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IoT based Fire Department alerting system


Fire is disastrous and it is important to take measures before a fire breaks out. Nowadays, fire detectors are installed almost in every public place be it malls, residential buildings, shops, and industries. These detectors alert about the fire and smoke early and inform using siren or buzzers. The traditional detectors only when the smoke or fire reaches a threshold, only then it triggers the buzzers which are not effective compared to the lives at stake. This project combines the traditional detectors with IoT, this not only signals the fire breakout but sends related information to the authorities timely so that they can avoid such mishaps even before it takes place.

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  1. Arduino UNO
  2. Node MCU
  3. Smoke Sensor
  4. Temperature Sensor
  5. LCD Display
  6. Wi-Fi Module
  7. Buzzers
  8. Jumpers
  9. Device ID

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This project combines the Fire Detecting system with IoT and uses Wi-Fi to alert the nearby Fire Department of the mishap. The places where the system is going to be implemented have a temperature sensor, smoke sensor, and device ID. We assume the place to be Wi-Fi enabled, the module ESP8266 which connects the Arduino to the Wi-Fi network. The module constantly updates the temperature and smoke level of the location to the authorities. In case of a fire breakout, the data keeps on increasing and when the authorities find it unable to control, the nearby fire department is informed about the fire and the device ID installed on the places, this helps them to retrieve the location of the place where the mishap has happened. The system should always be connected to the Wi-Fi for its effectiveness. One can use the GSM module instead of the Wi-Fi. In such a case, the authorities are informed via SMS about the location of the place and the current temperature and smoke value.


  1. It can be installed in all public places be it shopping malls, residential complexes, parking lot, schools, and colleges.
  2. Since it uses Wi-Fi, the fire department is informed early so that they can arrive on time and try to extinguish it as soon as possible.
  3. This system can be incorporated into other segments as well. It can be used to detect any leakage from the LPG cylinder to avoid any accidents.


  1. The system needs to be connected to Wi-Fi for it to work effectively.
  2. The device ID installed in places needs to be checked regularly and updated timely with a new one in case if the old one is damaged.


The IoT based system changes the dynamics of dealing with a fire breakout. The fire department is informed immediately using it and without any loss of time and they can reach the location.

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IoT based Fire Department alerting system
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