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How to develop a successful career in IoT?


IoT is an entirely new world of enterprise with full of opportunities and learnings. With the increasing advent of technology and the everchanging demands of people, there is a constant rise in technologies which in turn make the lives of people better and better. IoT is a multidisciplinary technology and it is all about learning things by yourself. So, if you want to start a career in IoT but you are not sure about how to start, what technical skills required, and scope of IoT in the future, carry on reading – in this article we have covered all the topics that help you to build a successful career in IoT.

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One way to develop a successful career in IoT is by building hands-on projects. It helps you to learn the required skills practically. We at Skyfi Labs have developed a career building course on IoT and as part of this course, you will develop multiple IoT projects. These projects can prove out to be your best plan to get started with IoT and develop a career out of it. It includes you to assemble various IoT tasks and encourages you to build up a decent comprehension of IoT for all intents and purposes.

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If we talk broadly, there are 5 major fields in IoT:

1.Data Analytics: Critical functions of an IoT system is to generate an ample amount of information. With the elevating number of devices around the world, we are constantly gathering data. This data is merely a pile of junk if not analyzed properly and created into a source of information. The statistics can be from some dependent facts or an unstructured one. The dependents are sent through the sensors while the unstructured can be from any other part of the project.

2.Network structure: IoT is a complex grid of linked gadgets which are planned in such a way to perform in the required manner. Every machine has a specific combination of sensors and transmitters to do a specific action. The role of network specialization starts here for communicating the data.

3.Protection: In the world of IoT, protection is the new buzzword. The industry has a varied unwanted explosion of tools and sensor implementation. The gadgets also need to be included from malicious free sources. Some of the key abilities in this region are risk identity, vulnerability evaluation, public-key encryption security, and wireless security.

4.Device and Hardware: Hardware engineers are the ones who put together the diverse additives required in the manufacturing of the device in a layout. Same is done in IoT with wireless, Bluetooth and other connectivity options. The designers are even robust with their ability of manufacturing and making plans.

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5.Cell and UI Development: Our lives are now revolving around smartphones and gadgets of all kinds. And because the complete factor of IoT is to connect the whole thing all-the-time, smartphones and cellular devices are best candidates for the platform of desire to govern IoT devices. This shows that there is a lot of demand for android and IOS developers. Now, as we know what all the options are there in the field of IoT, let us see what all skills and qualifications you need to develop in order to build a career in IoT.

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Skills required to develop a successful career in IoT

Skills required to develop a successful career in IoT

1. Gain a deep understanding of sensors

IoT demands a lot of intricate knowledge about the domain as well as the innovations happening every day. The one who wants to pursue a career in IoT has to understand the sensors and wireless communication.

It is advised that IoT developers must have prior knowledge in computer science or electrical engineering.

2. Focus on the user interface

In framing an IoT product, it is important to deliver quality standards for the best user experience. The users are generally very dependent on the products and for their ease. IoT developers have to be very focused on what they are doing. As an industry, the developers need to ensure satisfaction to a growing base of users who aren't that tech-savvy. Quality and reliability are extremely important to the experience and need to be part of any developer's mentality.

3. Learn JavaScript or Python

JavaScript is a dynamic language which makes it ideal for reacting to new data from devices and performing actions on the devices themselves. When you work with new technology you get the motivation to learn more and work harder as it seems to be interesting. Being an IoT developer you need to learn JavaScript as it is the basis of most of the automated products. Python, C#, .NET can also be some options to explore.

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4. Play with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

If somebody is not from a technical background and does not have knowledge of coding languages like C#, JavaScript, .NET, etc. can start from very basic platforms like Raspberry Pi and Arduino. It helps to start a good career in IoT. They also create a great platform to learn how to solder various smaller circuits together and eventually link them to the software. Starting with some simple project execution is a wonderful way of learning.

5. Find a community

It is always to be with people with whom you can learn new things. Your company makes you learn practical stuff and troubleshooting experience that you can’t learn from theories. Getting involved with various developers, makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs helps in gathering information and learn from their experience. One can also get into the industry with the help of community network as well.

6. Keep your skills cutting edge

The industry has become so dynamic these days. Thus, knowing only one platform is not enough. It is always less, whatever and how much you learn.

The platform you are working on this week will often be obsolete within 6 months. It is also said that the sensors will remain the same but the computers and other embedded platforms will keep on evolving. IoT requires a lot of dedication and obsessions with technology.

IoT Career building projects

Scope of IoT

IoT is emerging ever since its inception and will keep on increasing till people have their needs.

