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Top 20 Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year CSE Students

With the advancement in technology and the increasing use of computers and mobile devices, the need for IT experts is skyrocketing. Cloud computing is one such IT field that is widely used to provide various services like web applications, file storage, video and audio services, etc. Cloud computing is being adopted by big companies because of its wide range of capabilities. 

Developing a cloud computing final year project or mini-project during your academics will not only provide good grades but also helps you to learn this upcoming technology that will lead to getting your dream job as well. 

If you are a beginner with an interest to learn about cloud computing and build projects but don’t know how to start. Worry not! This article helps you by covering topics like types of cloud models, advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing and the best final year projects on cloud computing for Computer science students. 

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What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a kind of service that enables users and companies to store and access data over the internet rather than storing it on a computer hard disk. Basically it offers the computer power (OS, CPU, RAM, Software) as service. AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, GoDaddy, etc. are some of the examples of cloud service providers.

Types of cloud models

Below are the different types of cloud deployment models:

Private cloud: It is held privately and used inside the organization without giving access to the general public. The computing resources are accessible only to the users of that particular organization. 

Public cloud: Here the service is made available for the general public but all hardware, software and other infrastructure are owned and supported by the cloud provider. The public cloud model is used to provide services like cloud storage, mail service, web applications, etc. Gmail, Yahoo, Dropbox are some examples of the public cloud model.

Hybrid cloud: It is the combination of both public and private cloud models that gives greater flexibility to the organization by providing the opportunity to move data and applications between private and public. 

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Types of cloud services

Below are the different types of cloud services that are opted by companies based on their goals:

Software as a Service (SaaS) - It is the method of providing software services over the internet, instead of installing in the user’s computer. Users can access the software with a web browser on their phone, tablet or PC over the internet. Generally, it is offered on a subscription basis. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS) - It provides the platform for developers to test, develop and build applications without worrying about the infrastructure. Software developers and web developers can get benefitted from Paas. 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - It is widely used by small start-up companies to cut down their costs. They rent the required infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis from a cloud provider. With IaaS you can rent services like virtual machines, operating systems, storage, servers, etc.

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I hope now you have a basic understanding of cloud computing and its applications. Let’s discuss the best cloud computing final year projects that you can develop to gain more knowledge of cloud computing.

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Top 20 Cloud computing final year projects for CSE

1. Host static website on AWS: In this cloud computing final year project, you will use Amazon S3 simple web-based cloud storage offered by Amazon to host a static website (blog pages and documentation pages). You will use front end languages like HTML, CSS, etc. to develop this project. 

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2. Host dynamic website on AWS: A dynamic website provides interactive user experience to the visitors. Having a dynamic website will help a lot to achieve the goals of the companies. This final year project helps you to host a dynamic website on AWS. You will use both client-side and server-side languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, ASP, etc. to develop a dynamic website. 

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3. Build a serverless website on AWS: Serverless is a type of cloud computing model that helps developers launch products faster. Serverless websites provide advantages like scalability, charge based on usage and serverless environments like S3, DynamoDB, API, etc. By working on this final year project, you will get hands-on experience on AWS.

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4. Cloud-based attendance system: Attendance system records the attendance of the employee/student by storing the data in the cloud. It records details like id number, in-time, out-time, etc. when the card is scanned. This cloud computing project allows admin to add or remove users and track the total working hours by retrieving the data from the cloud. 

5. Cloud-based bus pass system: This cloud computing project allows users to take a bus pass online. This system comprises features like different payment modes (credit card, debit card), bus scheduling and booking. Passengers can log in to this portal using their login credentials and can proceed further. 

6. Chatbot: It is an Artificial intelligence software, most of the companies implement chatbot in their site to provide good customer service and to increase productivity. Chatbots can be programmed to collect information, communicate with users, solve queries, etc. In this cloud computing project, you will use python language to develop a chatbot. 

7. Cloud-based secure text transfer: With the advancement in technology the threat for privacy is also increased. This cloud computing project provides a solution for this problem with a secure text transfer. It keeps the information safe by encrypting the data. It uses the SQL database to store and exchange data which is more secure.

8. Online book store: In this cloud computing project, you will develop a book store management system that contains books arranged in different sections and categories which are made easily available for users. The user can also search for a particular book by typing the book name or author name. 

9. Cloud-based online blood bank system: As part of this cloud computing project, you will develop a blood bank system that provides details like blood deposits, blood type, storage area and details of blood depositors. This system helps the users to identify the donors by comparing the details stored in the database.

10. E-learning site based on cloud computing: E-learning technology is one of the greatest innovations, where a user can learn remotely whatever he/she wants. This website stores study materials, videos, books and manages information according to categories. E-learning site helps learners to access the course and the materials in an organized manner. 

11. Cloud-based smart traffic management: Traffic management system helps to shorten the vehicle wait time during peak hours based on the vehicle movement. It uses wireless sensors and communication technology to make the process more efficient. It also uses data mining techniques to extract information for the decision making process. 

12. Rural banking by cloud computing: Providing banking services in rural areas are difficult because of the lack of transportation system and many other reasons. With this cloud computing project, you can easily host a banking system over the internet that makes users access their accounts without visiting the banks and also improves the economic activities. 

13. Detecting data leaks: This cloud computing project helps to prevent the data leaks caused by SQL injection. It encrypts the data and stores it in the AES encryption form to prevent the data from injection leaking. This cloud computing project ensures the security of the user while making the payment using a card. 

14. File storage system using hybrid cryptography: In this cloud computing project, you will create a system to protect files by encrypting it. You will use blowfish to encrypt the file which takes minimum time with maximum output. The file is encrypted using three encryption algorithms which makes it safer even if it is hosted in a remote server. 

15. Identifying phishing websites: Phishing websites look similar to the real websites that are developed to steal information from the users. In this cloud computing project, you will design a system to extract phishing data using a data mining algorithm. E-commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, etc. use this technique to provide better customer service.

16. University campus online automation: In this cloud computing project, you will create a system that collects the information of students, faculty and staff members, visitors entering the college. Thus it helps to gather and organize the information together that can be reused for various purposes like recruitment, shortlisting students, managing applications, etc. 

17. Bug tracking system: This bug tracking cloud computing project allows the admin to track the bug, analyse it and send a message to the customer through the app. This system generates a label and tags it whenever a new bug is identified so the user can identify it easily and also solve the bug easily in a short time. 

18. Personal cloud using Raspberry pi: In this cloud computing project you will create a private cloud for yourself using a Raspberry pi board. You will use components like Raspberry pi, Hard disk, Micro SD card to develop this project. After setting up the device, you can easily access the files from any part of the world. 

19. Remote monitoring and controlling using IoT: Internet of Things connects various devices to the internet and stores the data in cloud for analysis. In this cloud computing project, you will use Arduino and sensors to collect the data and transfer it to Raspberry pi through serial communication. The acquired data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed using the MySQL database. You can monitor the data with the help of a mobile application from any part of the world.

20. Repair strategies for mobile storage systems: Inthis cloud computing project, you will repair and regenerate the lost data fragments due to the storage node failures. You will examine the repair strategies and show performance improvements.

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I hope you got some good cloud computing final year project ideas, developing these projects will give you a good hands-on experience. Cloud computing is something that we are using in our daily lives without even realizing. Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Gmail and many more runs on cloud computing technology. By building these projects you can develop a successful career in cloud computing.

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Top 20 Cloud Computing Projects for Final Year CSE Students
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