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IoT devices are no longer a thing of the future but have rather become a part of our lives and electronics culture due to the emergence of smart devices. More homes than ever before are welcoming such devices thanks to the services they provide. Studies show that by 2020, more than 21 billion connected devices will join the IoT family, making it a global phenomenon. Within a year, the number of such devices has grown from 5 million to billions. Therefore, it is safe to say that the future is happening now! So, how do you as a young and enthusiastic engineering student take advantage of this? Without a doubt, such technology will pave the way for the future, and it is important that you don’t get left behind. Therefore, here’s a look at everything you need to know about BE projects on IoT which will help you learn more about this field.

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3. Smart Irrigation System

4. Smart Building using IoT

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8. Smart Water Monitoring

9. Automated Street Lighting

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11. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

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What exactly is IoT?

Basically, the Internet of Things is a concept through which devices are connected to other such devices via the internet. Hence, IoT enables the formation of a large network of such connected devices and people globally. All such connected devices gather and analyze data, helping to automate several processes. Hence, we will now have better data about our environment than ever before. The devices forming this giant network varies greatly. Everything from microwaves, to extremely complicated self-driven cars, utilize the power of IoT to function effectively. Another important aspect of these devices is wearable tech such as smart bands and fitness bands which help to track our bodily functions. Now that you know what IoT, let us take a look at how the technology works.

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How does it work?

All the devices forming this network have inbuilt sensors in them which are connected to the IoT platform. This smart platform integrates the data collected from different sources and then analyses it to gain insights. Such information once processed may be used to address specific needs. The platform works as the brain of the network, by pointing out which data is useful and which can be avoided. Such sensor data is used to find patterns, detect issues and even make smart decisions and recommendations. Let us now take a look at a real-life example at how the technology works:

For someone working in the automobile manufacturing industry, all data regarding the need and condition of optional components is useful. In such cases, IoT may be used accordingly, as follows:

  • Sensors can detect which area of the showroom gets most visitors and in which area customers spend more time
  • Analyze sales data to figure out what components sell the most and which need constant maintenance
  • Then, the system can match sales and demand to ensure that a popular item never goes out of stock. Also, this prevents excess stocking and makes the whole process of purchase more efficient.

As seen from this example, the use of IoT can help in automating several functions and also makes processes more efficient. By automating mundane and repetitive tasks, companies can also save a lot of time and labor costs. Also, the more data that devices collect, the smarter they become and so, with practice processes will get more efficient. On adopting this on a large scale, cities as a whole can become smarter and more sustainable. Everything from water supply to the city’s traffic can be made more efficient and cost-effective.

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Latest projects on Internet of Things

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What Technologies made IoT Possible?

  1. Access to efficient and cost-effective sensors
  2. More reliable and robust sensors
  3. A Large number of network hosts and protocols
  4. Improved network connectivity
  5. Better cloud computing platforms and technology
  6. Scalable cloud infrastructure
  7. Improvement in Machine learning and big data analytics
  8. Efficient AI systems
  9. Advances in neural networks

Uses of Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is the application of such technology in purely industrial settings, in the field of instrumentation and control and cloud computing. This incorporation of IoT in industrial applications is regarded as Industrial Revolution 4.0. With industries switching to machine-to-machine communication for wireless automation, efficiencies are increasing around the world. So how exactly does IoT impact this field? Here’s a look at a few IoT applications with respect to Industrial technology.

  • Smart production and manufacturing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Smart energy production and power grids
  • Smart cities
  • Connected logistics
  • Efficient digital supply chains
  • Data-driven marketing decisions
  • Increased productivity
  • Better business models

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Top IoT Applications

  1. More efficient manufacturing via machine monitoring
  2. Product-quality monitoring and tolerance matching
  3. Addressing of quality defects
  4. Tracking physical assets
  5. Wearables to monitor health and performance
  6. Perform large-scale data analytics
  7. Improve performance management
  8. Detect oncoming equipment failure to prevent accidents and mishaps
  9. Better inventory management
  10. Improve overall customer experience

What is Arduino in IoT?

Arduino is a microprocessor platform that enables you to fit and monitor sensors. Such a platform can hence be used to build smart devices and control them. Arduino also fetches data collected by sensors and may be programmed to act a certain way based on this data. By using Xbee, Arduino can be made to wirelessly transfer data making it an efficient IoT device. Hence, in the implementation of IoT, Arduino systems are an integral part.

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Programming Languages used in IoT

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Swift

BE projects on IoT

The best way to learn IoT is to make projects on it. Here’s a look at some of the best BE projects on IoT to help you gain insight into how the system works.

1. Home Automation using IoT project


IoT is changing the way we live constantly, and one of the biggest uses of IoT is automation. Home automation helps in designing and building smarter homes that are sustainable and energy-efficient. The future is here today, and soon enough all the fans, lights and electrical appliances in our home will be controlled by one AI. In this IoT project, use IoT to build a home automation system that relies on Bluetooth to control various home appliances.

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2. Smart Irrigation system IoT project


It is said that the new big war will be due to a shortage of water around the world. But what if I told you that IoT can help with that? Use this BE project to build a smart irrigation system using sensors so that you never waste water again. The merging of IoT and agriculture will not only help in increasing productivity but will also ensure the proper allocation of resources.

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3. Surveillance camera using IoT project


With IoT, you can ensure that your loved ones are safe and sound with ease by making devices smarter and more efficient. Dive into the future using this IoT project which teaches you how to build a surveillance camera to monitor your belongings in realtime. This BE project will also help in improving your knowledge of Raspberry Pi and Python Programming.

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4. IoT using Arduino BE Project


With more and more devices getting smarter, enthusiasts need to make sure they have the right skills in this field. Through this IoT project, learn about the use of Arduino in the field of IoT and build the project using those same concepts. Get some hands-on experience using sensors and actuators, by building an IoT project using the Arduino board.

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5. Automated Street Lighting IoT project


We must always strive to save energy wherever we can. What better way to do so than to leverage IoT! In this BE project, you will be taught to build a smart street light that instantly shuts off when there is enough ambient light. Such technology will be the key to a smarter, more efficient and energy-efficient world.

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You can also check the other BE projects on IoT:

Hope you got some good information about BE projects related to IoT. If you have any suggestions or queries, let us know in the comments.


BE projects on IoT
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