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Digital Signal Processing Final Year Projects for ECE Students


Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the most demanded and useful courses. It has not only many perks but also diversified career opportunities for the students. Final year projects are the most crucial thing for ECE students as it lays the groundwork for their future. Good and well-constructed project sets up a good profile or career for the student as it is mostly a considerateness in the interviews. ECE students can do their final year projects on various topics and categories such as Electrical, Embedded Systems, Robotics, IoT, GSM and so on. Among all of them DSP, that is, Digital Signal Processing is one of the popular topics as it will be a great learning experience for them to inculcate their theoretical knowledge into practice. Read further into this article to know more about Digital Signal Processing, its importance, its usage in the society and ways to learn Digital Signal Processing.

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What is Digital Signal Processing used for?

First, let us know what Digital Signal Processing is. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) processes the real-world signals such as pressure, audio, temperature, etc., and manipulates them with computational and mathematical algorithms. Then they produce the data as a discrete frequency in the form of digital signals. In this field, the analog signals such as temperature, light, sound and pressure are converted into 1s and 0s by digital converters. The best example you can look up to is an mp3 player. DSP plays a vital role in converting the audio, the analog signal from an ADC and processes it to pass the digital signals to a DAC, which in turn delivers out as an analog form. There are many forms of digital signal processors based on what function those are required to perform. It is used to perform functions such as speech processing and recognition, digital image processing, audio signal processing, audio and video compression, and Radar applications. In a simple way, you recognize its usage is to look around you. Every device around you does digital signal processing. Mobile phones do a lot of DSP such as recording and playing back your voice notes, improving the quality of any images that you click, enhancing the video quality and so on. DSP is also used in several devices such as watches, television, cameras, digital printers, computers and so on. 

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Why is Digital Signal Processing important?

It becomes more important when it comes to protecting the hearing from unhealthy noises. Especially, it is important to use at the industrial premises where the large noises can be compressed. It is efficient in providing the users' hearing protection. Here are a few reasons to prove the importance of Digital Signal Processing:

  • Information: The exact given information can be modified. Either it can be enhanced to the required aspects or it can be reduced as per the undesirable aspects. 
  • Flexible: DSP is flexible to the changes, customisations, updates and so on. Many features are available within the Digital Signal Processing systems and based on the implementation. 
  • Powerful: DSP systems are powerful in converting the real-world signals by applying abstract mathematical and scientific algorithms into a domain. It is indeed a powerful processing system. 
  • Adaptive: The Digital Signal Processing system always processes the given information adaptively. It is quite understandable when a different application is processed such as speech and sound. Industrial premises are quite an example of its adaptiveness.
  • Efficient: These DSP systems do the given job of conversion practically, cost-effectively and more importantly done with great efficiency. 

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Digital Signal Processing Final Year Projects for ECE Students:

Here are a few Final Year Project Ideas for ECE students:

  1. Median Filter Project Using TMS320C6745 DSP Kit
  2. Video Tracking using TMS320C6745 DSP Processor
  3. Sobel Edge Detection using TMS320C6745 DSP
  4. Audio Steganography
  5. Fuzzy Signal Detection in Multiple-access Ultra Wideband Communication Systems
  6. Efficient and Secure Image and Video Processing and Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks
  7. Gearbox Diagnosis
  8. Solving Sudoku by Sparse Processing
  9. Image Processing Techniques using MATLAB
  10. Application of Porous Silicon in Terahertz Technology
  11. Adaptive Radar Detectors based on the Observed FIM
  12. Vehicle Number plate extraction using OCR
  13. Wall crack detection using MATLAB
  14. Secure EEG Signal Transmission for Remote Health Monitoring using Optical Chaos
  15. Noise Reduction in ECG Signals using Fully Convolutional Denoising Autoencoders
  16. Path R-CNN for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Gleason Grading of Histological Images

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How can I learn Digital Signal Processing?

Digital Signal Processing can be learnt through the relevant books on the topic. Although students learn this as one of the subjects in the electrical engineering background in the traditional way, there are a few books out there which stand as a subset of Digital Signal Processing techniques that are more understandable to even a person who is not from the electrical engineering background. The other best way is to learn it from online courses. Skyfi Labs introduces some efficient online courses based on Digital Signal Processing

1. Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB

MATLAB is an advanced tool which is used to do technical computing as it is also popularly used in organizations such as ISRO and NASA for mathematical computing. The course lets you learn how the signals are generated, filter analysis, smoothing of a signal, about the principles and theories behind DSP, Waveform generation technique and so on. Using short term memory signals, you will learn to detect and find the correlation of ECG signals. 

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2. Digital Signal Processing Using Python

In this course, you will get to develop projects by understanding the concepts of Digital Signal Processing and using Python. You will also get to build many filters to develop your knowledge in DSP and to work with Fourier transform. Overall, you will practically learn about the basics of Python, Fourier transformation, Convolution, Signal manipulation algorithms, Digital Filter Design - Butterworth and Chebyshev filters. 

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As final year projects are important to build a strong career in the future, it is wise to pick the right topic. DSP is one of the efficient and required knowledge, it would be the best choice to do a final project on. We, at Skyfi Labs, provide exquisite online Digital Signal Processing courses to learn about the basics and develop projects using DSP. These courses will let you develop projects anytime and anywhere. The experts will clear the doubts in dedicated 1-1 sessions. Learn real-life projects and become a real and practical engineer. Please do leave your queries and concerns as a comment below. 

Digital Signal Processing Final Year Projects for ECE Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-08

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