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Best online courses to learn flutter for beginners

If you are a beginner to mobile app development, then this article is for you. This article explains one of the most trending tools used for mobile app development, “Flutter” and some online courses and tutorials to master this tool. 

The revolution in the smartphone industry led to the development of millions of mobile applications. Also, many companies started developing apps for their businesses to provide the best service and user experience for their customers. Mobile applications make phones smarter and it has transformed the way we function by providing various benefits. 

With the help of flutter, Mobile app developers started building mobile applications of their own with favourable features. If you also want to join with them keep reading this article to learn more about flutter and online tutorials to learn flutter. 

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1. Android App development using Android Studio

2. Mobile App development using Flutter

Let’s start from basics.

What is flutter?

Flutter is an open-source SDK developed by Google that helps to build apps for various platforms (iOS and Android) with the same code base. Therefore it is not required to write separate codes for android and iOS. 

Since its launch in December 2018, flutter is widely accepted by mobile app developers and used to build various mobile applications. Maybe you might also be reading this article in a mobile app developed using flutter. 

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Advantages of flutter

Below are some unique features and reasons which make flutter as a favourite tool for app developers. 

  1. Flutter uses Dart programming language which is strongly typed and object-oriented. This means less code, therefore, less error. 
  1. Since flutter is a cross-platform development tool it enables you to develop apps for different platforms with the same code base. 
  1. Flutter provides excellent performance as it uses its own widgets instead of accessing the OEM ones. This reduces the communication between the app and platform and ensures fast app startup.
  1. Quick development is possible with flutter thanks to hot reload. It allows you to see the applied changes in the code instantly on simulators, emulators and hardware. Dart achieves this using AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation. Changes are applied in less than a second while running the app thus developers no need to waste time on restarting it.
  1. Above all the advantages, flutter is open-source that is supported by an active community of developers who provide support to the tool’s extensive development and documentation. 

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Tips to learn flutter for beginners

Before getting started with flutter you need to understand Object-Oriented Programming which is important if you are learning to develop applications. 

As previously mentioned flutter uses Dart programming language. So you also need to develop a basic knowledge of dart programming. 

After learning these two things you are all set to learn flutter. Let’s learn how to install flutter.

Currently, flutter supports 2 Integrated Development Environment

  • Android Studio/IntelliJ
  • VS Code

If you like to work on Android Studio you can easily download and install the Flutter and Dart plugins and start fluttering. 

Similarly, In Visual Studio Code you can set up the Flutter SDK by installing the flutter and dart extensions from the VS code market. 

Tip 1: You can learn flutter by watching online video tutorials which are the best way to start learning anything for beginners. 

Tip 2: If you are a person who likes to read then you can make use of flutter’s official documentation which is very clear and understandable for beginners. 

Tip 3: Following are some basics topics that you need to understand to learn flutter as a beginner:

  • Building layout
  • Flutter Cookbook
  • Flutter Animations
  • Flutter State management

Tip 4: You can also learn from examples uploaded by other developers which you can find in brief from sites like, GitHub and many more.

Tip 5: After learning the basics you can start by building simple applications. Below is a list of flutter app ideas that you can try to gain more skills.

  • Simple calculator
  • Notes app
  • Simple game
  • Pet tracker
  • Alarm clock application and many more

Check this link for more app development project ideas

But as a beginner, most of us will find it a little difficult to understand the initial concepts of flutter. If you fall into this category the next section provides you with some of the best online courses to learn flutter. 

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Best online courses to learn flutter for beginners

Learning directly from experts will always make you understand the programming concepts deeply. Following are such flutter online courses that are taught by industry experts in live online sessions. 

1. Mobile app development using flutter

This is the best flutter course for beginners that explains all the concepts from basics. As part of this flutter online course, you will practically learn Dart programming language by developing various applications. Also, you will learn concepts like Flutter navigation, Building apps with state, state management, networking with flutter, authentication processes using flutter and finally how to launch an app in the play store.

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2. Android app development using Android Studio

Android Studio is an IDE where flutter is used to develop applications. Learning Android Studio will speed up your app development process. In this app development online course, you will gain hands-on knowledge of app development by working with firebase and understanding java basics. As part of this online course, you will develop applications like simple calculator, fitness app, online store, social networking app and many more. 

Learn more about this app development online course

Flutter has gained popularity among developers in a very short span because of its numerous advantages. Thus to cope up with this advancing world, developing skills is the only way. Learning flutter not only makes you develop mobile applications but also helps in developing a fruitful career. Start learning flutter and develop your first mobile application. 

Best online courses to learn flutter for beginners
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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