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Top Flutter online certification courses

Hey there everybody! Hope you’ll are in good health! As we all know that due to unforeseen circumstances, the world is facing unprecedented times due to the coronavirus and there is no doubt that the entire world has come to a standstill, wherein not much movement or activities are taking place outdoors and whatever is to be done has to be done online for most of the time. And here is where the role of technology comes into the picture. It helps us to somewhat keep us live and ticking by giving us a countless number of opportunities online to gain knowledge to get internships for students and indirectly is also a source of income for people through online classes, YouTubers, gamers and many more!

So, those of you’ll who have paid a little attention to the surroundings during these times may notice that people who have a really good knowledge of software and technology can really take advantage of situations like these and can get the best out of technology in this period of time and do something productive. Hence, be it in any field of study, it is always important for us to know about technology and its aspects so that it would be helpful for us later in the future, either by providing us livelihood or for knowledge sake!

Flutter is one such aspect on which you’ll invest your time on. And if at all you’ll are further interested in it, then what else are you waiting for? You’ve got a golden opportunity to learn more about it and later on, if you’re fortunate enough, may very well get a job in a software company with a handsome pay! 

So, in this article we’ll be talking about what exactly is flutter, how do you learn it, and what are its advantages and finally get to know about its various applications and certification courses offered on it online!

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1. Android App development using Android Studio

2. Mobile App development using Flutter

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What is Flutter?

Flutter is a User Interface (UI) Framework developer created by google which is used in mobiles. It can be used in both IOS and Android Operating Systems!

It is a software development kit which works with existing codes and used to build native apps of google in mobiles, desktop and web from a single codebase. It makes everything look natural in any OS (Operating system).

Is flutter difficult to learn?

One thing we definitely need to ask ourselves before learning anything is that why are we learning this course and is it worth to invest our time on it? Once you get a clear positive answer within yourself to these questions, then all you need to have is the dedication, commitment and hardworking nature to learn. 

So, when it comes to learning flutter, it completely depends on your experience in programming as it is a software Development kit program. One needs to keep in mind that not having a coding background may just make it hard for you to learn it, but definitely not impossible. 

Flutter is written in a language called Dart, which is somewhat a mixture of JAVA and JAVASCRIPT. So a person who has a fair amount of knowledge on these 2 languages may find it like a walk in a park when it comes to learning this language, whereas things may be different for the people on the other side of the coin, but just keep in mind that you just need to keep working hard and learn basic coding languages like C, C++ & PYTHON, so that you may feel slightly easier when you actually start learning more About SDKs and Flutter in particular.

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Advantages of flutter

Here are some of the reasons why choose flutter over other SDK’s:

  • The coding language involved in it called dart, is easier to learn compared to other languages and it is easier to execute commands in that language.
  • It is an open-source and free SDK.
  • You can start making your own apps once you are done with learning flutter.
  • It is highly productive and can be developed in IOS and Android in a single codebase.
  • It creates a beautiful and highly customised User interface.
  • You can do more with less coding involved even on a single OS with a modern expressive language and a declarative approach.

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Top apps made using flutter 

There are many kinds of Apps which can be made using flutter right from gaming apps, to online shopping apps to finance apps.

Here are some of those:

  1. Google Ads- which is a utility App
  2. which is an online shopping APP.
  3. Birch Finance-App related to finance 
  4. Reflectly- which is an App about Lifestyle
  5. Hamilton Musical- which is an entertainment musical App.
  6. Coach yourself-which is a Fitness App.
  7. Hookle- social media App.
  8. Watermaniac-Health and fitness App.
  9. SG bus tracker-Maps and navigation App.

Top flutter online certification courses

So, having learnt about flutter and advantages of using it, I know that you would definitely give a try on using flutter, wouldn’t you? So here are some of the online courses on Flutter offered by Skyfi Labs which can actually develop your interest in using Flutter:

1. Android App development using Android Studio: As the name suggests, in this flutter online course, you’ll be learning how to develop an App right from the basics of integrating firebase services in android App, developing the App and launching it! Java Basics and CRUD with firebase are some of the new topics you’ll be learning as part of this course.

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2. Mobile App Development using Flutter: In this flutter online course, you will be learning how to use flutter for authentication activities and learn to develop mobile apps right from the basics. Following are the concepts that you will learn as part of this course:

  • Dart programming language
  • Building apps with state
  • State management
  • Launch an app on Playstore
  • Networking with Flutter

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You are just one click away from getting some amazing courses through which you can develop your own Apps using Flutter!

After all, Flutter is considered as the “future of Mobile App Development!” 

Make sure to make the best use of time by visiting the official website of Skyfi Labs! Thank you and Best of Luck!

Top Flutter online certification courses
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