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Latest Augmented Reality projects for engineering students


Technology is reaching great heights day after day. With this rise in technology, we are bridging the margins between the real and the virtual world. Augmented Reality lessens this gap even more.

Augmented Reality is a great boon to technology. It is continuously rising and the time is close when AR will be a common part of our lives. That is why learning Augmented Reality today will be of huge benefit for the future. Great as a technology as well as a career option, Augmented Reality is the trend of now. So, here we have for you, the best AR projects and their guides.

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What is Augmented Reality?

Remember people running all around the city to catch that Pokemon? Yes, the game PokemonGo is a perfect and simplest way to describe what augmented reality is.

Technically, AR is that tool that changes the perception of reality. It creates a view of the real-world environment by overlaying it with the images on the software. It blends various interactive digital elements with the real world to provide the best user experience! Not only in games or mobile apps, but Augmented Reality also has great applications in fields of business, medicine, and welfare.

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Latest projects on Augmented Reality

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Where is Augmented Reality used?

Augmented Reality has powerful real-world applications. From automobiles to medicine to classrooms, AR has benefited each sector of society.

It is helpful in performing delicate surgeries and also used in MRI equipment. It helps in repairing the vehicles and speeds up the process. Many business organizations are using AR-based tools. Their purpose is to give their costumers full satisfaction in the products. One example is trying how those spectacles will look on us without even going to the stores.

Not only this, but AR also has applications in fighter planes. It provides a full 360° view and thus leaves no blind spots. Its applications in TV are massive. From sports events to weather forecasts to news reporting, augmented reality provides the best graphics and visuals. Thus, it brings us closer to reality.

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Best Augmented Reality project ideas for engineering students

Here are some creative and innovative Augmented Reality projects for engineers.

1. Augmented Reality- Adding 3d Character: This is one of the simplest augmented projects. Therefore, it is best for beginners. It allows you to add 3D characters and visualize them. It is a must-try project for anyone who is new in the field and wants to learn Augmented Reality.

2. Touchless ATM using Augmented Reality: The world is going through the most difficult times. COVID-19 has affected the lives of more than millions of people. Thus, taking apt precautions is necessary. Therefore, this is a project of great importance. A touchless ATM based on AR will break the chain of contact. In this way, one can be safe from the pandemic.

3. Game Development with Augmented Reality: Game development is on great heights these days. Games have many amazing features these days. These features make it interesting for everyone and so, the gaming sector is rising. Augmented Reality is a boon for the gaming industry. Augmented Reality games serve better graphics and experience to the user. No doubt, why Pokemon go is still loved by a mass of people. Unity 3D helps in developing such games.

4. Augmented reality in Application Development: The most common way to connect to technology for a common person is through mobile phones. Various applications make the life of every individual easy. Augmented Reality is no behind in this field too! We can make an Andriod AR application for Money Augmentation. We will use Vuforia and Unity 3D to execute this project.

5. Augmented Reality Search Project: Through this DIY AR project, we can make mobile search more exciting. Imagine if the images you search are displayed to you like real! AR tutorials help to do this. We can combine Image search with Augmented Reality. This will provide an experience of the real world. This is again done by using Unity, Vuforia, etc.

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How to make Augmented Reality Projects?

Before working on projects, learning Augmented reality is really important. With a large number of sources available on the internet, it is difficult to choose the appropriate course. We have made it simpler for you. Here are some Augmented Reality Courses:

1. Augmented Reality for Beginners: This is a complete package for all the people who wish to start learning about Augmented Reality. In this, one will be learning the basic concepts of Unity and Vuforia. Therefore, one can design various apps and games using Augmented Reality with enough knowledge of these softwares.

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2. Game Development using Augmented Reality: Game Development is one of the most famous applications of Augmented Reality. So, this is the course for all the people who wish to innovate exciting games using augmented reality. Through this course, you will be able to have a nice understanding of Unity and Vuforia.

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3. Game Development with Unity: Unity is widely used in the field of augmented and virtual reality. Therefore, learning the fundamentals of Unity will bring a wide range of opportunities. Also, if you want to develop another breathtaking game like PokemoGo; this is the perfect course for you. Through this course, you will be able to develop interesting 2D as well as 3D games.

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The technologies of Augmented Reality are rising at a great rate. Augmented reality is the future of the world. So, don’t wait. Start your Augmented Reality Learning now!

Latest Augmented Reality projects for engineering students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-16

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