Types of robots and their applications

The invention of robots has been a great advantage to the human race. Its application has paved the way for a reduction in manual labour and a blink of an eye to getting the task done. This article deals with a variety of projects based on robots application for those who want to build a career in it. These robots can be used in factories, industries, offices, government places, military areas and even in personal spaces.

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What are the applications of the robot?

Robots are mainly used in the following areas.

  • Hospitals
  • Military Areas
  • Agricultural Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Space Centers
  • Government Administration
  • Food Services

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What are the main components of robots?

Robots are made up of a series of components and they are:

  • Controller- This is the digital hardware and the software of the robot that allows it to perform assigned tasks.
  • Actuators- These are small motors fixed inside a robot that understands human gestures and performs tasks.
  • Electric motors- These assist in the robot's body's simple flow of energy. For robots to operate they turn the energy into workable energy.
  • Sensors- For a robot to operate proper signals and active sensors are needed. It also has a brain which is a chip that enables it to feel or understand signals.
  • Power Supply- A continuous power supply is needed for a robot to move about, or perform a task Many robots run by electricity while others function by batteries.

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Types of robots and their applications

Robots are classified based on many things such as based on purpose, where it is used, how it is controlled, etc. The following are the major types of robots classified based on its applications:

  • Industrial robots
  • Autonomous robots
  • Pre-Programmed robots
  • Health care robots (medical)
  • Robots used for entertainment
  • Aerospace robots (used for space missions)

1. Animatronic Hand


A project that works according to your movement of the hands, this one has created many job prospects for the students. In this one, the Arduino programming language is used. This robot finds application in the research field to handle harmful chemicals.

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2. Surveillance Robot


This robot has come up with the best invention and that is surveillance. A robot will be built to keep an eye on places of the user's choice, As a microcontroller, Raspberry Pi is used in this project. Surveillance robot is used in the military for observing enemy targets.

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3. Robotic Arm


Robotic arm is used in the automobile industries to speed up the manufacturing process. Arduino programming language is used to develop this project. With the aid of Bluetooth, the robotic arm is connected to your smartphone.

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4. Biped Walking Robot


A robot carrying out activities just like humans do. It can even be used to welcome guests in hotels or restaurants.

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5. Sensor Guided Robotics


Sensor guided robots are used in hotels and industries to perform repetitive tasks. A project that helps build robots that understand sensors. The three major robots to be built are-

  • Line Follower
  • Obstacle Follower
  • Obstacle Avoider

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6. Hexapod

A project that helps in building a six-legged robot, this one will be controlled by your smartphones through Bluetooth connectivity. This project has come up with great help for performing tasks in rugged terrains.

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7. Swarm Robotics

This project will help in building several robots that shall perform a task with coordination. The idea is to build these robots in such a way that group tasks are performed easily. Arduino programming language is used in this project.

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8. Mobile Robotics

Another project that requires a smartphone. This module will understand the signals that are directly sent from the user's smartphone. This robot can be controlled from any part of the world.

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9. Sixth Sense Robots

A project that requires an image processing algorithm. This too requires Arduino for understanding the locomotion of the robot and the functioning of a DC engine.

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10. Gesture-Based Robotics

Another project involving hand movements, this one can be easily constructed even by a beginner. The ADXL-335 accelerometer sensor is used to control the robot by hand.

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11. Voice Controlled Robot

An inventive project will control the robot by just commanding it. The robot will understand the voice and perform the task. Bluetooth connectivity will be required to function in this robot.

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12. WiFi Controlled Robot

Another robot-based project requires mere WiFi connectivity to work. This project will help you understand the basic concepts of WiFi that are required to make the robot work.

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13. Edge Detection Robot

Here is a project that will save your robot from falling off from edges. It is a student-based project therefore it has a scratch based block programming language. The robot will detect edges and corners and save themselves from falling.

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14. Maze Solver Robot

A project that involves solving a complex puzzle is challenging. You will be building a module that will be able to solve a maze because of the algorithms used for its functioning.

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15. Bluetooth Robotics

This project is directly linked with Bluetooth connectivity and shall be controlled using the user's smartphone. To get the robot started you will just have to press certain keys on the phone. Bluetooth controlled robots are widely used for home applications

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16. Raspberry Pi Robot

A project that requires a Raspberry Pi board as a microcontroller, this shall be directly controlled through your laptop. Python Programming language is used in this project.

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17. Fire Fighting Robot

A fire-fighting project for kids to understand and scratch based block programming knowledge. These robots can be sent to dangerous places to put off fire using a DC fan.

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I hope you got some useful information about robots from this article. Let us know your view about robotics in the comment section.

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Types of robots and their applications
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-05-04

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