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How to build wireless communication based projects?


Wireless communication refers to the transfer of information or power from one place to another without the means of a hardware component. This technology is truly ruling the world today. Wireless is next to advancement. The common examples of wireless communication today are WiFi, Bluetooth, wireless headphones, mobile phones, etc.

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Wireless communication is yet to have a good scope in the future as it not only involves hardware technology but other technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning as well. It is indeed a wholesome package. Especially for electrical engineering students, wireless communication projects are extremely important.

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How to start building a project?

It all starts with a handful of ideas, lots of effort and of course hard work. Along with these preachy things all you require is good, simple yet impactful project ideas; mentoring and good project kits.

First of all, choose a project that attracts your interest (go for something that does good to society as it not only adds an out of the edge factor to your resume but also helps you contribute to the society).

Secondly, opt for a good course at a reasonable price. A course that also provides you with the required set of instruments along with it is recommended.

Go for a structured approach to building the project. First, learn the concepts and then start off with the hands-on project journey.

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Latest projects on Wireless Communication

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How to select kits?

How to select kits?

  • Make sure the kit comes along with a course so that you get a comprehensive knowledge of the same.
  • Always check whether there exists a technical glitch in the kit. If so, return it in place of a new kit or a full refund then and there. For eg. Check if the wires are insulated, the sensor works fine or not, if the batteries are good, if the Arduino board is good or not, etc.
  • Go for kits that have a brand attached to it. It ensures the quality of the product.

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How to build Wireless Communication projects Did you know

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Problems faced while building a project

As every starting brings along problems, building your first project might prove very intimidating in the beginning. Hence, constant efforts are very much required in it.

The technical problem that might creep in the project can be solved by replacing it with an old kit.

Spare no pains in pinging your mentors for any sort of help you require or if something sounds unfamiliar to you.

Making a proper time table is the most crucial part of the project building. You might get stuck in your college schedule; therefore, it is advisable to build a time table and adhere to it sincerely. A small-time and dedication every day will prove beneficial, especially to the beginners.

Always remember to make notes and surf what seems alien to you.

If you keep all these points in mind, nothing can stop you making a superb project.

How to build wireless communication-based projects?

By keeping the above points in mind, you are all set to build a project. The following are the projects that give you an idea about how to build a project and get output from it.

1. Home Automation System using IoT: Home Automation is one such area that is tremendously impacted by IoT. Every room and light in the future is predicted to be controlled by computers automatically. In this wireless project, you will be building a home automation system using IoT to learn and develop an understanding of this domain. You will also learn to build an electronic device that can use Bluetooth technology to control the appliances present in any room. The project can also be used to switch ON/OFF the devices by giving commands using an Android App installed on a mobile phone. You will be able to store and analyze the data about the usage of home appliances.

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2. IoT using Raspberry Pi: With more and more devices getting connected to the internet, the demand for skills in this area is very high. IoT is a technology that involves a hands-on experience as a necessity along with theoretical concepts. In this project, you will learn to build IoT projects using the most popular Raspberry Pi board. Using a Raspberry Pi and a DHT sensor, you will develop an electronic device that streams temperature and humidity data over the internet. You can program the system in such a way that say whenever the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the device will automatically send an email notification.

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3. Smart Irrigation system: IoT is not only changing the way we live but also makes our life easier. In this wireless communication project, you will use various components such as soil moisture sensor, ESP-8266 WiFi module, and an Arduino board to make the device capable of detecting the change in moisture level in the soil and controlling the flow of water accordingly with a DC pump.

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4. Swarm Robotics: Swarm Robotics deals with Artificial Swarm Intelligence between multiple robots. The robots communicate and coordinate among themselves and then perform a specific task allotted to them. The master robot’s role is to control the slave robot while performing its own task and in turn, the slave robot performs functions based on the signal received from the master robot.

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5. Smart building using IoT: All modern buildings will have a heavy focus on automation and efficient usage of energy with the help of IoT. So having experience in such projects will enhance your understanding and improve your chances of a great career in IoT. As part of this project, you will develop a device that automatically turns ON/OFF the lights and other appliances based on the occupancy in a room with the help of the PIR sensor and Arduino.

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6. Mobile Robotics: In this wireless project you will develop a robot that can be controlled remotely with a mobile phone by making a call to a second phone connected to the robot. DTMF technology to develop the robot.

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Apart from these projects, you can also refer to:

  1. Smart Energy Meter using GSM
  2. Home Automation System
  3. IoT using Arduino
  4. GPS & GSM based Tracker
  5. Smart Water Monitoring
  6. Voice Controlled Robot
  7. Automated Street Lighting
  8. WiFi Controlled Robot
  9. Bluetooth Robotics
  10. Over temperature Alarm
  11. Fire detector
  12. War field spying robot
  13. Electronic notice board with GSM

We at Skyfi Labs have developed some online project-based courses that you can use to build your projects in the best way possible. Our Learn-Do-Review methodology helps you to build a project with less difficulty.

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If you have a better idea about how to build a wireless communication-based project, let us know in the comment section.

Thank you!

How to build wireless communication based projects?
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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