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Best IOT projects using Arduino

Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets

- Neil deGrasse Tyson, American Astrophysicist

I find the above quote so compelling and can relate it to a lot of dreams that I have been having lately :)

I mean, who don’t like gadgets? Innovators & hobbyists across the globe had developed an addiction for latest electronic gadgets. Having such electronic gadgets makes you feel that you are also a part of the device’s technological innovation.

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4. Smart Building using IoT

5. IoT using Arduino

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8. Smart Water Monitoring

9. Automated Street Lighting

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11. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

So what do all the trending electronic gadgets have in common? What makes them the smartest device in the industry?

IoT (Internet of Things).

IoT is one of the latest technologies that is transforming the electronics industry as we see it. IoT is a simple, yet powerful technology that integrates the devices onto the cloud. This means, all the data collected by these devices will be sent to cloud for storage and analysis.

The collected data will provide us with valuable insights of a particular device. And the data can also be used to trigger various actuations based on conditions.

Understanding the importance of IoT technology, top industries around the globe had already started to implement it onto their operations to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Would you like to know about the electronic gadgets that raised eyebrows across the globe?

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Here is a sneak-peak about the latest IoT based electronic gadgets which you can own and make your life smarter,

August Smart Lock: If you are having hard time remembering whether you had locked your door or not? Then, this device will come in handy for you. The device can tell you the status of your lock using an IoT App. And it also can provide key codes to your friends and family if you are unavailable at that time. Plus, it supports auto lock feature which gets activated once you leave the house. Super cool isn’t it?

Tile: Today, the number of things (keys, phones to laptops) that we carry to our work routine had increased. And most of us go into panic mode checking whether everything is in the right place or not. Tile can help you intelligently in this using IoT. It is so small that you can have it as your key chain. Which means you can embed this to your laptop, mobile, wallet etc. and have real-time tracking with the help of IoT based mobile application. You can also loudly ring a lost item and find it by sound.

Latest projects on Internet of Things

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GreenIQ: Love to farm and harvest vegetables in your backyard? Then, GreenIQ is a must have device for you. This electronic device can sense the weather & soil conditions and irrigate the field using IoT. It will not only help you to save water but notifies the status of crops, harvesting schedule, environment conditions etc.

Keen Home: If you are on the lookout for the best home automation device, your search ends with this device. Keen Home can facilitate room-by-room control for temperature, smart devices, lightings, ventilations etc. And you can monitor this using your mobile phone itself from anywhere on earth, using an IoT based mobile application.

Neurio: Raise your hands, if you always had to tackle with charging various electronic devices that you use daily. Neurio can provide you with an efficient solution for this. The device monitors the energy consumption of all the devices that you use and notify you real-time with the IoT based mobile application. This will also provide you with valuable insights about the smart devices that you use in day to day routine.

Ecobee: You might have heard about the Amazon Alexa and its varied applications. Ecobee is a similar device that has built-in Alexa voice and can be controlled with your voice. You can use this gadget to set a timer, hear latest news, get score updates, adjust temperature and lot more by giving voice commands. It also comes with an IoT App, with which you can check the home environment conditions.

Above mentioned are some of the devices which you can own right now!

With this, you would have got a glimpse on ‘How IoT is influencing and shaping the electronics industry as we see it’

So, if you are an aspiring engineering student who like to work on a core industry, you have a golden opportunity right in front of you. Since IoT is a latest technology, there is not much competition for you to compete.

Get smart about it and start improving your skills on IoT technology from today.

How to build Internet of Things projects Did you know

Skyfi Labs helps students develop skills in a hands-on manner through Internet of Things Online Courses where you learn by building real-world projects.

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And there is no better and effective way to learn a latest technology than by building projects hands-on.

If you are an amateur, you can start by building some basic IoT projects to understand their operations and functionalities. And we would recommend you to use Arduino platform initially. This will enable you to have an incremental learning towards the IoT technology.

Here are some of the best IoT projects that you can build with the Arduino platform.

