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7 Steps to Select a Good Mini Project

With the squeezing exams schedule, day long lectures and labs to attend, working on mini projects is a challenge. But, this doesn’t mean that you can select an ordinary mini project and complete it just for the sake of grades. You can still make the most of this opportunity and get good recognition by doing a good mini project in the stipulated duration and constraints.

And it is a known fact that projects are given the highest weightage in core company placements & higher studies admissions at esteemed universities. Doing your mini project in the right way will make your future recruiters recognize that you can work with time & resource constraints and still give an excellent output.

Here I am suggesting some of the tips which you can use to do a good mini project despite all the constraints that you have,

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1. Analyze the current technology trends: Any mini project that is done with the old and outdated technologies will not have any futuristic scope. As mini projects provide you an effective platform to get skilled on technologies, use it to learn latest technologies that are currently trending.

Best mini projects on latest technologies

Browse online about the currently trending technologies, also read a lot of articles/ blogs to understand about the technologies that intellectuals around the world are working on. Upon analysis select the technology which fascinates you more and wish to learn, then do a mini project on that to increase the credibility

2. Revolve the mini project around a social cause: Any mini project that is done without any application or real time solution, will benefit no one except to get grades. Also your mini projects goes long way than just grades, so select a mini project that revolves around a social cause or an environmental issue.

Revolve the mini project around a social cause

Stronger the reason that you get for your mini project, the more determination that your team will show to solve it. And everyone from your future recruiters to the faculties will like to hear more about your mini project, as it holds a stronger reason than the conventional mini projects.

Mini Projects on latest Technologies

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3. Check the feasibility of your mini project: It is good to be ambitious and reluctant in choosing a challenging mini project and doing it as part of your engineering curriculum. But be more cautious and check the feasibility of completing that particular mini project before finalizing.

Check the feasibility of your mini project

Because if you are facing an issue with the selected mini project, due to non-availability of resources or lack of mentorship or insufficient lab facilities, you can’t change the topic at the last moment. So always check the feasibility of completing that mini project and start working on it.

4. Research about the mini projects done by your seniors: Nobody wants to see a repetitive mini project. If not a completely new mini project, you need to at least inculcate a better learning or understanding that you got by doing that mini project in your report.

You can simply go through your department records or discuss with your seniors to understand what kind of mini projects they have done and try to improvise it with yours. This will also be very helpful for you to understand the trends that they followed, challenges they faced and learning they got. You can use this effectively and get some guidance or assistance from them for your mini project.

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5. Refer the research journals published by scholars: A lot of research is already happening in the world where a lot of Ph.D scholars work on a project for years and publish research papers on them. You can go through this journals from your college library or public forums to learn about their projects and the methodologies they have followed in doing it.

Research about the mini projects done by your seniors

You can pull it as a reference for your mini project and avoid doing the same experimentations again. This will also come in handy when you are stuck at some point doing your mini project or want to know more about the testing methodologies carried out.

6. Get expert assistance as and when needed: Before you begin with your mini project, identify all the technologies that are involved in it and select the mentors accordingly. Since you have only limited time, it will be impossible to learn a completely new technology and integrate onto your mini project.

Get expert assistance as and when needed

Having the right mentors will assist you greatly in getting technical assistance as and when needed for your mini project. As they have seen a lot of projects in the past and are experienced with a lot of technologies, they can provide you a solution very quickly and guide properly whenever you face a problem. Also never hesitate to get help from your mentors.

7. Work with organizations like Skyfi Labs whose courses help you in building great mini projects: Work with organizations like Skyfi Labs whose courses help you in building great mini projects
Suppose you want to do good mini projects but don’t know where to start, Skyfi Labs provides a very good platform for you to begin your mini project by providing all the resources needed. With Skyfi Labs, it will be easy for you to learn and build good mini projects at your convenience. These project-based courses are designed to help you learn the needed theoretical concepts in an interesting manner, make you use the right kits (shipped to you) & get tech guidance as and when needed. The mini projects that are offered have a very good futuristic scope for upgradation and modification suiting your needs. With the expert technical assistance and great course content provided, now it is your turn to utilize it to the fullest potential and build your mini project in the right way.

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Do let us know what you think is the best mini project for engineering students by commenting below.

7 Steps to Select a Good Mini Project
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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