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Certification course on Primavera P6 software


Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciples and hence one of the most fundamental forms of engineering in the world. Ever since humanity has wanted a roof over its head, civil engineering has been what has made that possible. Most of the structures that we see in real life have been created using the principles of civil engineering. As we switch to even larger projects and more sustainable forms of development, it becomes important to stay updated and relevant. The field of civil engineering has undergone several changes, and one of the most important ones has been the integration of technology in this field. Some software has been added to a civil engineer’s arsenal to help them complete projects efficiently. Over 575 of 600 top engineering companies in the US use Primavera P6, making it an industry leader. As young enthusiasts and students, it is important that you are well-trained in using such software. This time around we will be talking of one such software and why it is so important. Here’s a look at Primavera P6 and its advantages.

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What is Primavera P6?

This is a standard project management tool that has found use globally in the Construction, Manufacturing, Energy production and even Oil and Gas fields. Though there are several tools that do the same work, Primavera P6 stands out as it is most diverse and intuitive when compared to its competitors. It enables managers to monitor, track and efficiently complete large and complex projects on time. Hence, mastering Primavera P6 provides several advantages and can even lead to better career prospects in the field of project planning and scheduling. In today’s competitive market, the number of sophisticated projects is on the rise. Hence, the main problem engineers face is having to schedule and manage such projects to ensure their timely completion. This is where software such as Primavera P6 comes into play.

Oracle’s Primavera P6 is an effective project management software that helps you schedule tasks, keep an eye on the cost, track progress and effectively manage workers. It also has extra tools for risk assessment, path analysis, resource management, cost analysis, and risk management. The software comes in two versions- Primavera Professional Project Management and Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, which have differences in functionality.

  1. Primavera P6 EPPM- The more advanced version of the software with a lot of additional features. Include tools for Methodology Management which contains several project templates, and is available only in P6 EPPM. However, the processing speed of the EPPM is lesser than the PPM as it is not a standalone tool. This also requires a high-speed internet connection to work properly. Furthermore, it has a more advanced reporting feature that allows users to create visual reports which help in showcasing projects better.
  1. Primavera P6 PPM- Windows-based tool which connects to either a server or a local database. It may be used as a standalone tool or even as a part of an enterprise suite. This is the more basic version of the software that small and medium-sized companies may use. It lacks certain features that are available in the enterprise version and hence costs less.

Key Features of Primavera P6

Scheduling: The software allows you to provide advanced scheduling solutions. Activities can fall under several categories in the Work Breakdown Structure and depending on their relevance is scheduled appropriately. Also, users can define relationships between the activities to map exactly how the process must flow. Furthermore, the schedule’s critical path may be calculated by using the scheduling feature.

Resource Management and Cost Management: One of the most critical ways to increase the efficiency of a project is to allocate resources efficiently so that there is no wastage. Industries such as Construction and Energy production are notorious for wasting resources. Primavera helps to side-step this problem by using the Resource and Cost Management tool that allows users to keep track of the things being spent. The project budget may also be tracked using this feature to ensure that the project does not exceed its budget and stays within the initial planned cost. These tools will also help in analyzing the performance of the project.

Risk Management: This feature helps users assess risks and prioritize them as per the level of damage caused. Most projects undertaken by civil engineers are related to public works and hence, failure of the structure may lead to severe casualties. It is, therefore, necessary to minimize risks as far as possible.

Contract Management: This feature allows for advanced document control solutions. Hence all the documents and paperwork associated with a project can be assigned, tracked, verified and kept safely for future correspondence or reference.

Reporting: The advanced reporting feature allows users to create custom reports for special needs, such as presenting to a board or committee.

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What are the benefits of Primavera P6?

  1. Manage complex projects with ease
  2. Manage project portfolios
  3. Improves the company’s visibility
  4. Manage risks efficiently
  5. Allocate resources efficiently
  6. Reduce scrap and wastage
  7. Improves the decision-making process
  8. Diminish risk and maximize returns by lowering the overall cost
  9. Quick and easy forecasting
  10. Prevents schedule overrun and cost overrun
  11. Facilitates better communication between managers
  12. Assists in the breakdown of project activities
  13. Allows for easy collaboration between users
  14. Added flexibility in delegating responsibility
  15. XML importing capabilities
  16. Improved integration

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What is primavera p6 used for?

Primavera came out in 1983 through the company Primavera Systems Inc., which was later acquired by Oracle in 2008. Primavera P6 is a project management software used by managers handling multiple projects. It can store up to 100,000 activities and has unlimited resources and target plans to facilitate the completion of complex projects. It is used mainly by Planning engineers, project managers, and planning managers. Here’s a look at the main uses of Primavera P6.

  • Creation of a project baseline program or Clause 14 program
  • Set the sequence of activities for every day
  • Monitor the project with ease and ensure timely completion of each step
  • Procure actual site progress status
  • Identify critical and subcritical activities
  • Prevent delays
  • Create customized reports for seniors

Certification course on Primavera P6 software


Learning anything and becoming proficient at it requires practice. It is natural to feel under confident in the beginning, and have doubts regarding the course. However, the ideal thing to do is to keep going and soon enough you will find everything falling in place. Now that you know the benefits of using software like Primavera P6, the next question is how do you master it. The best way to do so would be through an online course because then you have the flexibility to work on it at your own pace. 

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At Skyfi Labs, the training is built around a model that stimulates interactive training. This certification course for Primavera P6 will help students unlock the secrets behind the software. Try everything shown in the videos on your own copy of Primavera P6 to understand the inner workings of the software. Practice your skills with the course workshops, and succeed in learning to use the tool the right way. In this civil online course, you will learn about all the major features included in the software and how to use them effectively to manage your projects better. Whether you are completely new or require a quick refresher, this Primavera P6 certification course will help you greatly!

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Certification course on Primavera P6 software
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