Introduction to Robotics - Scope, Future Influence & DIY Projects


Robots! Everyone from a small child to fully grown will be fascinated when they see a robot in a museum or movie. This is because we are not prone to see an automated machine in our life and due to the technology advancement man may need to make robots and assign certain works to it and make it done with more accuracy and less amount of time. But to do that we need to have a minimum knowledge of developing a robot. To gain that knowledge first we need to understand what a robot is and what it deals with. And also we need to know the scope of the robotics to decide between pursuing or giving time to learn robotics. In this blog, we will try to discuss everything about robotics. Be with the blog as I will provide you a list of projects at the end of the blog which will help you in learning and understanding the robotics easily.

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What are the basics of robotics?

The basics of the robot come from the human itself. At first, the robot is called as a multipurpose machine with some memory incorporated within it for the easy working and processing of the surroundings. These include many components but mainly comprises of sensors, microprocessors, and actuators. Where sensors will sense the environment around it gives the value to the microprocessor and the microprocessor will try to process the input based on the coding or training given by humans and send the signals to the output devices that are actuators. So, for learning robotics we need to have some coding knowledge, mechanical knowledge for connections and enthusiasm to learn new things.

Learn the basics of robotics by building these projects

Is robotics a good career?

Experts say that robotics is the future for the world and we use robotic technology for almost every work in our daily life. Countries like China and the US are also trying to incorporate the robots in the army and also there are many case studies where we can see robots replacing the old traditional ways i.e. in surgeries, replacing the amputated arms, and also the workers in factories who are exposed to the hazardous environment.

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How will robots influence the future?

Robots will change the future of mankind indeed they are already changing the future of mankind. Every machine that is helping humans to make his work easier can be considered as a robot and yes even a washing machine, oven, toaster, etc… can be considered as a robot. And I am pretty sure that you are already experiencing the influence of these machines in your life. You are not going to be at the stove for 20 – 30 minutes and regulate the amount of heat that is given to the vessel instead this work is done by automatic rice cooker when you just switch it on and the rest of the work is done by the rice cooker itself. This shows that we can rely on the machines for doing jobs easily and in less time and accurately.

Best robotics projects

What are some projects for learning robotics?

If you are this far in the blog then you are either interested in robotics or you want to pursue and get experienced in the robots. For achieving either of it you should have enough practical skills in the robotics which can only be developed by doing projects or hands-on sessions. Here I curated a list of the projects and also explained how to construct the projects. You can use these projects for your academic projects as well.

1. Sensor Guided robot


In the Sensor guided robot project, you will learn how to build 3 different types of robots. The first one being the obstacle avoider which will avoid the obstacles and move forward. The second one is the line follower which will following the black line. Lastly, you will be making an obstacle follower that will follow the obstacle and move towards it. These are the prototypes of the projects that are used in the real-time world.

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Latest projects on Robotics

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2. Mobile controlled robot


Ever wondered how the customer support executive will know which number re you pressing in the dial pad? In a mobile controlled robot, you will be using the same technology of DTMF tunes and make the robot move in different directions. You will control the movement of the robot with the help of a mobile phone.

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3. Gesture controlled robot


In the Gesture controlled robot, you will be controlling the robot using the accelerometer sensor. By using this sensor you will try to move the robot forward, backward left and right. By performing this project you industrial robots can be controlled by a single sensor.

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4. Swarm robotics


Swarm technology is learned by mankind from the bees. It is very intelligent and advances technology as it needs the robots to be communicated with each other and do the work accordingly. From all the robots, one of the robots will be master and guiding all the slave robots. Thereby all the robots can work collectively.

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5. Wi-Fi controlled robot


In Wi-Fi controlled robot you will build and control the robot using the Wi-Fi. It can be controlled remotely by connecting the robot to the Wi-Fi. As Wi-Fi is almost everywhere on the earth it becomes easy to control the robot.

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Not only this you can also refer to the following robotic projects too.

By performing these projects you will get enough experience to work with the sensors and actuators. Also, you will have some experience in robotics which will help you with your career.

Introduction to Robotics - Scope, Future Influence & DIY Projects
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-03-25

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