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4 Best Project Ideas on Internet of Things (IoT), with Videos

IoT is trending and it has created a lot of buzz in the industry. Most of the companies have already started to implement this technology in their business processes. Due to this, there are a plethora of employment opportunities in the near future.

Engineers who possess skills in IoT have an upper hand in grabbing these opportunities. To develop skills in IoT, all you need to do is build projects hands-on. By building projects, you not only gain practical skills but also learn the concepts of it, this is extremely important because industries today need problem solvers not just text book experts.

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8. Smart Water Monitoring

9. Automated Street Lighting

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“As the Internet of Things (IoT) technology advances, the very notion of a clear dividing line between reality and virtual reality becomes blurred, sometimes in creative ways.”

Internet of Things (IoT) is an upcoming technology that transforms everyday physical objects into an ecosystem that would enrich our lives and make it simpler. From washing machines to garage space in houses, IoT technology is bringing a large number of day-to-day objects into the digital fold to make them smarter. It is also evident that the IoT technology is going to transform into a multi-trillion dollar industry in the near future.

With such wide offerings and futuristic scope, this innovative technology serves as an effective platform for you to build your final year engineering projects.

Doing final year engineering project on IoT will not only help you to develop skills on this innovative technology but also makes you to stay ahead of your peers in your core job placements & higher studies admissions.

So, what are the simple IOT projects?

Since IOT is an emerging technology most of the engineering students think that doing final year engineering projects on IOT is tough and complex.

But, it isn't the real scenario.

IOT projects still uses simple electronics concepts that we have been using in the past couple of years. Only difference is that, here we are integrating the project with a cloud platform to get the data realtime and make some operational analysis.

So even if you are a beginner, do not worry about the complexity involved in doing the IOT projects. For amateurs, there are a number of simple IOT projects to begin with.

Latest projects on Internet of Things

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Following are the simple IOT projects which you can learn and build at ease for your engineering projects.

1. Arduino based IoT Projects:

Arduino Board is an open source platform that is available for all the enthusiasts & hobbyists around the globe to build and develop cool electronic projects. You need to realize that Arduino is a microcontroller, not a full-fledged computer, so you need to integrate the Arduino with WiFi modules, motor drivers etc. for the proper functioning of the IOT system. ESP-8266 is the most commonly used WiFi module to integrate the system onto the cloud and facilitate the data transfer. Arduino also serves as an effective platform for you to integrate a lot of sensors and modules onto it.

Some of the innovative Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering Final Year Projects that you can develop using Arduino are:

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2. Raspberry Pi based IoT Projects:

Fun Fact: Raspberry Pi is so small and well-designed that there are no moving parts that can lead to noise.

Raspberry Pi is a complete Linux computer and can provide all the expected abilities of a computer/ laptop, at low-power consumption level. On comparison with an Arduino Board, Raspberry Pi is a fully functional Linux computer whereas Arduino is only a micro controller so integrating wireless modules, motor drivers is not necessary while doing projects with Raspberry Pi. Since Raspberry Pi is an open source hardware, you can use it to develop more exciting projects on IoT and the applications of this device are endless.

As Raspberry Pi greatly influences the evolution of next generation mobile systems and automation technologies, you should work on this platform to design new applications and improve your skill sets to stay updated with the advanced technologies.

Some of the engineering projects that you can build on Internet of Things (IoT) using Raspberry Pi are,

3. IoT based Automation Projects

Today, automation is being practiced extensively on all the core industries to reduce the manual effort that is going into the production process. As automation greatly helps in reducing the errors and increases the efficiency of production, many core industries are starting to adapt these systems onto their operations.

With the advancement in IoT, industries will be able to control or operate various equipment, machinery, automate industrial processes and other applications using various control systems with very less or no human intervention.

Some of the innovative Internet of Things (IoT) based Automation Engineering Final Year Projects that you can build are:

  • Automatic Street Lighting system using IoT
  • Smart Building Project using PIR
  • Automatic Smart Parking System using Internet of Things (IOT)
  • IoT Based Raspberry Pi Home Automation
  • IoT Home Security Model
  • IoT Vehicle Simulation System
  • Automatic Smart Parking System using IoT
  • Smart e-Health Gateway
  • IoT based Biometrics
  • Internet of Things Based Architecture of Web and Smart Home Interface

4. IoT based Wireless/ GSM Projects

With IoT based Wireless/ GSM projects we can achieve remote monitoring through SMS or perform any desired action/ control devices from a remote location. Using this technology we can make all the equipments more digitized and more connected, establishing networks between machines, humans, and the Internet. These technologies are preferred by the industries of now to achieve higher productivity and better energy efficiency.

So doing IoT projects on this domain will help you to stay updated with the latest technologies and helps to equip yourself with the necessary skills that are needed for core jobs. Some of the IoT based Wireless/ GSM projects that you can do are,

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4 Best Project Ideas on Internet of Things (IoT), with Videos
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