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Good design projects in civil engineering

The students pursuing civil engineering, who enter their final year, are divided into two categories. First, those who pursue corporate fields in the future and others who pursue higher studies whether in India or abroad. For both categories, the students take up topics on which they develop their major projects. We have tried to provide various topics on which the students can work on their major projects.

Civil engineering is one of the oldest forms of engineering and with the advent of technology, it has been doing wonders lately. It is not restricted to making and designing buildings only but as we are progressing, it is expanding its wings towards solving the problems and coming up with innovative ways that could even solve many problems at one time.

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1. GIS

2. Structural & Foundation Analysis

3. CPM & BIM

4. Tall Building Design

5. Construction Technology (Career Building Course)

6. Foundation Design

7. Construction Project Management

8. Building Information Modelling

9. Seismic Design

10. Quantity Surveying

11. ETABS Software

12. Project Management with Primavera

The students have been involving themselves in projects that help them to come up with innovations and prove themselves in front of either companies or universities. These projects not only involve those which are inspired by the topics and problems available online, but they also include those topics that the students come up with. These include problems that the people around them face on a daily basis. The students come up with solutions to these problems on their own. Sometimes they even take help from their professors.

The various projects that students take up have been listed below. Many students also prefer to choose their own topics and work the solutions themselves. The projects like Seismic Analysis and Foundation Analysis, etc which all provide enough knowledge to the students about the subject of civil engineering.

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What is design Civil Engineering?

Design civil engineering falls under that process during civil engineering where the engineers figure out the ways through which the structural design of the building or any form can be improved. They calculate and decide the materials involved in doing so. It requires the knowledge of materials’ features and properties and according to that they are chosen for maximum efficiency.

Design civil engineering provides the set of tools using which the engineers follow the conduct of professional discipline. The creators keep in mind the structural stability by calculating the factors like soil strength, permeability and tensile strength of constructing materials and at the same time, they ensure that the structures are visually appealing.

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Which software is best for civil engineering?

The civil engineers need to put their design on the computer screens and let the computer programs do the calculations and judgements. They can’t do this through hand calculations as it brings up many errors. Any error that occurs is very dangerous for the strength of the building or any construction. To avoid these errors, the help of technology is taken which not only reduces the errors but also makes the task easy for the engineers. This software gives a visual display of the structure and presents it on the screens that allow them to make efficient decisions.

There are many software available through which the above-mentioned tasks can be done. Most of the universities and schools train the students with this software and make them proficient to solve any problem given to them. Following are the civil software widely used by students ETABS, ArchiCAD, Primavera, AutoCAD, etc.

Using Autocad, the engineers can draft 3D structural displays of their designs and help them to figure out mistakes if any. This software enables features like:

  • Ability to predict modifications in the 3D primitives.
  • Basic tools like drawing tools that provide the ability to draw circles, lines and polygons.
  • Providing the ability to view and visualize the 3D structures on the computer screens.

Good design projects in civil engineering

Skyfi provides many topics on which the projects can be taken up. The students have the freedom to take over their own topics and figure out the solutions to the problems presented in those topics. These Projects are under RCC Designing, Transportation Engineering, Steel Designing, Prestressed concrete structures design, Environmental engineering, Construction & Estimation Projects, Concrete technology, Geotechnical engineering, STAAD Pro/E-Tab Based, and Water resources engineering.

1. Structural and Foundation Analysis: This civil design project provides hands-on experience to the student where they gain experience in structural engineering. This civil project helps you to figure out the design constraints involved in designing a building. You will use industrial-grade software (SAP2000, ETABS & SAFE) to analyse & design your very own building systems according to IS codes.


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2. Tall building design: This civil design project will tell the students how can they reach the possibility of a mile-high building. The tall skyscrapers are trending and they kind of define the level of development in the city. Through this civil project, you will get an idea about the design considerations involved in designing the tall structure including the analysis of various load acting on the structure. This program also refers to the structural design software like SAP2000, ETABS & SAFE.


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3. Foundation design: This civil project helps in understanding the considerations involved in building a 100-meter high building. This enables to figure out the design considerations of the foundations. The students will carry out the analysis of the stability of the foundation and will gain hands-on experience on industry-level software. The students will also gain the theoretical knowledge about Foundation systems and Design of isolated, combined and mat footings.


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4. Seismic Design: In the seismic design civil project, the students will work on their basics of the theory of seismic structural designs. They will carry on the seismic analysis of various structures and will test the seismic stability of the foundation. The two software that the students will get experience will be SAP2000 & ETABS.


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For more civil design projects check the following list:

Engineering is the foremost field of science that justified the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” It is a tool through which we end up recognising the problems and come up with innovative solutions. As time progressed, we came up with a method of spreading this knowledge of engineering throughout the generation.

The students have been coming up with solutions of their own and are planning to learn more. It is said that there is no stoppage where you could finally say that yes, I have learned enough. This is totally true in the field of engineering.  

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Good design projects in civil engineering
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