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IoT-Water Tank Filling system


Water is an important resource for our planet. We should not waste it and try to regulate its use. There is a constant decrease in water levels in the environment. Currently, water in urban areas comes for a specific period and an individual is needed to present physically to switch on the pumps, store water and then again switch it off once the tank is filled. If a person forgets to switch off the pump on time then a lot of water is wasted and if the person is not available on time to switch on the pump, then they will have to face difficulty due to the unavailability of water. This IoT project focuses on this issue and eliminates the need for a person. It automatically switches on the pump when water comes, and will switch it off once the tank is filled. Many people have installed this in their houses and find it effective.

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  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Water Sensor
  3. Waters sensor module
  4. Jumpers
  5. Breadboard
  6. LEDs


The water sensor is fitted on the pipeline connecting the municipality pipe and storage tank. When water comes in the pipe, the sensor detects it and triggers the pump. Once the pump is switched ON, the water starts to fill in the tank. Another sensor is placed at the top level of the tank. When the tank is filled with water, the sensor triggers the Arduino, and then it switches off the pump. This entire mechanism is hassle-free and eliminates the need of a person to stay there until the tank is filled.

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  1. There is no wastage of water since the entire process is carried out efficiently.
  2. Since the pump is switched OFF as soon as the water is filled, the wastage of electricity is checked.
  3. The risk of contamination due to excessive water getting logged in the terrace is minimized.
  4. It eliminates the need for a person for the task.


  1. The project involves various electronic components and wires, it is necessary to check them to avoid any failure or leak.
  2. The sensors and modules should be placed in an airtight box to prevent damage from water.
  3. The system doesn't cover any warranty or guarantee.


In urban areas, water is scarce. The civic bodies regulate the supply of water to certain time intervals. People need to store water in the time allotted otherwise they will have to adjust with less or no water. This IoT project comes handy and solves the problem. One can easily install the system in their homes and offices. It regulates the wastage of water and electricity.

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IoT-Water Tank Filling system
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