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The full form of IEEE is Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is a worldwide organization in which high level i.e. very talented engineers works. They help us by enhancing the electrical devices and computer. The organization was established in 1884 and it was named as AIEE which stands for American Institute of Electrical Engineers. And in 1963, the organization was finally named as IEEE and made it works wide. The main motive of IEEE is to upgrade the standard of electrical and computer science. In this article, we will discuss digital signal processing and signal processing IEEE projects.

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What is the use of IEEE?

The use of IEEE or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is to write research papers, it is also used in technical fields, especially in computer science. IEEE invent new electronic products and services, also publishes and encourages industry knowledge. The main focusing areas of IEEE are electronics, electrical, computer science, computer engineering and information technology. For the development of standards for computer networking IEEE plays an important role as it has invented many different standards, for example, IEEE 802 and IEEE 802.11. Moreover, IEEE also organizes its own conferences and seminars.

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Latest projects on Digital Signal Processing

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Why is Signal Processing Important?

Signal processing is the numerical manipulation of signals, usually with the intention to measure filter produce or compress continuous analog signals. If we see around, we will find that in every field we need signals to pass the information. Signal processing is also needed for CT scan, X-rays. Signals are used to send messages and also interpret financial data, so its also used in finance. Also, signal processing is required in mobile phones and digital home assistants. We can even say that the future of technology is signal processing. Signal processing is important because:

Signal processing provides a high level of accuracy. The filters in signal processing provide control over output accuracy as compared to analogue filters.

Mathematical signal processing algorithm can be routinely implemented on Digital Signal Processing system.

It is seen that a signal processing is much more cost-effective since it is digital as compare to analog counterpart.

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Latest Signal Processing IEEE projects

Here we will discuss some of the latest signal processing IEEE projects.

  1. A bilinear Equalizer for massive MIMO system- In this IEEE signal processing project, the way it is made it uses the channel structure to increase the performance. This has been done by restricting the equalizer to functions.
  2. GPU-Accelerated High-Throughput Online Stream Data Processing- The Graphic Processing Units (GPU) prepare the massive knowledge of parallel processing perfect. In this DSP project, it is focused to implement and analyse the G-storm.
  3. DSP Implementation of Moving object detection and tracking based on MPEG-4: In this DSP project, you will detect the moving object on MPEG 4 with the help of Digital signal processing.
  4. Audio compression using wavelets in MATLAB: In this DSP project, you will use MATLAB to analyze and compress the audio files. As audio is used in all the videos it should be compressed and used otherwise it will occupy more storage.
  5. Artificial Neural network simulation: ANN will function similar to our brain neurons. In this project, you will learn to simulate Artificial Neural network and understand the applications of ANN in real-time.

Check out the following list for more DSP IEEE projects:

  1. Vehicle number plate recognition
  2. Face detection with DSP implementation
  3. Calculations of Gain and Noise for cascaded systems
  4. 2D and 3D plotting with MATLAB
  5. Implementation of Fast Fourier Transform
  6. Digital FIR filters
  7. Hearing Aids system
  8. Laser-Guided Vehicle
  9. Design and analysis of 7 TAP filter using HDL and MATLAB
  10. CDMA modem analysis

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Best online course to learn Digital signal processing

There are many courses related to signal processing which is available on Skyfi Labs. And we will discuss each below in details.

1. Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB- In this DSP online course, you will understand the principles behind DSP and work on various wave generation techniques, smoothing of a signal and filter analysis.

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2. Digital Signal Processing using Python- As part of this online course, you will be introduced to python programming language and Digital signal processing. You will work with Fourier transforms and build various filters. You will learn the following concepts: Convolution in DSP, Fourier Transforms and wave generation.

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These signal processing courses will be conducted in live online classes from experts which will help you to learn directly from them and you will be able to interact with them and clear your doubts. Classes will be scheduled either in evening or weekends. They will teach you from basics so it will be comfortable to learn easily. You will also be provided with smart certificates which help you in future. Also, the batch size will be small may be of 10 or below it, so that they can teach every student perfectly.

Latest Signal Processing IEEE projects
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