Internet of Things

7 Real World IoT Applications (Internet of Things)

What is IoT?

Internet of Things is one of the most talked upon topics nowadays from fitness devices that measure your heart rate to self-driving cars whose specialized sensors detect any object present in its path, IoT is adding superpowers to any device that can be switched on/off by connecting it with the world wide web. But, What actually is IoT?

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It is actually the most widespread network of connected and interconnected devices and things, through which people connect and exchange data and information. Which is embedded in the devices or things through software, sensors etc?

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Did you know?

  • Today around 7 billion devices are connected through IoT and by 2025 around 22 billion devices are being predicted to be connected with IoT.
  • The first IoT device ever made was a toaster that could be turned on and off over the internet by John Romkey in the year 1990.

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Why do we need IoT?

The importance of IoT devices is increasing day by day as the scope of intelligent control is being developed as the advancement of this technology is adding up to the features of the already existing devices. IoT applications have added and are still adding value to our lives in numerous ways.

Few of the ways include:

  1. IoT has the ability to connect the IoT embedded devices to any place be it your home or workplace.
  2. It adds a very big advantage in geo-positioning by sensing the surroundings pressure, temperature, viscosity, etc.
  3. It provides a place to save data safely in the cloud.
  4. Wireless data transfer at affordable prices has been made possible because of IoT.
  5. Several trackers are developed which when attached to things and then paired by apps can give you the direction of the item is lost.

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Application of IoT in day to day life:

1. Smartphone

Smartphone is a device that could be seen almost all the time in almost everyone’s hand and we all know life is difficult without smartphones we are all so addicted to it. From ordering food online to looking for any destination, to searching an unknown number on true caller. Smartphones have become a basic need of our daily life.

Smartphones have advanced so much that they are seen to be enhancing the photo quality of DSLR’s as phones are making people more and more addictive to living a digital and advanced life.

2. Smart refrigerator

Refrigerators are now coming with smart sensors that automatically detect the types of materials put into it and the temperature variation they need.

You can even interact with its features by connecting them with your smartphones, also there are user-controlled cooling options also they are very eco-friendly and conserve less energy.

3. Microchips

With the microchips getting more and more advanced, small microchips are created and installed within the skin of certain animals in order to collect data and information required for the research.

4. Smart homes

Smart homes are those advanced devices who are monitored and controlled by IoT enabled devices like automatic locks, smart bulbs, garbage collector, automatic curtains and much more.

5. Smartwatches

IoT has made the watches smart enough not only to see the time but also to receive text messages and calls, you can even connect your social media notifications with it.

Along with it many smartwatches are also been converted into healthy wearing devices that detect the heart rate and the number of footsteps taken by a person and suggest them the types of exercises that can best suit them.

6. Smart air conditioners

Air conditioners are something we had to switch on after coming from a hot day, but through IoT, you can switch on you or set the time for your air conditioner before coming home by connecting it by your cellphone. Also, air conditioners have advanced so much that they adjust their temperatures according to the humidity present in the air.

7. Smart speaker

Alexa, can you please change the song?

Well Yes! The very famous speaker Alexa is one of the best IoT application, this a friendly-bot yet in the form of the speaker with which you can even interact, ask whether you have any saved deadlines and even ask for gift ideas for your friend’s birthday!

Did you know?

One of the airports of London uses IoT to improve the journey experience for customers by using face recognition to measure the speed of a journey. Hitachi Technology is used to measure the movement of customers.

Industries that are most affected by IoT

1. Healthcare

Healthcare units connect their devices and services with the IoT software such that accessing the patients and monitoring their requirements becomes easier. Many devices along with micro camera sent inside the body for detecting stones, or hole in the heart.

Almost all kinds of healthcare facilities are now being connected with the IoT software, hospitals also connect software with the wheelchairs when they need them and also to quickly provide them service with the fitted IoT sensor bells.

2. Public sector

IoT can help the public sectors like the governing bodies in keeping the record of supply of water, electricity, etc. and detect any overloading or problem occurring due to the loss or delay of service.

3. Automobile

IoT devices when utilized smartly are seen to detect the ups and downs in the road and also alarm the driver about high traffic areas. Making the driving experience smoother and safer.

4. Manufacturing

Manufacturing Industry uses IoT at a greater advantage by identifying the areas where to make a compromise in the sales and not to.

Let’s conclude our discussion with

The Most trending IoT Devices of 2020:

  1. Google Home voice controller: Allows to control media, alarms, reminders, functions, etc. just by the control of the voice by the IoT software.
  2. August doorbell cam: This device allows you to answer your doorbell from any remote location, not only this but it also captures the changes in the doorsteps.
  3. Kuri mobile robot: One of the most friendly robots made unlike the other robots that just do work and talk formal, Kuri is a robot designed especially for the entertainment purpose. It is seen to be moving all around the house and capturing pictures and moments.
  4. Footbot air quality monitor: Detects the impure and polluted air present in the indoors and leads to the improvement in the quality of air within the house or the workplace.

I hope you got some knowledgeable information about IoT (Internet of Things) from this article. Let us know your thoughts about IoT in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

7 Real World IoT Applications (Internet of Things)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-05

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