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Hey there everyone! I know that the world has really paused for quite a time and so, if you are reading this article, probably most of who are engineers, then suppose you’ll have plans of spending this time at home for a valuable cause! The cause being, improving your knowledge of course! As an engineer, that’s what is expected from you, there shouldn’t be a thing which an engineer should not be having at least a basic idea of!

So, as we talk about having an idea on things, let us talk about technology, which is like a guiding angel for us in the future, In-fact even nowadays. There is almost nothing in the world which runs without the use of any electronic device, right from small mobile to a large missile, technology is literally involved in everything. And while we talk about electronic devices, don’t you think that as engineers, no matter which branch, it is important for us to know what it takes to manufacture an electronic device right from the scratch? Like the processes involved in preparing things, which helps us simplify our tasks and improve our performance by a great deal. 

Very Large-Scale Integration(VLSI) is one such process, which simplifies our task by combining several millions of circuits into one, thus helping us to prepare many devices which occupy less space, which are easily portable and of course, highly advanced in their functioning! So, this article deals with VLSI, its uses, its designing and finally, some amazing VLSI design projects which you can obtain from some famous sites. So, let’s proceed!

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What is VLSI & What are its Applications?

As we have discussed above, VLSI is a process of creating Integrated circuits, by combining millions of Metal-oxide Silicon Transistors (MOS Transistors), into a single piece, referred to as a chip. Ever since its development, it has changed the world of technology, by enabling to carry out complex functions, making things simplified, and enabling complex telecommunication technologies to be developed. 

Before VLSI, things were different. Previously, a device which used to contain 1 byte of data used to be of a size of a table lamp, but now, thanks to the advancement in technology and development of processes like the VLSI, there has been a massive improvement in terms of size of the devices, as now, a 1000gb hard disk is hardly as large as a mini-pocket diary. Microprocessors and memory chips are VLSI devices. So, now I hope you do understand the way things changed due to processes like this!

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Latest projects on VLSI

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What is VLSI design?

As we know what VLSI’s are used almost everywhere in our real-life applications, so it is very important to know how we design them so that we get to know the engineering efforts behind it, apart from many other efforts of-course!

VLSI covers many stages of design consideration criterion and Finally fabricated with the help of many processes. If we consider a commercial VLSI chip design, it involves the following steps:

  • System definition
  • VLSI architecture designing 
  • Optimization 
  • Register Transfer Language (RTL) Coding
  • Simulations and verifications
  • Synthesis
  • Placing and Routing 
  • Time analysis 
  • Timing Closure
  • Semiconductor (which is mostly silicon) Device Fabrication, which usually involves a lot of steps like junction isolation, thermal oxidation, planar diffusion and surface passivation and wafer processing of course!
  • And adding finishing touches to it like colour, texture, surface finish.
  • Then IC packaging and finally 
  • Testing it of course.

The above processes involved vary from easy difficulty level to highly complicated processes which can be carried out by highly sophisticated tools and professionals and finally involves scaling down of millions and millions of chips into one single chip. Sounds amazing right!

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Latest VLSI mini projects for engineering students

Here are some of the latest and most exciting VLSI processes!

1. Robotic Arm Project: In this VLSI mini project, you will be preparing a Mechanical Robotic Arm, which is controlled by a set of programs, which helps in tasks like picking up and placing objects, rotating objects etc. It is done with the help of a Spartan3an Kit and a robotic arm kit.

Learn more about this Robotics arm VLSI project 

2. Automatic Obstacle detector: In this VLSI project, you will be detecting the distance of the obstacle nearest to you with the help of ultrasonic sensors. A Spartan3 FPGA Image Processing Kit is used for this.

3. Noise Removing Suppressing Device: In this VLSI Project, you will be trying to enhance the visual quality of a video by suppressing all the unintentional, interruptive noises present in the video. You perform this with the help of an efficient VLSI architecture using an edge-preserving filter.

Apart from these, there are several hundreds of projects available, some of which are:

  • Low-power wireless OFDM systems using VLSI
  • Anti-collision enabled Robot processor using RFID
  • AMBA bus IP block
  • Asynchronous Knockout transfer switch.
  • FPGA 32-bit Floating-point Arithmetic
  • QPSK Fabrication
  • Designing an efficient VLSI Architecture to remove impulse noise from images
  • Improvising the system computing speed with an advanced encryption system
  • Implementation of carry tree adder
  • VLSI Architecture design for visible watermarking in an S2DC

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How and where can I learn VLSI Online?

Well, now, after everything said about a VLSI, and its ever-lasting scope in the future, you might definitely want to learn about VLSI, right? But the question arises, from where? 

Of-course form online! You can browse the net and realise that you’ve got an entire universe to explore there! So SKYFI LABS is one such website that offers innovative courses on VLSI, by which you can learn and prepare VLSI Projects with these. Here are a few of them:

1. VLSI for beginners: In this VLSI project-based course, you will learn the absolute basics of VLSI by dealing with industrial wide used tools for VLSI, like ISE and Xilinx. You will also be learning about Verilog, Decoders and encoders, Working of comparators etc.

Explore more about this VLSI course

2. VLSI for intermediates: In this VLSI project-based course you’ll go a little bit in-depth about VLSI by learning how to build Combinational and Sequential circuits while still learning a bit more about the tools and skills of the previous course.

Explore more about this course

3. Advanced VLSI: In this VLSI online course, you will be learning the Advanced processes involved in VLSI like, Programming and Stimulating Verilog, Creating and managing designs for Xilinx design suit etc. you will also be learning about Static RAM design, Traffic light control etc.

Explore more about this online course

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Latest VLSI mini projects for engineering students
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