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IoT based ICU patient monitoring system

The field of healthcare has undergone some great innovations over the years. Today we have extraordinary mechanisms to treat and cure diseases. There are even inventions that can keep someone alive by giving proper support for years. The ICU or intensive care unit a lifesaving system that most hospitals have today. Patients whose condition is in a dangerous case are admitted to this unit for the superior treatment. Most patients who are admitted need to have continuous monitoring. So we have an IoT based ICU patient monitoring system.

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Most hospitals have multiple ICUs and many patients admitted at once. In these cases, continuous monitoring of patients became almost impossible. The need for a paramedic 24/7 is required at the ICU for constant monitoring. This is a tedious job and costs a lot at once to involve an employee for every single patient. This where the applications of IoT can be used to make the situation better. This patient monitoring system makes it possible to monitor the vitals of any patients remotely. With an internet connection, doctors can get access to live to monitor any patients even though they are miles away. This can also be employed as a central monitoring system for all ICU patients.

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Project implementation

The monitoring of ICU patients is done with the help of various sensors and the power of IoT. We can get live data about the heartbeat, blood pressure and temperature of the patients with the help of this system. There is a device to be physically worn by the patient and another sensor has to be kept closer to the patients. These sensors are connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi module and the live data is continuously transferred. The data can be seen simultaneously on a web interface built with the help of IoT Gecko.

Raspberry Pi 3: One of the most heard names in the world of IoT is Raspberry pi. We use the Raspberry Pi 3 board in this project.

IoT Gecko: The IoT Gecko is an IoT development platform that can develop effective programs and interfaces. Here a data-rich interface is created to see live vital data from the patient.

Blood pressure and heartbeat meter: A blood pressure and heartbeat measure device are involved in this system. This is to be worn by the patient to monitor the data. Once the patient wears this we can get all the data just a button click away.

Temperature and humidity sensor: The body temperature of the patient is constantly measure using this sensor. This sensor is kept close to the patient's body all the time to get the data.

Wi-Fi module: A Wi-Fi module is connected to the Raspberry Pi 3 to obtain internet connectivity and smooth transfer of data.

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IoT based ICU patient monitoring system
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