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Noise detector with automatic recording system using arduino

The world of the internet of things is limitless and comes with a lot of real-world applications. It’s been a few years since the word IoT became familiar to the world of technology. Since then there have been many innovative ideas backed with the power of this ground-breaking technology. From day to application high level once there are IoT devices everywhere. Today we are going to see about a Noise detection system that uses IoT.

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Noise can be a big problem for many of us in a variety of scenarios. From being one of the less known and considered environment pollutants to a big distraction during office hour’s noise is a hidden evil. We all have come across someone who talks loudly which stops us from concentrating on what we were doing. From offices to libraries and classroom noise has always been a problem. So with IoT, we are going to find a solution to this noise problem. A noise detector with the capability to record audio is the idea of the day. In this way, we can find out who made the noise and punish them or let them hear their high pitch noise so they realize what they were doing wrong the whole time.

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Project implementation

A custom-made app is developed that will start recording when the sound goes above the desired level. The Arduino Nano board is used to which a Bluetooth receiver, a sound sensor, and a buzzer are connected. The Bluetooth is connected with the smartphone which has the app installed. Once the sound crosses the set value it will start the recording on the smartphone. Once the level of noise comes down the recording is automatically stopped.

Smartphone and App: Smartphone here acts as an interface for the system to work for us to control it. An app is developed and installed in the smartphone with a code that will initiate and stop recording according to the varying noise level.

Arduino Nano: The Arduino Nano is an effective IoT hardware that comes with a lot of versatility. This acts as the mainboard to which all other components are connected to.

Sound sensor: A sound sensor is connected to the Arduino Nano. The sound sensor continuously measures the noise level in the surrounding. There is a threshold value set already in the app. Once the noise level crosses this value the sound sensor will inform the buzzer to send the message to the app.

Buzzer: The buzzer act as a message passer in this system. Once the threshold level is crossed it will inform the app through Bluetooth to start the recording. Similarly, hence the noise level lowers will initiate a message to stop the recording.

Bluetooth HC 05: This is the wireless connectivity module in the system. This connects the smartphone and the Arduino Nano.

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Noise detector with automatic recording system using arduino
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