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Latest 2019 IoT project ideas for engineering students


With technologies advancing every minute and things getting much easier to operate upon, it’s always been the effort to make lives as simple as possible. Introduction of new smart devices into our lives has not only proved the well-developed side of technology but also, it inspired us in some way to strive for achieving higher standards of living.

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2. Home Automation using IoT

3. Smart Irrigation System

4. Smart Building using IoT

5. IoT using Arduino

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7. 5 IoT Projects (Combo Course)

8. Smart Water Monitoring

9. Automated Street Lighting

10. IoT Training & Internship

11. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

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Taking up any of these projects during your academics is really a good idea. By developing these IoT projects, you will learn something that does not belong to your college curriculum and you can also obtain a great experience of working on these IoT projects hands-on.

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Latest 2019 IoT project ideas

A great and highly advanced technology that has found its place in almost every field is the Internet of Things, better known as IoT. On learning more about this technology you may find that today IoT has become the core working principle of our day to day work applications.

An amazing technology that teaches how to make things get done smartly and quickly and it should definitely be a part of your course learning. Developing any of these IoT projects, you will get to know the various applications involved in this technology, its working principle, and approach. Then, how you can implement this technology to model the real world smartly?

To have an idea about what exactly IoT is and what purposes it serves, keep reading further.

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What is IoT?

What is IoT?

In a simple language, IoT is understood as a UI that the user can integrate into various electrical devices so as to improve their functionality to a better extent. The main aim of using IoT is to make devices function smartly.

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Applications of IoT

Applications of IoT

Today, many fields use IoT technology to process their outcomes efficiently. For instance, fields like automation where the motive is to get things done by an apparatus automatically. Other application-based branches of science such as artificial intelligence and robotics also make use of IoT, where the work is achieved by modeling real-time world without getting any human assistance. Thus, with its mind-blowing applications, IoT has become the preferred choice of many industries.

Latest projects on Internet of Things

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With the development of numerous techniques and their simultaneous intervention in almost all the areas of science, IoT has become even more important that as an engineering student you should stay updated about them and explore the various new concepts that come in your way of learning.

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Does learning IoT hold well in the future?

Learning about any technology in depth can be really advantageous in the long run. To be aware of technologies that go into our respective engineering branches and then being able to implement in our lives is what these projects aim for.

You just need to have the potential to dig deeper and understand which category suits your interests well and you are almost there. So, enter into this world of exciting technologies and turn your dreams into the reality of building some of the great projects. Besides having your knowledge enhanced, you will also thoroughly enjoy this process of practical learning.

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Some of the latest IoT project ideas that you can consider!

Given below are brief descriptions about the IoT projects mentioned above. It is recommended that you study each of them well and then decide which one to include according to your interests, time constraints, and capability.

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1.Weather Monitoring System using IoT: Arduino is the most suitable microcontroller to interface devices together. Also, it is an open-source platform, everything is available online for free from software to the schematics of the board. Arduino can be operated either independently, or connected to a Laptop, or connected to other electronic devices and sensors. This IoT project involves working on the calibration of sensors. You can set up a device that is sensitive to temperature variations.

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2.Automated street lightning using IoT: This IoT project helps you build a light-sensitive device that automatically turns the street light ON and OFF depending on the intensity of sunlight falling on it. A very efficient device that saves energy is now found in many developed countries. Here, you will learn to work on interfacing and calibrating sensors.

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3.Smart Irrigation System using IoT: This IoT project helps you to develop a device that detects any change in the moisture level in the soil and also further controls the flow of water accordingly. You get to work with a soil moisture sensor and Arduino board.

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4.Home Automation System using IoT: This IoT project makes use of the Bluetooth technology which you can use to control your home appliances. Moreover, on learning this course you will also be able to store and analyse the data about their usage.

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5.Smart Water Monitoring using IoT: This IoT project helps you build an IoT based Smart Water Monitoring System that detects and meters the flow of water through the pipe. This course involves the corresponding IoT concepts and helps in saving a lot of water.

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6.Smart Building using IoT: This IoT project enables you to build a smart device that can sense the number of occupants in a meeting room. It uses PIR sensors and works automatically in switching ON and OFF the electrical devices. It is thus an efficient method to save electricity for further domestic purposes.

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7.Surveillance Camera using IoT: In this IoT project, you will develop a surveillance camera that can monitor your belongings in real time using IoT. With this, you can watch your loved ones playing or watch over your pet, no matter where you are located.

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8.Automatic Smart Door Bell using IoT: The aim of this IoT project is to develop a better security system for households. In this project, you will develop a device which will detect the human activity and automatically switch ON the doorbell. You can also develop the system to send a notification via SMS to the user when a human activity is detected.

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9.Automatic Smart Parking System using IoT: Generally, in cities, finding parking space is difficult for our vehicles. In this IoT project, you will build a smart device which gives information to drivers about the availability of parking slots. The data collected by the device is stored in the cloud and can be utilized by anyone. The aim of the IoT project is to reduce the time in finding the parking spaces which reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicles.

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Hope this article is of some use to you.

As can be seen, these projects are really easy to take up. At Skyfi labs, you are provided with a kit that makes it even more tempting to learn and build.

There are ways through which you can easily join us. You may enroll in these projects, post which you will receive a kit and online course access. To ensure flexibility, we have also made course videos which you can access anytime and anywhere. You will get lectures, quizzes, and much more other amazing stuff as well.

Joining these projects indeed will help you in your career in the long run. They add brownie points to your resume which further adds to your impression. Enhanced knowledge and a wise experience are surely going to be a part of your joining. So, what to wait for! Avail these countless benefits by devoting your time to such a course and utilize your engineering knowledge to the fullest.

Check all IoT based projects from Skyfi Labs

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Latest 2019 IoT project ideas for engineering students
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