Top 9 Capstone Projects on Robotics (Videos Included)


"When Robot mind is mastered, undisciplined thinking ceases and is replaced by awareness. Awareness can know love"

-Barry Long

Robots have been and still are the most talked topic nowadays,  everyone wonders If Robots could rule the world in the future? or would they dominate mankind? But, no doubt if we ignore the wrong that may happen by encouraging the growth of robots and focus on everything good that can happen, then robots can be a boon to mankind in performing all types of complex and time taking tasks. That's the main point of learning Robotics nowadays! Everyone wants to get into a field that has a demand in the future. So, let's start from scratch and learn about the good capstone robotics projects that you can make.

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What are robots?

Robots, as defined by the search engine is a machine resembling humans and which can replicate certain human movements and works.

Did you know?

The word robot comes from the Czech word 'robota’ which means ‘drudgery’

Latest projects on Robotics

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Do robots have types?

Yes, Robots also have different types and they are:

  1. Cartesian Type: An industrial robot whose 3-principle axis of control are linear and are at the right angle to each other.

They can carry high payloads using their structures.

  1. Cylindrical Type: Mainly used for assembly operations, spot welding, die-cast machines, etc.

If combined with a rotational joint, two rotatory joints, and a linear joint, the spherical robot operates in a polar coordinate system.

  1. SCARA: This stands for Selected Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selected Compliance Articulated Robot Arm.

These are popular options for small robotic assemblies.

  1. 6-Axis:

Huge industrial robots having 6-axis are called 6-Axis Robots.

  1. Delta: A kind of robot with 3 arms in the form of delta connected to the universal joints at the base. Mainly used for packaging purposes in industries

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So, Let’s look at some good robotics projects that you can do!

Below are some Good capstone robotics projects:

Good capstone projects on robotics

1. Animatronic hand


Have you ever seen machines and robots imitating humans or animals? Well! this is known as Animatronic Hand.

This capstone project will teach you how to create and control a machine by your fingers, hands or even facial muscles.

Animatronics is one of the most interesting parts of robotics where the robot can copy even facial expressions and walking style.

In this robotics project, you will build an animatronic hand that copies the motion of your hand.

What you will learn?

  1. Design, Fabrication and flex sensors
  2. Working on servo motors-which acts as actuators.
  3. Arduino Architecture and its programming

Learn more about Animatronic hand

2. Voice controlled robot:


The ability of any machine to understand human voice and act accordingly is known as speech recognition or voice recognition. In this capstone project, you will develop a robot which can be controlled with your voice commands.

What you will learn?

  1. Basics of Android App Development
  2. Bluetooth Communication
  3. Arduino Architecture and Programming
  4. Speech Recognition

Learn more about Voice controlled robot

3. Bluetooth robotics:


With the increasing sources and apps of sharing files and folders the use of Bluetooth is becoming limited to connecting with speakers and small households.

But, that's not the only place where the use of Bluetooth is limited, this Bluetooth technology can also be used for the working of Robots. In this capstone robotics project, you will develop one such robot which can be controlled over Bluetooth.

What you will learn?

  1. Robotics Systems
  2. Bluetooth Communication
  3. Working DC motors-actuators
  4. Arduino Architecture and Planning

Learn more about Bluetooth robot

4. Hexapod


A robot that walks on 6 legs is called "Hexapod". Since it has 6 legs, therefore, it can walk on rough and rocky surfaces with more grip.

Those 6 legs are its plus point concerning the other robots.

Hexapods are widely used for space exploration purposes. Because of its advanced motion technology, it can able to access all the terrains. In this capstone project, you will develop a hexapod which can be controlled over Bluetooth.

What you will learn?

  1. Crawling Strategy of Hexapods
  2. Ardunio Architecture and Programming.
  3. Wireless Actuation of Legged Robots
  4. Robot’s Locomotion
  5. Working of Servo motors-which acts as actuators

Learn more about Hexapod

5. Gesture controlled robot:


How easy would have been life If we could control each and everything with just making certain gestures?

Well, we can’t guarantee you to control each and everything but yes you can control a robot with gestures.

This is the speciality of this robot, and that’s how its name has been kept “Gesture Robot”.

This capstone project allows you to develop one such robot which can be controlled using your hand gesture.

What you will learn?

You can learn a lot of things like:

  1. Working with ADXL accelerometer sensor
  2. Scratch based block programming, therefore no prior programming experience required.

Learn more about Gesture controlled robot

6. Edge detection robots


Ever heard of self-driving cars? Interesting? Right

Well you can also make one it’s a bit tough but someone has very rightly said-consistency is the key!

Edge detection robots are the robots that identify the edges of tables and adjust themselves automatically. This will be the best choice for your capstone project.

What you will learn?

  1. Working on an IR sensor.
  2. Programming from scratch and prior programming experience required.

Learn more about edge detection robots

7. Wi-Fi controlled robot:


In today's world, we cannot imagine our lives without the internet and Wi-Fi.

There are millions of devices that run on Wi-Fi today, then why not apply the same to the Robots.

In this capstone project, you can learn about how to use and control a robot with the help of wifi and will be working on your laptop.

This is also how you can learn about wireless communication with Robots.

What you will learn?

  1. Wireless Communication
  2. Networking Communication
  3. Working of DC motors-actuators
  4. Arduino Architecture and its programming.

Learn more about Wi-Fi controlled robot

8. Maze solver robot


With the passing days and increasing, technology robotic projects are getting smarter and smarter day by day.

Robots are bringing a drastic change in the present industries.

Maze solver robot involves the development of programs and logic that will help the robot in solving the maze by itself.

This is how machines are trained to perform complicated tasks.

What you will learn?

  1. Robotic Systems.
  2. IR sensors-working and calibration
  3. Working of DC motors-actuators
  4. Arduino Programming and architecture

Learn more about maze solver robot

9. Surveillance robot


Robots unlike watchman won't sleep at night either can they be tamed.

So, robotics projects with eyes that are surveillance robots can be best for taking footages of a particular location.

Surveillance robot that can be controlled from a remote location and can capture live video footages.

What you will learn?

  1. Raspberry Pi and Python Programming.
  2. Working with DC motors and motor drive circuits
  3. Robot’s locomotion

Learn more about surveillance robot

Hope you got some good capstone project ideas from this article. Try to implement those projects in real-time and watch it working.


  1. First Home Robots came as toys.
  2. Unimation was the first company to manufacture industrial robots.
  3. Nanobots are the world’s smallest Robots.
  4. Robots are used as damaged body parts.
  5. The term “android” applies to robots that are male whereas female robots are termed as “Gynoid”.
  6. The first known case of robot homicide occurred in 1981 when a robotic arm crushed a Japanese Kawasaki factory worker.
  7. World’s half of the robots are used in Japan alone.
  8. Around 4,000 robots are serving in the US military.
  9. Robots can do jobs in dangerous situations and save many lives.
  10. The accuracy of robots is very high and is in the range of millimetres or even micrometres.
  11. The world’s smallest robot is that of the size of a fly.
Top 9 Capstone Projects on Robotics (Videos Included)
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