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Internet controlled Pet feeding system

Pets are the closest friends to the humans and we do love to take care of our pets, there is always a problem we face when we leave our house for a day or couple. We have to keep our pet either on someone’s place or we ask someone to take care and look after them especially for the food. Hence we rely on someone to take care of your own pet.

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As food and water is basic need of a human to survive same as with animals who needs the basic needs on time so that their health won't get effect even if you are not at your home or in the city.

The internet controlled feeding system is solving the problem to rely on someone to feed your food or water when you not present to do that that gives you freedom to control the system by the mobile device and feed the controlled amount of water and food.

Project Description:

As the project is concentrated on the problem of pet food and water feeding in personal availability, where an internet controlled mechanism will supply the food and water to pet when you want to feed them.

In this project, you’ll be working with the Arduino Uno embedded board which can be programmed according to our application to activate or controlled the different electromechanical actuator or sensors. Also, you’ll be working with electromechanical actuators like servo motors, Mass flow sensor etc. The embedded board will be connected to the internet constantly which helps to control the food supplying mechanism by the embedded board anywhere in the world.

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Project Implementation:

In this project, you’ll be making a mechanism which supplies the food and water to pets when you send the signal from the smartphone app. In this mechanism an Arduino Uno board will be acting as a controller which takes the input signal from the Wi-Fi module through the internet. also in the board the actuator will be blocking the supply pipe as shown in the image given and open the food supply when signal received by the embedded board now, this sensors can be calibrated for the amount of food supply with respect to time of opening of the supply pipe that way we can control the amount of food and water supply to the pet.

  1. Arduino UNO: Embedded board with a microcontroller which receives the signal from Wi-Fi and process it and gives feed to the valve actuator.
  2. Servo motor: They are the non-discontinuous type of controllable motor which we can control the direction of rotation or speed of rotation.
  3. Wi-Fi module: They are the electronic part which receives the Wi-Fi signals from the Wi-Fi router, and can be used to receive the signals sent by Wi-Fi or via the internet if internet connectivity is there for the Wi-Fi module.
  4. Smartphone App: They are the User interference between the smartphone and the user.

Project Requirement:

  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Wi-Fi module
  3. Servo motor
  4. PVC pipe
  5. Food container
  6. Smartphone App

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Internet controlled Pet feeding system
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