be a mobile controlled robot and can be controlled using your mobile phone. When we press the keys on the user’s phone, it will send instructions to the robot via DTMF signals. The robot decodes these signals and moves accordingly. You can make the robot move forward, back, left, etc. by clicking a button.

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5. Gesture controlled robot: In this robotics project, hand movement is used to control the robot which replaces the conventional button or joystick control method. Accelerometer sensor is used to detect the hand movement. Arduino microcontroller process the accelerometer signals and actuates the motors.

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6. Bluetooth controlled robot: In this robotics project, you will build a robot that is controlled using an android application over Bluetooth. A Bluetooth module is integrated with the Arduino board to perform this task.

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7. Wi-fi Controlled robot: Wi-Fi has become an integral component of our lives now and there are several devices which we can regulate using Wi-Fi. In this robotics project, you will develop a robot that you can guide through your laptop using wi-fi. This is a super cool way to learn wireless communication and robotics! The robot is connected to the internet with the help of ESP 8266 Wi-Fi module and can be guided through commands on a web page.

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8. Voice controlled robot: In this project the robot is controlled through voice commands with the help of an android app. Bluetooth module is used to capture and transmit the voice commands. Arduino microcontroller process the signal and moves the robot based on the commands.

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9. Fire-fighting robot: This robot detects the exact direction of the fire source and also reduces the human risk factor. In this robotics career building project, you will use IR sensors to detect the fire source. Arduino microcontroller process the sensor signal and it controls the DC motor to extinguish the fire.

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10. Swarm Robots: Swarm Robotics deals with Artificial Swarm Intelligence between multiple robots. The robots may act as saviors in complex missions. Swarm robots help in keeping an eye over enemies and even track information. There are two types of robots: master and slave. Master performs its own task and slave obeys the signals from the master robot (both being autonomous).

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11. Maze solver robot: Maze solver robot is an autonomous robot that solves the maze independently with the help of IR sensors and a special algorithm to decide the path. Arduino microcontroller process the sensor signal and actuates the robot.

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12. Sixth sense Robot: Robots have the power to change this world for better and brings a renaissance into the field of technology. Especially, robots with vision-guided systems are way more beneficial and productive. This robotics project will lead you towards developing such robots that are commanded using image processing algorithms. Arduino will be your very own microcontroller and image processing algorithms will be your tool. Object tracking algorithms and colored object recognition algorithms are used to make the robot work.
Hope you got some idea about how to build a career in robotics from this article.

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How to develop a successful career in Robotics?
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