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10 Cloud Computing Mini Project Ideas (Videos Included)

Cloud computing is one of the best innovations of this century. It is widely used by firms like Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook, etc. Cloud computing is also used by healthcare, government and education institutions to provide better service for users. Cloud computing services are opted by small businesses to reduce their costs in building the infrastructure. Cloud computing provides services like artificial intelligence, networking, storage, office applications, etc.

With the increase in the usage of the internet, the application of cloud computing is also expanding. Developing mini projects on cloud computing during your engineering degree will help you to get hands-on experience and also add more value to your profile. 

This article talks about the basics of cloud computing and a list of cloud computing mini-projects that you can develop and learn. 

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What is cloud computing?

Without knowing what cloud computing is, most of us are using cloud computing services in our daily lives. From storage services (Drive, Dropbox, iCloud) to online media services (Netflix, Amazon prime) everything relies on cloud computing technology to provide better service to their customers.

In simple words, cloud computing is a service provided by a third party where you can use their server/computer to develop web applications, hosting a website, etc. 

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Benefits of cloud computing

Easily Scalable: With the help of cloud computing you can easily scale up or scale down your business operations. By this way, you can save the cost of operations and upgrade when required.

Reduced IT infrastructure costs: Using cloud computing service instead of managing and maintaining your own hardware systems will help you to reduce the operating costs.

Backup and restore data: Businesses use cloud computing to backup and restore their data. Also to prevent the loss of data. 

Mobility: The easy accessibility of cloud computing makes companies connect with their employees remotely. 

Quick deployment: Cloud computing paves the way for rapid deployment. It helps companies to deploy the software upgrades in very few minutes. 

Other important advantages of cloud computing:

  • High speed
  • Reliability
  • Automated software updates
  • Offers advance online security
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Loss prevention
  • Easy management
  • Enhanced security

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Latest projects on Cloud Computing

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List of Latest Cloud Computing mini projects for engineering students

Learning by building projects will help you to understand the concepts deeply. Below are some of the interesting cloud computing mini-projects which you can develop during your academics. 

1. Hosting a static website on AWS: With this cloud computing project, you will learn to develop a simple website for yourself. Static websites are simple sites developed with basic HTML and CSS codes. Blog pages are the perfect example of a static website. By working on this cloud computing mini project, you will learn technologies like HTML, CSS, AWS, etc.

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2. Dynamic website on AWS: Website with dynamic content provides a better user experience for the visitors. With this cloud computing mini project, you will learn to develop a dynamic website using AWS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. Quora, Facebook, YouTube are some of the examples of Dynamic websites.

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3. Bug tracking project: This cloud computing mini project, helps to track bugs. It consists of three modules Admin, User, and Staff. Admin can log in and assign project works to staff, view bugs and send bug reports to the customers. Staff can access the web application with the username and password to view the assigned projects. 

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4. Cloud-based attendance system for students: Automating the attendance system helps to save a lot of time. With this cloud computing mini-project, you will learn to develop a website that records the attendance of the students and stores in the cloud that can be analysed later. 

5. Weather monitoring system using IoT: In this cloud computing mini-project, you will develop a weather monitoring system using Raspberry pi and DHT sensor. You will collect the data and store it in the cloud for future purposes. You will use Thingspeak cloud platform for the data analysis process.

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6. Home automation using IoT: This is an innovative cloud computing project, where you will develop a system to connect the home appliances and operate it remotely over the internet. You will collect the data and store it in the cloud for future analysis. 

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7. Smart irrigation system: In this cloud computing project, you will develop a smart system to irrigate crops that monitors the soil moisture and turns ON/OFF the water pump. You will use Arduino Uno, ESP8266, Soil moisture sensor to develop this project. You will connect this system to cloud to analyse the data.

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8. Smart building using IoT: In this cloud computing mini-project, you will learn to develop a system to turn ON/OFF the lights in a room based on the number of occupants in the room. You will use a PIR sensor to detect the number of persons in the room. You can implement this project in public places and corporate offices to save electricity. This system is connected to the cloud platform for the storage and analysis of the data. 

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9. Smart water monitoring system: With this cloud computing mini project, you can save the wastage of water. You can implement this system in apartments and houses to monitor water usage. You will use a water monitoring sensor to collect the data and you will use Arduino and ESP8266 to connect the system to the cloud. 

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10. Automated street lighting system: In this cloud computing mini-project, you will develop a system to automatically turn ON/OFF the street light based on the sunlight intensity. You will collect and store the data in the cloud for future analysis. Thinkspeak platform is used to store and analyze the data. 

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Check the below list for more cloud computing mini projects

  1. Blood bank system
  2. Train ticketing system
  3. Cloud-based secure file storage system 
  4. E-learning platform using cloud computing
  5. Cloud based bus pass system
  6. Online book store management system
  7. Detecting data leaks using SQL Injection
  8. Smart traffic management system
  9. Personal cloud using raspberry pi
  10. Deployment of streaming applications

I hope you got some best ideas by reading this article let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

10 Cloud Computing Mini Project Ideas (Videos Included)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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