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Top Signal processing online courses for beginners

This article mainly pays attention to one of the most extensive uses of Electronics and Communication Engineering today; Digital Signal Processing. This subject is highly popular in today’s technological world. This article covers questions like what is meant by digital signal processing, what are its applications and what are the top online courses for beginners. This is an extremely in-demand field for engineers having EC background as it involves a lot of use of related knowledge and is something that they are quite familiar with. However, many other interested students also take up a course on Digital Signal Processing to enhance their skills. It is indeed a very fresh and interesting course that is bound to make you stand apart provided you have enough knowledge. But for those are beginners this can be a really good choice to take as a career. To know more, let’s go down and explore more about it.

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What is meant by Digital Signal Processing?

As the name suggests, Digital Signal Processing is the way of processing digital signals by means of computers, or other highly complex processors with the aim of providing error-free communication. In simple words, it refers to modifying a signal to make it much more efficient and hence lead to better transfer of information. DSP involves applying algorithms and mathematical manipulations to a signal in order to make its quality better than before.

It is important the signals are thoroughly processed so that the crucial information they might contain does not get attenuated while they are being transmitted. A processed signal can be analysed better, displayed well or can be converted to any other type that would be needed with greater ease. Certain converters such as Analog to Digital Converters (ADC) are also used along with digital signal processors. For instance, analogue quantities like, light, temperature, sound, heat, pressure signals are detected and given as input to these ADCs which convert them to a suitable digital form. It is then the DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) that perform computations on these converted digital form and pass on this processed signals to DACs (Digital to Analog Converters) that convert this back into an analogue form (in this case, the light, heat, temperature signals) for real-world use.

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Applications of Digital Signal Processing

With such great capability comes the most amazing applications. Digital signal processing is everywhere to be seen today. From a simple TV remote to sophisticated machines used in medical demonstrate a highly appreciable use of such a technology. It has a range of numerous applications to offer. Applications of DSPs include:

  • Seismology
  • Radar, Sonar
  • Speech processing, seismic data processing
  • Medical imaging like CAT scans, MRI
  • Weather forecasting, image manipulation
  • Computer graphics, MP3 compression
  • Speech coding, speech recognition
  • Audio/video compression
  • Audio signal processing, digital image processing
  • Biomedicine, equalization
  • Space communication
  • Television, mobile phones, other electronic devices
  • Digital synthesizers

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Well, it’s not at all surprising to know so many uses of Digital Signal Processing. It has made the process of electronic communication a lot easier and smoother. Not only does signal processing enhance the performance of a signal but it also makes the signal suitable for any kind of further processing thus promoting a larger scale use of this technology.

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Top Digital Signal Processing online courses for beginners

Sky-fi labs provide an excellent opportunity for all the willing students by teaching them from the basics of DSP course interactively. Learning while at home is a great facility that allows you to learn anywhere and anytime. These DSP online courses are accessible to you anytime and you can avail the other benefits that Sky-Fi Labs provide. Teachers here, provide you with very good insight about the subject along with the exposure that will make you thorough in this course. Not only this, but many courses also have projects at the end in order to have a check on your learning. This process of learning is extremely helpful and students should give a try once. The following courses are listed for reference. Have a glance:

1. Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB: A highly popular course where you will get to learn how signals are generated, the principles that lay behind DSP, related theory. You also get to work on Waveform generation techniques, filter analysis, and smoothing of a signal. Practical skills involve working with MATLAB, with Digital Signal Processing Toolbox, creating filters and much more. 

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2. Digital Signal Processing using Python: In this DSP online course you will learn to work with the concepts of Digital Signal processing, learn how signals are generated, principles lying behind DSP. You will also work on various Waveform generation techniques, Fourier Transforms and Convolution in DSP. Apart from this, practical skills include learning python basics, convolutions, signal manipulation algorithms, Fourier transformation and digital filter design. 

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Also, these courses are available at a really minimal cost and provide a wonderful learning environment. Interactive sessions with the mentors, doubt clearing classes, e-certificate, hands-on experience and other exciting benefits that just await you. So, what are you waiting for? Even if you are a complete beginner, fret not as you can just upskill yourself with a single click. So go ahead and reach out to our website to know more.

Top Signal processing online courses for beginners
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