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DIY Augmented Reality project ideas for beginners

Augmented reality is an upcoming technology that is widely used for various purposes from AR games, shopping to military training. Learning and developing projects on this innovative technology will help you to develop a successful career. This article briefs you about Augmented Reality, its applications and some cool DIY augmented reality projects for beginners.

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What is Augmented reality?

Augmented reality is the implementation of computerized data or information with one’s surrounding environment in real-time. While, incase of virtual reality, which creates a fully artificial environment, augmented reality uses the components of the surrounding environment and displays new information on top of it. In simple words, it is a combination of Virtual Reality (VR) with the surrounding environment. Or, you can say implementation of the virtual objects in the real world.

Augmented Reality is totally different from Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality (AR) allows the users to see the real world, with the virtual object added or displayed upon with the real world, while Virtual Reality (VR) technology completely switch a user inside a synthetic environment. While immersed, the user cannot see their surrounding or the real world around him. Augmented Reality (AR) improves what you see around by immersing computer-generated images to view using different gadgets or devices. Users can improve or change or modify their perception of the world in real-world while easily differentiating virtual items from the present ones.

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Where is Augmented reality used?

From interactive and immersive weather reports to helping fighter pilots find their targets easily in day or night, AR has proven itself as a powerful aid for industry and the general public at large. Augmented Reality is starting to infiltrate many facets of our society. Considering its progress so far, future applications of Augmented Reality are likely to only be limited by our collective imagination.

The following are a few examples of Augmented Reality in the world today.

  • Games like "Pokémon Go!": Games such as Pokémon go makes good use of AR. The main part of this game's appeal was the way it combined the real world with your favourite Pokémon characters. This is the very definition of Augmented Reality and a fun one to boot. There are also similar using AR like Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, etc.
  • Medical training: Augmented Reality is now used in medical training. Its applications range from MRI equipment use to performing highly delicate surgery. The implementation of AR in the medical field has helped out a lot. AR also has a role during operations without the requirement of traditional invasive cameras and probes.
  • Television broadcasts: From weather broadcasts to sports events, AR is becoming ever more common on your TV. AR is the best suited for this kind of application and really brings some subjects to life for the general public. There are further many uses of AR in this field such as educational documentary, live reporting sports events, etc.
  • Interior design and modelling: AR can help professionals visualize their final designs with ease during the planning phase. They can even take virtual visits within their designs using headsets and tinker with the design in a fully designed or prepared environment. This can even be helpful in exploring to city planners who can model out the entire city layouts and go for a visit or explore more about it.
  • Repair & Maintenance: The best use of AR nowadays is in the field of industries as for repair and maintenance of instrument and devices. By taking the example of a motor car or an MRI machine, repair and maintenance staff are beginning to use AR headsets and glasses while they work or perform their jobs, the AR devices suggest them with useful data on the spot, provide current reports, and point out potential trouble areas.

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DIY augmented reality project ideas for beginners

There are many DIY augmented reality project ideas for beginners, so now we will discuss some of them.

  • Emoti Glass: This is a cool augmented reality project that helps to change the user emotional perception of reality. When we see something or we go through any situation we react as our mind understands. So, this device helps to change our reaction.
  • The Holodeck: Whole-Room Environment Augmentations: The motive of this AR project was to make D&D sessions more attractive. The whole room is controlled via tablet with small buttons for different landscape(mountain/river), weather effects(fog/rain/snow), time of day(day/night/dusk).
  • Augmented Reality-adding 3D character: This is one of the easiest augmented reality projects. Through this project, you can add 3D characters.
  • TrainLight: We all generally use Google map to find any path in an unknown place. But incase of a big city, you usually know about the location of the school, shops. But when you want to reach somewhere quickly you search for fastest path and that what TrainLight do for you. TrainLight helps you to know which transit lines will help to reach the final point in the fastest way. This AR project will be fun and educative at the same time.
  • Augmented Reality Sharky Glass Break: Augmented Reality Sharky Glass Break, is something in which if you go near to the shark you will destroy your know glass of mobile devices. The RGB lights present in the rooms are controlled to match with seamlessly available screenshots of the surrounding of the environment from Skyrim and other such available games, and its weather as well as music which adds up sensations to it.
  • Augmented Reality light stabber: In this AR project, you will learn to create a virtual environment by mixing real-world gadgets. You will use AR tools like Vuforia, Unity to develop this project.
  • Character control with body motion: This is one of the cool AR projects where you can control create and control your fictional characters. As part of this Augmented reality project, you will create a fictional character and control with your body motion.

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How do you make augmented reality projects?

Here we will discuss some of the online Augmented reality courses which will help you to learn Augmented reality and also help to make projects

1. Augmented Reality for Beginners: This online AR course will help you to learn augmented reality. Also help you to develop various AR projects like Smart Business card, Vuforia Cloud Recognition app and a simple AR game. As part of this online course, you will learn the difference between AR, VR and MR.

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2. Game development using Augmented Reality: Everyone will know about the game Pokemon Go that grabbed everyone’s attention. In this Augmented reality, you will learn to develop one such game with the help of industrial-grade tools like Unity and Vuforia. As part of this course, you will learn to create a scene, estimating the pose, design a terrain, and also to publish app in Playstore and iOS store.

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All these courses will be conducted in online classes by experts. Therefore this will help you to clear your doubts in real-time. You will learn everything from the basics.

After completing the course, you will be provided with smart certificates. This course helps to build skills and also projects.

DIY Augmented Reality project ideas for beginners
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