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Smart Home Automation using IoT


The internet is now an important part of our life and without it our life is unimaginable. IoT is now used in various sectors and since it can be monitored from anywhere, it becomes reliable. Currently, various electrical and electronic devices are operated and controlled remotely. Home automation is our first step towards the future where we don't need to physically present to control the devices. One can control them using an android application or a dedicated website.

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System design:

We consider four different electrical appliances namely fan, heater, light, and tv. They are controlled using a smartphone via wi-fi. The appliances are connected to the microcontroller using jumpers and input/ output ports.


  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Esp8266 module
  3. Relay
  4. LCD
  5. Jumpers

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The appliances are connected with the Arduino and the operation of these appliances is controlled via smartphone and relay. The application is designed with a simple UI that has switches that are turned on and off with a touch. Whenever the user wants a particular appliance to operate, the user slides the bar of the application. The moment the slide is completed, the relay is notified using the wi-fi module. The relay is set with a time delay and after the delay is completed, the appliances operate. Let's say the user wants to switch the fan on. The delay time of the fan to switch on is 3 seconds and for it to switch off is 5 seconds. The person presses the button on the application, after that the microcontroller sends the signal to switch the fan on to the relay via the wi-fi module. The relay receives the command, and after 3 seconds of delay, it switches the fan on. This process is used for all such operations. The system is functional and if one doesn't wish to use an app for it, then they can use the website which also has the same set of controls.


  1. You can control the appliances from anywhere since nowadays all the public places have wi-fi.
  2. The wiring cost reduces and there is no need of putting wires to control the electrical and electronic appliances.
  3. Since the system isn't dedicated for a particular browser so you can use any browser to connect to the wi-fi module

Future scope:

Many integrations can be made to the system to meet the demands of the user.

One can minimize the time delay of the relay to control the application.

The user can integrate voice commands to control the appliance.

The range of wi-fi can be increased so that it can be operated from long distance.


Smart home automation is an effective system and can be incorporated into our homes. It changes the dynamics of living and allows you to take full control of your home. The transition of a physical switchboard to carrying the entire switchboard in your pocket is fantastic. Soon, the homes will be automated and it won't be less than a sci-fi movie. Many other systems can be incorporated into this project to provide a new range of controls and commands.

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Smart Home Automation using IoT
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