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Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Industry using IoT

There are many industries with different production lines and some of the process in industries cannot be monitored by human near the production line. The industry may be a small scale or a huge one there are some restricted areas that has to be monitored. There are different process running in each industry, but the security and the safety of the industry is the same in every industry.

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You will require an Arduino Uno and Raspberry pi 3 model B for this iot project, for the security purpose you can use a camera for taking pictures, to detect the human interaction in the restricted area you can use PIR sensor, in every industry there are inflammable substances so to detect that you can use MQ6 sensor, you can also monitor some machines like conveyor belt by keeping track of the vibration that they produce and you can also use vibration sensor to check the vibration of the machine for its smooth operation.

There are many parameters in industries that can be used for the project, these are some of the common issues faced in any industry. The Arduino acts as the data aggregator, raspberry pi acts as the server which sends the data to the cloud received from the Arduino, you can also program raspberry pi to take a picture of the trespasser in the restricted area.

There are some places in the industry where humans are not allowed like power plant or the grid where you can use PIR and camera to monitor. In industries the safety is also very important, as there will be some flammable substance in the industry you can monitor flammable gas like iso-butane, propane, LPG, alcohol and smoke with the MQ6 sensor and you can prevent explosion in the industry by evacuating the room and then exhaust the gas. You can also use vibration sensor for the monitoring the smooth operations of the machines.

Project Description:

  1. Arduino Uno: Arduino Uno is a microcontroller which can take both analog and digital inputs and you can use this to acquire the data from all the sensors. There are six analog I/O pins and fourteen digital I/O pins which you can use to interface your sensors.
  2. Raspberry Pi 3 B: You can use Raspberry pi as a server, program raspberry pi to take the data from Arduino, and depending on the data acquired you can actuate the camera, exhaust and also turn of the machines. Program the raspberry pi such that the data that is acquired from sensors is uploaded to the cloud and when an intruder is found in the restricted area then click a picture and mail it to the email ID given in the program.
  3. MQ 6 sensor: MQ 6 sensor can detect iso-butane, propane, LPG with high sensitivity and it also detects alcohol and smoke with small sensitivity. The response of the sensor is very fast and this sensor is durable you can use this sensor in any environment condition.
  4. PIR motion sensor: PIR stands for passive infrared sensor they are also called as Pyro electric sensor or IR motion sensor. This sensor detects the IR radiations emitted by humans and animals, if a human moves in the range of the sensor the radiation is absorbed by the sensor and motion can be detected. The range of the PIR sensor is 3-7 meters, it detects any IR radiation in the 3-7 meter radius. The sensor can be calibrated with the sensitivity and the delay of the IR detection.
  5. SW-420 vibration sensor: This vibration sensor module detects if there is any vibration that is beyond the threshold. You can set this threshold using the potentiometer provided in the module.
  6. Relay Module Use relay module to actuae the exhaust and the machines.

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Project Implementation:

  1. Program Arduino to sense the data from all the three sensors and send these data to raspberry pi through serial communication.
  2. Program the Raspberry Pi to get the data from Arduino and when the motion is detected the camera should take a picture of the intruder and send a mail to the registered mail ID, if there is any gas leakage or inflammable gas detected or there is smoke in the industry you can actuate the exhaust fan, and you can monitor the smooth operation of any machine with the vibration sensor.
  3. The data acquired can be stored in cloud, you can create a MySQL database and store the data.
  4. The project can also be monitored from the mobile through an android app, you can use MIT app inventor to create an app.
  5. This project can send and receive the data within the WI-FI network, in order to access the data and actuate from any part of the world you need to do port forwarding in your network.

Project Brief: Once you setup your project, the motion, gas, and vibration of the machine in the industry can be monitored, and for the contrtolling part you can take picture of the intruder, you can turn on the exhaust, and you can turn off or turn on the machines. Although the controlling is done automatically when the sensors detect the change in the environment, you can also control the project using the android app or through the webaddress. The data is uploaded to the cloud, and this data can be seen from the webaddress or the mobile app you have developed.

Software requirements:

  1. Arduino IDE Version 1.8.5 : You will be needing Arduino IDE software for writing and uploading the program into the Arduino Uno board.
  2. Raspbian OS(Debian Linux) Raspbian operating systems are based on Linux, Raspberry pi are also compatible with Windows and IOS but prefer any Linux based OS
  3. MySQL: MySQL is a platform where you can create a database and upload data using IoT.
  4. MIT app inventor 2:: This software is an online based android app development platform you can use MIT app inventor 2 to create your app.
  5. Python IDE 3: Python IDE 3 is compiler where you can write and compile python program.

Programing Language:

  1. Linux (terminal commands)
  2. Python

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Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Industry using IoT
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