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Top 5 IEEE Projects on Cloud Computing

Hey there my dear friends! Hope everyone is doing good and utilising this time in the best possible way! So, today I am going to talk about one of the most important aspects of engineering, that is extracurricular activities. We all know that times like Engineering do not come often in life, they are once in a lifetime moments and so apart from gaining knowledge from academics, it is also highly recommended to join clubs and societies and participate actively in all events so that you learn many more things like how to communicate with people, how to work as a team, how to lead a team and then how to present something in front of people.

IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is one such society which not only helps you gain the skills discussed above, but the quality and diversity of projects they offer in the field of technology would also help you gain a lot of knowledge on many tech-based projects. They offer a variety of projects right from Machine learning to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and many more!

Cloud computing is one such topic, which the IEEE offers. It gives various Cloud-computing based IEEE projects and courses for all levels of learners, right from beginner level to expert level. 

Our topic for today gives emphasis on such projects as discussed above. First, we discuss why IEEE projects are that important, then we get to know a bit about cloud computing and finally Get some good IEEE projects based on Cloud computing from some reliable source.

Let us get started!

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What is IEEE and what is its Significance?

So, firstly before knowing about why IEEE projects are important, let us know a little bit about IEEE and the significance it holds and then we will discuss what is so special and different about their projects over the other projects.

IEEE is one of the world’s largest professional technical organizations dedicated to making massive strides in the advancement of technology for the benefit of mankind. Founded on 1 January 1963, it has around 4.5 Lakh members consisting of different educational backgrounds spanning over 160 countries. Working for IEEE would not only give you an added value but also it would be a rewarding experience as you would have a unique opportunity to work with people over multiple disciplines from all over the world and thus you can get a lot of exposure and gain a lot of knowledge.

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So, why is IEEE so important and why are its projects recommended?

So, as we have discussed above, working in IEEE gives an extra edge to you over others in terms of getting a job or as an intern or for any other purpose. So, what is so specific about IEEE projects? Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. IEEE projects are very distinct from one another and involve almost all the tech-based topics in the world! So, if one is able to do an IEEE project, then he can do projects based on 2 to 3 different topics.
  2. The projects under IEEE need to be done under IEEE standards, which ensure that there is a fine line of distinction in the quality of your IEEE projects compared to other projects.
  3. The IEEE standards development process mainly includes the following steps: 1. Securing sponsorship 2. Requesting Project Authorisation 3. Assembling a working group 4. Drafting a standard 5. Balloting 6. Review committee and 7. Final Vote.
  4. Nowadays, research work done by PhD scholars is also IEEE based. The IEEE standard is so important that nowadays if a project is done under IEEE standards then it can easily find its way to be published in some reputed journals.
  5. IEEE projects usually take research-oriented topics as a problem statement and find the solution for its problems and implement them using effective algorithms.

So, this my friend is the importance of IEEE and its problems.

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What is Cloud Computing and its Importance?

In simple terms, cloud computing can be defined as a practice of using a network of remote servers to store, manage and process data instead of performing those operations in a local server or PC. This term is generally used to describe data centres available to many users over the internet. For example, if we download a movie in the system, it is only available in that particular system, but whereas if it is streamed online, it can be accessible to anyone on any server on multiple devices. This is exactly what Cloud computing does! It makes the data available for use anywhere in any device! The best example is Gmail! 

With an increasing number of usages of smartphones and smart devices around the world, cloud computing is considered as one of the most flamboyant technological inventions of the 21st Century due to its fastest adoption in the field of technology than any other invention in the domain. It is definitely one to look out in the future for various reasons like its easy accessibility and efficiency in terms of cost And so, my dear friends, don’t you think trying to gain knowledge in this field of domain not only gives you great awareness but also, if at all you are interested in it you can even get a job in it with a handsome pay!

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Best IEEE cloud computing projects for engineering students 

So, having said about the importance of Cloud computing and IEEE, let us take a look at some of the IEEE based projects on cloud computing:

1. Agriculture info App based on Cloud Computing: In this particular IEEE project, you will be preparing an Application for farmers in order to provide them updates of the prices of various crops and favourable crops using a Cloud computing approach. You will be using the mobile system based information to provide information due to its easy accessibility. 

2. Fraud Detection using Cloud Computing: As you are all aware, frauds are present everywhere in our society and one such area is that of the billings involved in the hospitals. So this cloud computing IEEE project is one such social project, wherein we first get hold of medicare data of a hospital and then try to detect the fraud in it by data processing and integration and accessing any gaps in the details provided and we do all this in a cloud computed environment so that there is no risk of loss of data. Sounds interesting right? 

3. Cloud-based shipping service management system: These days, everybody prefers to purchase anything in online mode and given the number of people opting for online mode and the various places from which they order, it is never easy to maintain and manage all that data and operations under 1 single PC or under one single server and here is where cloud computing comes into the picture, which makes the data transparent as well as provide a smooth service! 

4. Cloud-based weather monitoring system: In this IEEE cloud computing project, you will use a Raspberry pi and DHT sensor to develop an IoT device. This device will sense the surrounding temperature and record the data in the cloud. You will use Thingspeak cloud platform to store and analyze data for further analysis.

5. Automatic attendance system: This IEEE cloud computing project can be implemented in Offices and colleges to record the attendance of employees and students automatically. It records the data with the help of biometric authentication and stores the data in the cloud to prevent data loss. 

There are many more interesting IEEE projects based on cloud computing, some of those are:

  • Remote controlling of smart devices with cloud computing
  • Cloud-based health care facilities
  • Phishing site detection
  • Serverless website on AWS
  • Build DevOps on AWS
  • Secured file storage on cloud using hybrid cryptography
  • Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Industry using IoT
  • Personal cloud
  • Cloud-based bus pass system
  • E-learning platform using cloud computing
  • Online blood bank system
  • Hosting a dynamic website on AWS
  • Hosting a static website on AWS
  • Deleting and securing secret data with public verifiability.
  • Task scheduling using cloud computing

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Top 5 IEEE Projects on Cloud Computing
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-18

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