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IoT related major projects


IoT's innovation has given the tech industry a boon with its diverse applications. Its use is widespread and is seen almost everywhere. Major industries are developing groundbreaking IoT project systems. This article is based on some major IoT projects and has benefited engineering students from getting jobs at top-notch companies. The idea is to fill in each IoT related data for a better understanding of the projects. IoT is pushing forward rendering everything smart tech-based in its way. With the help of the internet, it links computers to people.

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2. Home Automation using IoT

3. Smart Irrigation System

4. Smart Building using IoT

5. IoT using Arduino

6. 2 IoT Projects (Combo Course)

7. 5 IoT Projects (Combo Course)

8. Smart Water Monitoring

9. Automated Street Lighting

10. IoT Training & Internship

11. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

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What Are the Most Interesting Uses of IoT?

Since IoT's applications are more than one. It has changed the whole picture of the age. We can now say we are moving towards a smarter planet. Let's look at which locations does IoT include-

  • IoT at Homes: Home automation has been the most talked-about IoT projects since it has built a completely different scenario for a conventional household. Along with that, there are projects like water monitoring and surveillance system that add to the smart home.
  • IoT in Industries: IoT along with other programming system has created machinery for industries that have made the task easier. These mainly include a surveillance system and certain projects on robotics.
  • Smart City: Along with homes, the entire city has become smart tech-based. With projects like smart building, weather monitoring, smart mirror, IoT is holding a stronger base to create a smart city. With an automated lighting system and also controlling traffic lights, it has conserved a lot of energy so you can say it is eco-friendly to some extent.
  • IoT in Agriculture: IoT has reached even agricultural sectors building machinery that works on commands by the user. Smart irrigation is the best example of provided in this project.

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How to Get Project Ideas?

With so much in store, one might get confused about which project to choose. Going with the one which provides a real-time application is smart. IoT has a lot of choices to give let's see how we can choose those topics.

  • Look around for suggestions. Using IoT, tasks which take a long time can be completed in a few seconds. Find out what these ideas are.
  • Assure that it has an application in the current industry when selecting a subject. Many proposals may have been modified in the course of years. Be cautious while selecting such topics.
  • Do not do anything in haste. Never pick a seemingly popular subject. You need a clear understanding of the topic and should know how to proceed.
  • Write it down. It is always suggested to write down the ideas that come to your head and then you can shortlist from them.

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IoT Related Major Projects

1. Home Automation Using IoT

IoT has had a major impact on home systems. This major IoT project is based on building a device that controls other appliances at home. It requires merely Bluetooth connectivity through your phone and you can command the device you want to use. These projects help in the core understanding of the IoT concept.

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2. IoT Using Raspberry Pi

IoT has spread its usage to various arenas and has made the task easier. This IoT project is based on the same and uses data on temperature and humidity and streams it over the internet. Raspberry Pi board is used as a microcontroller in this project along with DHT sensors. The device built will automatically send an email when the temperature crosses a certain point.

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3. Smart Irrigation System

Now even the system in the field has become smart tech-based. This module helps in building a system that checks the moisture in the soil and allows only the required amount of water to be flown to the fields. DC pump is used for this IoT project for controlling the flow of water. This project is a working of the Arduino programming language.

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4. Surveillance Camera Using IoT

It gets difficult to leave back pets or loved one’s home without having someone to check on them. This IoT project helps solve that problem and builds a surveillance camera that can be installed at home at works from a remote location. Raspberry Pi board is used to display images on the screen.

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5. Smart Building Using IoT

Since IoT already works for home automation the similar application can be used in offices. This module is based on PIR sensors and works by switching on/off lights depending on the number of occupants in a room. This way it has helped in saving energy a lot. Arduino is used to program the system.

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6. IoT Using Arduino

Another IoT related major project on weather conditions this involves both IoT and Arduino. The system can be operated from a remote location and send data on temperature and humidity across the internet.

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7. Smart Water Monitoring

IoT works in both making a smart device and conserving energy. With depleting resources it has become necessary to conserve as much energy as is possible. This IoT project calculates the water usage- flow and volume- in a particular building and saves data on the cloud.

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8. Automated Street Lighting

Another IoT project that has helped save energy, especially in public spaces. The module is based on building an automated lighting system in the streets that switch on when the sun’s light gets dimmer and switches off when the sun rises. The same data is then sent to the cloud for storage and analysis.

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For more IoT related major projects check out the following list:

IoT related major projects
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