Good IoT projects for computer science engineering (CSE) students

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Good IoT projects for computer science engineering (CSE) students

“With the IoT, we’re headed to a world where things aren’t liable to break catastrophically – or at least we’ll have a hell of a heads’ up. We’re headed to a world where our doors unlock when they sense us nearby.”

– Scott Weiss

What is IoT?

Internet of Things in short IOT, is an amazing technology that is completely transforming the existing technologies into an entirely new dimension as we see it. The way the data is handled makes IoT an unique technology among the latest ones. IoT intelligently integrates various sensors with a microcontroller and sends the data collected to cloud for storage and analysis. The data that is collected by the IoT systems will help us get valuable insights about the operations. And with this data, you can improve the operational efficiency of the system.

Being a computer science engineering student you might be wondering what makes IoT so powerful in the current market, also you might be confused about being a CSE student what kind of opportunities that you have in this technology.

Well, you are not alone. A lot of students have this query and I am taking this article as an opportunity to explain the importance of IOT and how a computer science engineering student can improve skills in them to develop an exciting career.

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Great IOT Projects with Kits and Video Tutorials for Engineering Students

First thing first, let’s look at the main characteristics of IOT that make it unique and powerful among the other latest technologies.

Applications of IoT:

1. Making devices smarter: Connecting devices to the internet with unique IP addresses has been possible over a decade. But IOT does it in a more powerful way where it will not only make the electronic devices to connect to the internet, but also transform them into a smarter device. IOT greatly helps in pulling a lot of operational data from the devices and assist in getting great insights from them. With IOT, industries can spend relatively less time on development and more time on acquiring insights on an existing process which greatly helps them to improve and grow.

2. Supply chain management: IOT is beginning to play a major role in the Supply Chain Management, where it is becoming very easy now to track objects through export/import chain, enforcing shipments and tracking the payments of the goods. To put in layman terms, with this integration we are able to tag products with a digital passport and use that to track or view the previous records with ease from any part of the world without any physical contact.

3. Unlocking the real value of data: With the reduced cost of sensors and microprocessors, a lot of the current electronic devices that we see today uses sensors to collect a large number of data. With millions of data available on the cloud, we were in need of a new approach altogether to process them. IOT provided the necessary approach to the industries through which they were able to make a lot of sense out of all the data available. These analyses assist greatly in uncovering great insights about one’s process and help in transforming them towards a more efficient one.

With the above IOT applications, it is evident that networking, data collection, data processing etc. is very much needed to integrate IOT on to any industrial process. Being a CSE student, developing skills on IOT during your engineering will greatly assist you in developing an exciting career in it.

So how can you develop skills on IOT?

It is very obvious, you need to develop a lot of projects on IOT and learn while building them to gain the skillsets.

Build Innovative IOT Projects at Home

Here I am suggesting some of the simple IOT projects that you can do to gain good skillsets on IOT domain.

  1. Weather Monitoring System using IOT (view details)
  2. Automatic Street Lighting System using IoT (view details)
  3. Smart Building Project using PIR (view details)
  4. Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT (view details)
  5. Cloud-ready temperature sensor with the Arduino Uno (view details)
  6. An IoT Temperature Monitor for Balcony Garden (view details)
  7. Smart Irrigation System using IoT (view details)
  8. IoT Application using Raspberry Pi (view details)
  9. Temperature & Humidity Sensing using IoT (view details)

Let's discuss about the above mentioned IOT projects in detailed now,

1. Weather Monitoring System using IOT Project:

With the temperature readings touching new heights, a lot of nature enthusiasts were in need of an electronic device that can stream the temperature differences online. This particular IOT project solves this problem in an innovative manner. The IoT project that you build will have a DHT (Digital Humidity Temperature) sensor which will record the temperature/humidity differences in the environment and sends the data to the Arduino Uno, which acts as the microcontroller. All the data collected by the microcontroller will be sent to the cloud and the user can analyse the data from anywhere on earth.

Kits needed: Raspberry Pi, DHT sensor

Programming language: Python

2. Smart Irrigation System using IOT Project:

Efficient irrigation is one of the hardest processes to implement in the farming methodology, where we are losing a lot of natural resources due to inefficient processes. This particular IOT project provides an efficient solution to this problem, where it uses a soil moisture sensor to detect the moisture content present in the soil and sends the data to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then process the data and facilitates the switching on/off of the water pump accordingly till the moisture content in the soil reaches the threshold value.

Kits needed: Arduino Uno with ESP8266, Soil moisture sensor, Water pump

Programming language: Arduino Programming (C++)

3. Smart Water Monitoring System using IOT Project:

With the urbanization on the rise, the municipalities of major cities are finding it very difficult to efficiently manage the water consumption by people living within the city premises. This particular IOT project provides an innovative solution to this, where the system uses a water flow sensor to detect the water flow within the pipe and sends the water consumption data to the microcontroller. The microcontroller will send the data to the cloud which can be accessed by a user from anywhere on earth for analysis purpose and use the insights to efficiently manage the water consumption.

Kits needed: Arduino Uno with ESP8266, Soil moisture sensor, Water pump

Programming language: Arduino Programming (C++)

4. Smart Building using IOT & PIR Project:

If home automation was a sensation that transformed the way that we look at smart homes, now it is all about the smart lighting system that adds even more efficiency to it. Through this IOT project, you will be developing an electronic device that will facilitate the switching on/off of the electrical appliances based on the occupants present inside the room. The system can also record the number of occupants present inside the room and send the data to the cloud, which can be used for analyses. This IoT project also gives you a lot of flexibility in modifying the system further to perform other functionalities like theft monitoring system etc.

Kits needed: Arduino Uno with ESP8266, PIR sensors, Buzzer, Electrical appliances

Programming language: Arduino Programming (C++)

5. Automated Street Lighting System using IOT Project:

The main objective of this IOT based project is to develop a mechanism through which the street lights can switch on/off automatically based on the intensity of light present outside. This would result in saving a lot of power and maintaining an energy efficient street lighting system. The electronic device that is developed as part of this IoT project will facilitate the switching on/off of the street light based on the light intensity which is being constantly monitored by the LDR sensor. The data sent to the microcontroller will also be sent to the cloud which can be used for analysis and gain insights about the energy consumption..

Kits needed: Arduino Uno with ESP8266, LDR sensor, electrical appliances

Programming language: Arduino Programming (C++)

Why Skyfi Labs to build IoT projects?

Skyfi Labs has developed Online Project-Based Courses that you can use to build IOT projects in the best way possible. Our Learn-Do-Review Methodology ensures you learn while you build your IOT projects. Kits needed will be dispatched to you within 24 hours and you get instant access to the course content. Using the kits and course content, you can build super awesome Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering Projects at your convenience!

Have some queries? Reach us out at 1800-200-3855 or simply drop it as a comment. We will get back to you in a gist.

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