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Biggest IOT Competition in India

“One simple idea can change everything”

An idea is so powerful that when groomed in the right way it has the ability to transform you and everyone around you. Every innovative company that you see today originated from one awesome idea.

Note about Internet of Things Note:

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1. IoT (Career Building Course)

2. Home Automation using IoT

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8. Smart Water Monitoring

9. Automated Street Lighting

10. IoT Training & Internship

11. Home Automation System using IoT & Raspberry Pi

You might have watched the Inception Movie, it portrayed how difficult it is to make a person believe an idea but when someone does believe that idea it has the power to impact their own life in an unimaginable way.

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Same way, companies like,, etc. was founded from ideas which the students came up with while participating in a competition.

As per human psychology, when a person is pushed to limits his mind provokes and opens up the creative cognitive skills paving the way for some amazing ideas.

But the challenge here is to transform the idea into a reality.

Competitions provide you exactly this, where it enhances your creativity, bringing the best out of you and provide you an effective platform to transform the idea into a reality.

What is the importance of IoT?

Importance of IoT

Internet of Things in short IoT is a trending technological field that converts any electronic device into a smarter one. A lot of industries are beginning to adopt this technology on to their operations to increase their productivity and improve efficiency.

Latest projects on Internet of Things

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This innovative technology not only connects the device to the internet but also provides the user, various features like real-time analytics, platform to analyze the collected data, cloud data storage, trigger an action from a remote location, remote notifications etc. Because of its wide range of applications, this technology can be integrated into almost all the industries.

Reports also state that more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet via IoT by 2020 transforming into a multi-trillion dollar market. Such is the scope of this amazing technology.

How to get acquainted with IoT?

As this is an upcoming technology, you can’t really learn it through your engineering curriculum. Even the laboratories in most of the colleges of today are not equipped with the materials that support the learning of this technology.

So how can you learn this technology?

Well, IoT is a concept that can only be learned by practicing. Building projects on IoT is a great way to learn the technology and develop skills.

You can start by building relatively simpler projects on IoT to understand the technology from the core and then move on to building bigger projects to strengthen your knowledge.

How to build Internet of Things projects Did you know

Skyfi Labs helps students develop skills in a hands-on manner through Internet of Things Online Courses where you learn by building real-world projects.

You can enrol with friends and receive kits at your doorstep.

You can learn from experts, build working projects, showcase skills to the world and grab the best jobs.
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For a beginner, you can attend any hands-on workshops or do some project-based courses on IoT to get started with the technology.

How participating in IoT competition helps you?

IoT competitions offer a lot more reward to you than just the winning prize. It plays a great role in motivating you to learn more and bringing in the best of out of you in terms of critical thinking.

Some of the takeaway points for you from IoT competitions are:

  1. Substantial experience: Colleges provide very few opportunities for you to experience and have a realistic outlook towards the competitive nature of real life. By going for IoT competitions you will undergo a series of potential tests. That includes a series of brainstorming sessions, rapid problem-solving experiences; new way of learning IoT that is totally different from how you learn subjects in your college. The experience that you gain through these IoT competitions will have a greater impact on your life and goes beyond the competition.
  2. Build your profile: Achievements/ learning that you get through IoT competitions can have a great impact on your resume/ profile. The experience that you get through these competitions makes you stand out from your peers and helps to establish yourself as a skilled IoT engineer in front of your recruiters. As they provide a substantial project-building experience, the knowledge that you gain will come in handy when you progress in your career.
  3. Make new contacts: Competitions provide you a platform to meet new people and industry experts with whom you can interact directly. By interacting with the industrial experts on IoT, you will get know about the latest technological advancements and implementations. You might get contacts of industry experts which will come in handy when you are on the lookout for internships/ job opportunities in the field of IoT.
  4. Showcase your skills: Competitions are an effective platform for you to learn new technologies (such as IoT) and showcase skills in front of industry experts. The experienced judges at these competitions can provide you critical analysis and feedback on your performance which allows you to self-evaluate and concentrate on the areas which you need to improve.
  5. Financial bonus: Well this is an obvious reason to participate in competitions. Honestly, who wouldn’t love to get some extra pocket money? IoT competitions offer some hefty amount as prizes that will surely reward for all the hard work that you have put in. You can also use this money to fuel your dreams or kick start your small business ideas in the field of IoT.

Why this particular IUCEE competition?

Skyfi Labs - IUCEE Challenge provides you an amazing technological experience to learn and build products based on trending innovative technologies. This competition has involved more than 3000 students in the past 3 years where we have witnessed some highly creative products in the fields of automation technology, human-machine interaction and alternative energies.

In the same thread, Skyfi Labs - IUCEE challenge 2018 offers you a national level platform to learn, design and innovate projects in the field of Internet of Things.

You will compete with more than 2000 engineering students from various educational institutions across the nation on this latest technology. The competition provides you an effective platform to learn and showcase skills in front of the industry experts at an International Conference (ICTIEE 2018) that is being organized at Bennett University, Greater Noida during 06-08, Jan 2018.

Know more about Skyfi Labs - IUCEE challenge 2018

How to participate in this IoT competition?

There are 2 options available for you to enter the competition,

#Option 1:

Step 1: You need to register for our IoT using Arduino Online Course. (Click here to enroll)

Step 2: Complete the project using the hardware kits sent from us and online course content

Step 3: After completing the course, solve the additional challenge given at the end of the course

Step 4: Get a direct entry to the finals of Skyfi Labs IUCEE Challenge 2018 at ICTIEE’18 by IUCEE during 06-08, Jan 2018 at Bennett University, Greater Noida.

Enroll for the IoT using Arduino Online Course

#Option 2:

Step 1: You can participate in one of the IoT workshops that we are organizing across the nation

Step 2: At the end of the workshop, top performing teams would be picked based on the challenge performance

Step 3: Shortlisted students will be invited to the finals of Skyfi Labs IUCEE Challenge 2018 at ICTIEE’18 by IUCEE during 06-08, Jan 2018 at Bennett University, Greater Noida

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Other than getting an international exposure and developing skills on IOT technology, you will receive certifications from both Skyfi Labs and IUCEE: Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education. You can also stand a chance to win prize money worth Rs.20,000.

Some tips for you:

Here are some tips for you to have a better chance of winning

  1. Choose your team wisely. Identify potential people with key skills to form your team.
  2. Bring in lot of creativity, innovation and design concepts to your product
  3. Identify the right mentor for your team who can guide you in this technology
  4. Learn the technology from basics to bring in more innovation
  5. Browse online for journals & materials to identify the latest innovations in the field of IoT
  6. Improve your communication and presentation skills in addition to technical skills

Utilize this opportunity to showcase your skills at National Level. All the Best!

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Biggest IOT Competition in India
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2021-03-07

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