Broadly if we classify how the scope of IoT will increase, it is mentioned below:

People are getting addicted to Tech connections: Many surveys have proved that the usage of IoT based devices is increasing exponentially. People are adapting to this automated world quickly that they are getting addicted to it without even knowing. The convenience that these devices provide is so attractive that nobody can be able to leave it and go back to their conventional methods. In the future, we can expect that people would choose connectivity over security, with the over and constant use of social media. They will start storing their personal and professional information in their devices.

Unplugging: Unplugging from the internet these days has become impossible. We have so many engaging activities going on over the internet and it is difficult to resist. This will grow even more and more in the future.

A rapid increase in IoT increases risk: Regardless of whether the individuals are associated or not. The possibility will remain, with the monstrous increment in the IoT gadgets utilization. This may prompt security and freedom issues getting amplified by the IoT gadgets.

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What all companies that recruit IoT engineers?

In India, we have a lot of companies hiring engineers for the IoT domain. Here is the list of some companies to look:

  1. Amazon
  2. Genpact
  3. Google
  4. Accenture
  5. SAP
  6. IBM
  7. Wipro
  8. Cisco
  9. OYO
  10. VMware
  11. GE Healthcare

How to develop the required skills?

Frankly speaking, there may be a dearth of committed IoT schooling, especially at faculty and college level. Traditional curriculums do not comprise precise information about IoT. There is no precise degree on IoT yet. However, given the breadth and depth of information, some qualification or understanding of the technicalities is needed.

If you want to go into IoT tool manufacturing, skills in electric, electronics and instrumentation engineering will be helpful. IoT can be taken into consideration as a separate discipline.

For developing the required skills and knowledge you can start building various projects available at Skyfi Labs. If you are very passionate about having a career in IoT, with our IoT career-building course, you will learn the concepts of IoT from basics to advanced by doing it practically.


This course makes you build multiple IoT projects and helps you to learn the IoT concepts practically. Following are the projects:

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Listed below are the projects you will build as part of this IoT career-building course that will help you gain knowledge and experience in the field of IoT:

1. Weather Monitoring using IoT: In this IoT project, you will build a weather monitoring system using Arduino. This system detects the temperature and humidity of the surroundings with the help of a DHT sensor. You can also make the device to send a notification whenever the temperature exceeds a certain limit.

2. Smart Water Monitoring using IoT: This system detects the flow of water through a pipe and records the data. It is then sent to the cloud for storage and analysis. This system uses a water flow sensor, Arduino board, and Wi-Fi module to perform the above-mentioned task.

3. Smart irrigation using IoT: In this IoT project, you will use a soil moisture sensor, ESP-8266 Wi-Fi module, and an Arduino board to build up a smart irrigation system. The gadget can distinguish the change in moisture level in the soil and controls the progression of water accordingly with the help of DC pump. You will likewise program the framework to send information to the cloud platform for storage and analysis.

4. Automated street lighting using IoT: In this IoT project, you will construct an IoT based Automated Street Lighting System that naturally switches the street light ON and OFF dependent on the amount of sunlight present. This is one of the key parts of smart cities where energy will be used in all respects proficiently by turning the streetlights ON and OFF at the ideal time as required. The information will be sent to the cloud for storage and analysis.

5. Home automation using IoT: In this IoT project, you will figure out how to fabricate an electronic gadget which can be used to control all the home appliances using Bluetooth technology. The IoT project you build can be utilized to switch ON/OFF the devices by giving commands using an Android Application installed on a smartphone. You will most likely store and examine the information about the use of home appliances.

6. Smart Building system using IoT: In this IoT project, you will use PIR sensor to detect the number of occupants in a room and Arduino microcontroller to process the sensor values to switch the lights ON/OFF based on the occupancy. You will also use the Wi-Fi module to integrate this system with the cloud.

7. Weather Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi: As part of this course you will build a weather station using Raspberry Pi for collecting the surrounding environmental data with the help of a DHT sensor.

8. Surveillance camera using Raspberry Pi: In this IoT project, you will use Raspberry Pi, a small card-sized computer, as the brain and program it to transmit the captured video over the web as live recordings to your screen.

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Hope, this article is of some use to you.

We wish you all the very best for your IoT career.

Remember, if you are very passionate about having a career in IoT, you can start now by taking an IoT career building course. And we at Skyfi Labs will be super happy to help you land on your dream IoT job.

Not only IoT, you can also develop the skills needed to develop an exciting career on latest technologies like Mechatronics, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning etc.

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For any queries, feel free to comment below or visit our official website. Our expert will get back to you shortly.

How to develop a successful career in IoT?
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