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How to Develop Practical Skills this Semester

It is a well-known fact that practical skills are important for every engineering student. It is a proof of their proactivity and helps open up better opportunities for employment and further studies. The start of a new semester is the perfect time to start planning on how to develop these practical skills. In this age where the world is just a click away, it is easy to refine practical skills. The one and only way to do this is to learn by Doing, as opposed to reading or listening.


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The three basic ways of learning by doing are:

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#1 Do it Yourself
Do it Yourself Engineering

Constantly building self-made engineering projects, is a good way of levelling up practical skills. A lot of project ideas are available on websites like and The Do it Yourself journey can start with projects like a farming aircraft, a robotic hand, an android app or simply a concrete block. Inspirations for such projects can also be found from daily life experiences. Recreating or creating a prototype model of engineering examples out there may prove to be the most engaging engineering lesson yet. While working on their own projects, students should reflect on the troubles they faced while learning associated theories, and try to understand these theories practically.

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#2 Get involved in relevant practical opportunities across the country
Students learning engineering practically in Skyfi Labs training programs

Because of the sheer number of engineering colleges in India, students have great opportunities to participate in several competitions and technical fests. These events are considered as great opportunities because they provide adequate platform for students to push their knowledge boundaries. All the IITs and NITs are blessed with the best competitions and fests from across the nation. It is hence suggested to look for practical learning opportunities at these colleges first. In technical fests, relevant learning opportunities can be sought out in project-based events. For student-level competitions, it is advised to choose the ones which get students out of their comfort zone, teach something new in engineering and inspire to innovate.

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#3 Take help of professional skill-development organizations, like us

Another way to develop practical skills is to get expert guidance from professional skill-development organizations like us. This semester, we are offering several hands-on project-based courses for almost all engineering disciplines. In addition to these skill-development programs we are also conducting several student competitions like IUCEE Challenge

Our training programs have the following salient features:

  • All programs are hands-on and result into development of a working model at the end
  • The programs have been carefully developed to help students grasp the important concepts
  • Training is delivered in a way that will encourage students towards innovation

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How to Develop Practical Skills this Semester
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-13

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