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Best Augmented Reality Projects for Final Year Students

Augmented Reality (AR) today has become one of the most exponentially growing technology. Right from its development, it has been in huge demand for various reasons; be it entertainment purpose, scientific and technological reason etc. Its unique capability of modifying the real world and giving it a new picture with the use of different media has been winning millions of hearts. To understand Augmented Reality in simple terms, take the example of the game “Pokemon Go” which gained a large momentum in 2016 due to its interesting feature of letting you see and catch the Pokemon in front of you. 

The above para just touches upon a very brief introduction about AR but this later, few topics like what actually is AR, the software required, applications and new exciting project lists are covered as well. Special technical skills act as brownie points when it comes to grabbing jobs or getting recruited into highly esteemed jobs. It is the perfect time to get started and up sill yourself by making full utilization of your free time. 

Let’s now focus on the following relevant information

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What is Augmented Reality?

Expanding the little explanation given above, Augmented Reality is a technology that makes a real-world more dynamic by adding digital data onto it. Simply put changing perception towards your real environment by superimposing it with computer-generated graphics, sounds, texts or any other digital information. An important thing to know is that unlike Virtual Reality (VR) AR does not create a virtual environment as a whole but adds virtual objects to your real world.

Another best example to understand AR is the Snapchat app that wonderfully adds a dog’s ears or heart eyes to a person’s face. You may seldom realise the AR principle behind the apps that you use or games that you play but it’s alright. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that AR has been successful in making people amazed of its outstanding features.

Having said this, let’s now learn what the uses of Augmented Reality are.

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Latest projects on Augmented Reality

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Uses/Applications of Augmented Reality

Being such a powerful technology, AR has found its use in numerous fields. From gaming apps in your mobile phones to mechanics to manufacturing industries, AR has set a benchmark in the history of technology. Some of the areas that by and large now depend on AR for their efficient performance are as follows:

  • Military purposes
  • Medical trainings and healthcare
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Design and modelling
  • Advertisement and promotions
  • Business Logistics
  • Classroom education
  • Gaming zones
  • Entertainment purpose
  • Security purposes
  • Sightseeing

No doubt, AR is the key technology behind these. So now you must have got an idea of what AR can do today.

The next section focuses on various tools that you can employ to implement AR.

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Software used for AR:

AR is indeed a great technology and hence is its requirement for software. Following are some extremely amazing software that are just away by a click. Do try on at least one and get ready to explore into the world of Augmented Reality

  1. Vuforia
  2. MaxSt
  3. EasyAR
  4. ARkit
  5. Kudan
  6. Wikitude
  7. Unity
  8. ARcore
  9. ARToolkit

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Latest Augmented Reality Projects

Some latest and most popular project ideas are listed below for a reference. To know more about them in detail, you can visit the website.

Have a look at the list:

  • AR Headset
  • AR Animatronic Box Head
  • Jetscan
  • Touchless ATM using AR
  • AR Light Switch
  •  AR Board Game
  •  Cloud Controlled AR LightSaber
  •  AR Dinosaur experience
  •  AR Mobile App
  •  Construct AR- The Holographic Tool Belt
  •  Hive Tracker

Explore more Augmented Reality projects

Well, these were some very good projects that can be a part of your learning journey. Make sure to make out the best of this opportunity.

How to learn Augmented reality?

Skyfi-Labs gives an excellent opportunity to all the students by teaching them many courses that are highly in demand. Learning these courses and being a part of related projects not only gives you exposure but also fetches you a good job in future. If you are clueless about what to join and how to join, you can always seek guidance from our mentors. You can also avail the facility of discount and consult our staff about your concerns. Not only do you get an interactive environment to learn, but also get introduced with the competitive world out there when you get to handle some real time projects. 

1. Augmented Reality for Beginners: In this augmented reality project-based course you get to learn AR from scratch. Working with Unity and Vuforia, understanding the difference between AR, MR, VR, their applications are a part too. Besides this, game development and other exciting projects are also taught. On enrolling, you will also learn how to create a virtual platform and more about Vuforia Cloud Recognition.

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2. Game Development using AR: In this online AR course, exciting concepts of Game Development and AR will play the key reason for anyone willing to join this. You will learn some advanced concepts like Dynamic Mapping, Pose Estimation and creating Smart Terrain for your AR Game. Pose Estimation, Smart Terrain Design, Publishing app in Playstore, Creation of a scene are just some things that are part of this course.

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3. Game Development with Unity: You will learn game development by building scenes and creating levels. Topics like how to add power-ups, level-ups, adding lives, etc. are also covered. C# is the language used in building game development codes and how to use them to control your players, enemies, and various other sprites that will be present in your gaming universe are also taught.

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Hope this article was of some use to you!

Thank you!

Best Augmented Reality Projects for Final Year Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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