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Top 8 Digital Electronics Projects(Videos Included)


The world of electronics is divided into 2 major segments

  • Power electronics
  • Digitals electronics

I have furnished all the information about power electronics in this blog you can refer it for the general information and projects related to power electronics.

To the available information, we are aware that there are two types of signals. They are analog signals (also known as continuous signals) and another one is a digital signal (also known as a discrete signal). In this article, we will be discussing digital electronics, applications and also a list of the project ideas for increasing your practical skills and increase your chances of achieving your core-related job.

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What are Digital electronics?  

Digital technology, digital electronics or digital circuits are electronics that operate on the digital signals. To make it understand easily, analog devices are electrical components that give you continuous signals or values (that is the reason it is also continuous signals). So, it becomes a bit complex to power the electronic circuit with continuous values. Here, digital electronics come into play. In digital the signals are converted into only two different signals unlike continuous signals of analog device. In digital the signals are sent in the form of ON and OFF or 1 and 0. Where 1 stands for ON and 0 stands for OFF. Therefore, it is clear to the circuit that if the signal is 1 then the whole circuit will power ON and if the signal is 0 the circuit will be OFF.

The reason that it is been introduced to the electrical engineering curriculum is that these days all the engineering streams are interrelated and over they are been considered as multi-disciplinary. So, the knowledge of digital electronics is very much needed for an electrical engineer.

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What are the applications of digital electronics?

There are many applications for the digital electronics out there but it is mainly used the industrial automation. As the machines in the industries need discrete values the digital electronics are used to obtain the value and make the circuit run. To be frank we use digital electronics in our daily life some of the examples are:

  • A digital watch 
  • Automatic glass doors (Airports, metro stations, shopping malls, etc...) 
  • Step counters in Fitness bands

Projects in digital electronics:

If you came this far in this blog it is evident that you are interested to pursue a career in digital electronics. So for your peer reference, I will be listing the projects and project ideas. These can be used by you in your academics or you can perform these projects to widen your knowledge as well.

Here is the list of projects:

1. Automatic Railway Crossing


A large number of animals, as well as humans, are also being died every year due to the ill maintenance of the railway crossing gate. This may be also sometimes due to the absence of the content authority near the railway gate. So, this electronics project will eradicate that problem to some extent. This automatic railway crossing project will shut the gate as soon as it senses the train and saves the lives of animals.

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2. Sensor Guided Robot


Have you ever wondered how a robot walks without any human interference? Or watched any technology show where robots will be following a line? In this sensor guided robot project, you will come to know all the tech stuff related to the above-mentioned questions. You will be building 3 different robots by learning the technology included in it. 

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3. Firefighting robot


This will be a new project where you will use a robot for putting the fire away. In this firefighting robot project, you will make a robot that will automatically detect the fire and try to put the fire off. This will save the lives of people stuck in the fire and also the firemen's lives as well.

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 4. Automatic Solar Tracker


Do you know? The maximum efficiency of a solar panel can be as high as 23% but as the sun does not be at the same location all day so the efficiency of the solar panel is not achieved to the maximum. In this automatic solar tracker project, you will try to rotate the solar panel to the direction of the sunrays. You will be doing this by interacting with the LDR sensors and the Arduino UNO.

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5. Smart Building using IoT


In movies when a person enters the room the lights get automatically turned on. Have you ever wondered how is this possible? Then you will get an answer in this Smart building using IoT project. You will design the project in such a way that if any person is present in the room the light turns on. And you will also use IoT technology and upload the data like no. of people in the room and duration of the light switch on etc… 

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6. Automated Street Lighting


In an automatic street lighting system project, you will perform a real-time project where the street light turns on automatically in the night and turns off in the day. In this project, you will be using the LDR sensor and Arduino UNO.

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7. Smart Irrigation system


In this Smart Irrigation system project, you will build a project which will automatically turn on when the water level in the soil is less than a prescribed value. You will be using a soil moisture sensor to get the data from the soil and use the microcontroller to control the motor based on the value of the Soil moisture sensor.

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8. Smart Traffic Lighting System


In this Smart Traffic Lighting project, you will try to automate the process of the traffic signals based on the vehicles present in the corresponding lane. If the vehicles are more in one lane the system will automatically detect it and puts a green signal for that lane.

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You can also refer to the following projects:

Performing these projects will not only help you in your academics but also will help you in developing practical skills, learning new concepts like the Internet of things (IoT), and also outstanding from the graduates.

All the best!!!

Top 8 Digital Electronics Projects(Videos Included)
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-16

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