Internet of Things

IoT based Real time data acquisition using MQTT Protocol

The Internet of Things is a concept where that allows us to access continuous data sharing, remote control, and data monitoring. IoT is a concept which helps us in getting the data from any Wireless Sensor Network through the internet, and this monitoring or controlling of the data should be in real time.

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The data to be monitored in real time is sent through the internet to the end user and for the real-time data acquisition, the protocol what is used will play an important role. This project is based on MQTT protocol MQTT stands for Message Queuing telemetry transport which is a lightweight protocol that is the procedure followed by the protocol is very short and thus the time is reduced in communicating with the end user. MQTT is a publish-subscribe protocol where from one end of the network the data is published with a Topic name and the subscriber has to choose the same topic to get the data. The data is published or uploaded to a server and this server is called as a broker which collects all the data and send it to the respective subscribers.

Project Description:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 B: Raspberry Pi is a Microprocessor which has 40 pins with 27 GPIO pins, it has a 1 GigaBytes of RAM and an SD card slot for the storage or the ROM,it can be used as a mini computer for low computing operations, it has a dual band LAN, faster Ethernet, Bluetooth, it also has USB and HDMI ports for connecting devices. This device can be used as a server which we are doing in this project.
  2. Micro SD card: You will need a minimum of 8 gigabytes SD card for this project, this SD card is used as the ROM of the raspberry Pi.
  3. Display: You can use any kind of display for the project, like monitors, TV or any size that fits your requirement.
  4. Mouse and keyboard: You will need this to control and monitor the Wireless sensor Network.
  5. Project Implementation:

    1. Install the Raspbian OS in the SD card.
    2. Install Node-Red software in Raspberry Pi.
    3. Download MySQL nodes in Node-Red.
    4. Create an android app that connects your mobile to a MQTT broker with its port number and topic name.
    5. Using Node-Red you can connect any digital sensor to the raspberry pi and you can publish the data to the MQTT broker and at the user end that is the android app you can monitor the data.

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    Project Brief:The project lets you to publish data to the broker and then monitor that data by subscribing to the same topic name at the user end and by using this protocol you will be able to monitor your project in real time, if you want to control your project you will have to publish from the mobile app using a different publish topic and at the sensor end you have to subscribe to the broker with the topic given at the user end. This protocol is fast compared to others because the process happening to send and receive the data is very small and using this protocol you will be able to monitor and control your project from any part of the world in real time.

    Software requirements:

    1. Raspbian OS(Debian Linux): Raspbian operating systems are based on Linux, Raspberry pi are also compatible with Windows and IOS but prefer any Linux based OS
    2. MIT app inventor 2: This software is an online based android app development platform you can use MIT app inventor 2 to create your app.
    3. Node-Red: Node-red is a programming tool for wireing together the hardware devices, it is a browser based editor that helps you to wire the sensors, the microcontroller and the microprocessors to the user end devices through IoT using any of the protocols. This tool also helps you to store data in the cloud.

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    Programing Language:

      Linux (terminal commands)

    Kit required to develop IoT based Real time data acquisition using MQTT Protocol:
    Technologies you will learn by working on IoT based Real time data acquisition using MQTT Protocol:
    IoT based Real time data acquisition using MQTT Protocol
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