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Automatic Irrigation System

The automated irrigation system can prove that the use of water can be reduced for different agricultural production. The irrigation system provides only the required amount of water to crop. The automated irrigation system is designed to be scaled up for larger greenhouses or open fields.

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An automated irrigation system was developed to optimize water use for agricultural crops. In this project, we will develop an algorithm with threshold temperatures, soil moistures and water level that will be programmed into a microcontroller to control water quantity. A Gateway unit will manage the information related to sensors which can be triggered by actuators and data transmitted using the GSM module.

In this system a Micro-controller based drip irrigation mechanism is proposed, which is a real-time feedback control system for monitoring and controlling all the activities of the drip irrigation system more efficiently. Irrigation system controls valves by using an automated controller allows the farmer to apply the right amount of water at the right time, regardless of the availability of the labor to turn valves. Some irrigation systems are used to implement efficient irrigation scheme for the field having different crops. The system can be further enhanced by using a fuzzy logic controller. The fuzzy logic scheme is used to increase the accuracy of the measured value and assists in decision making.

Project Requirements:

It will be important for the user to understand the working of GSM module the report will be sent to the user through android mobile the software and hardware combined together provide a very advanced control over the capacity we will be implementing a Drip irrigation system. Various sensors like Humidity sensor, soil moisture will be used in the system. The user can control drip irrigation from anywhere here we will be using real-time feedback control system for monitoring we will control valves by using an automated controller to turn them on and off. The method we will be using is an Artificial neural network which is prototyped in MATLAB with inputs like air temp, soil moisture, radiation, and humidity.

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Project Implementation:

  1. MAX-232 version for serial I/O will be used for transferring and receiving the data it can operate at higher baud rates also.
  2. GSM module which accepts SIM card and operates over a subscription to a mobile operator we will be using SIM 300 which can work on extended GSM.
  3. We are going to connect all the modules to microcontroller.
  4. We are going to connect power supply, temperature sensor, soil sensor, water level sensor, LCD display, Zigbee and motor drivers which in turn will be connected to pumps.
  5. Once all of this is connected we need to calibrate all of them to settings and will be ready to perform the assigned task.

Project Scope:

Irrigation can be done in fields, gardens, farms etc. It is efficient for varieties of crops. This implementation can be used for patient monitoring. The software application developed for this system can be used for household works such as tank storage. This system can be operated automatically as well as manually. An improvement in this system can be we can add a rain gun sensor so that when it rains there won’t be floods and this shield the field and avoids floods. Rainwater harvesting can be done and this harvested water can be used to irrigate fields. Hooters can be used so that it gives siren at various occasions such as intrusion.

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Automatic Irrigation System
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