  1. Weather Monitoring System using IOT (view details)
  2. Automatic Street Lighting System using IoT (view details)
  3. Smart Building Project using PIR (view details)
  4. Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT (view details)
  5. Cloud-ready temperature sensor with the Arduino Uno (view details)
  6. An IoT Temperature Monitor for Balcony Garden (view details)
  7. Smart Irrigation System using IoT (view details)
  8. Temperature & Humidity Sensing using IoT (view details)
1. Weather Monitoring System using IOT:
With the temperature readings touching new heights, a lot of nature enthusiasts are in need of a device that can stream the temperature differences online. This particular IOT project solves this problem in an innovative manner. The project that you build will have a DHT (Digital Humidity Temperature) sensor which will record the temperature/humidity differences in the environment and sends the data to the Arduino Uno. All the data collected by the microcontroller will be sent to the cloud with the help of ESP-8266 (WiFi module). And the user can analyse the data from anywhere on earth. You can now build this Weather Monitoring System using IOT and Arduino right at your home with the kit we send you and using the excellent video based course.

Build weather monitoring system project with Skyfi Labs

2. Automated Street Lighting System using IOT:
With this IOT based project you will develop a mechanism to control street lights automatically based on the intensity of sunlight. This would result in saving a lot of power and maintaining an energy efficient street lighting system. The electronic device that is developed will facilitate the switching on/off of the street light based on the light intensity which is being constantly monitored by the LDR (Light Dependant Resistor) sensor. The data sent to the microcontroller will also be sent to the cloud for analysis to gain valuable insights about the energy consumption. You can now build your own Automated Street Lighting System using Arduino and IOT right at your home with the kit we send you and using the excellent video based course.

Build automated street lighting system project with Skyfi Labs

3. Smart Building System using IOT & PIR:
Home automation is an innovative technology that transformed the way we look at smart homes. Now it is all about the smart lighting system that adds additional efficiency to the process. Through this IOT project, you will be developing an electronic device that will facilitate the switching on/off of the electrical appliances based on the occupants present inside the room. The system also records the number of occupants present inside the room and send the data to the cloud, which can be used for analysis. This IOT based project also gives you a lot of flexibility in modifying the system further to perform other functionalities like theft monitoring system, child monitoring system etc. You can now build your own Smart Building System using IOT & Arduino right at your home with the kit we send you and using the excellent video based course.

Build smart building using IOT project with Skyfi Labs

4. Smart Water Monitoring System using IOT:
With the urbanisation on rise, the municipalities of major cities are finding it very difficult to efficiently manage the water consumption. This IOT project provides an innovative solution to this. The system uses a water flow sensor to detect the water flow within the pipe and sends the water consumption data to the microcontroller/ Arduino. The Arduino, with the help of a WiFi module, will send the data to the cloud. The data can be accessed by a user from anywhere on earth for analysis purpose and use the insights to efficiently manage the water consumption. You can now build your own Smart Water Monitoring System using IOT and Arduino right at your home with the kit we send you and using the excellent video based course.

Build smart water monitoring project with Skyfi Labs

5. Smart Irrigation System using IOT:
Efficient irrigation is one of the hardest process to implement in the farming methodology, where we are losing a lot of natural resources due to inefficient processes. This particular IOT project provides an efficient solution to this problem, where it uses a soil moisture sensor to detect the moisture content present in the soil and sends the data to the Arduino. The Arduino then processes the data and facilitates the switches on/off the water pump accordingly till the moisture content in the soil reaches the required value. The data collected will also be sent to the cloud server using ESP-8266 WiFi module for storage and analysis. You can now build your own Smart Irrigation System using IOT and Arduino right at your home with the kit

Build smart irrigation system project with Skyfi Labs

Hope you got some good IOT project ideas based on Arduino technology from this article.

Suppose, if you want to build great IOT projects but don’t have the necessary technology knowledge, don’t worry!

We at Skyfi Labs have developed an innovative learning methodology through which you can learn IoT by building projects hands-on right from your home. With the hardware kits delivered to your doorstep and 1-1 technical assistance provided, developing great expertise on latest technologies like IOT will never be tough for you.

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Also shoot out your queries by commenting below, we will assist you at the earliest.

Good luck for your project!

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Best IOT projects using Arduino
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