Final Year Projects on VLSI for Electronics(ECE) Students

Modern problems need modern solutions. Indeed, it has been a true fact ever since the invention of technology in this world. Imagine our world still stuck with oversized computers and a brick-sized mobile phone. You can not run to your office with a presentation on your hand that you completed at the last minute. You can not watch Netflix or surf through the internet leisurely sitting on your comfy couch. [I wouldn't be able to take notes leisurely on my mobile phone to jot down this article :^)] Well, Touchwood! Thanks to our modern minds! Our lives have been made a lot easier with their invention Integrated Circuit. VLSI is one of the useful technologies in the field which is demanding and prioritized to learn when it comes to the electronics background. Let us hop on to the article to know about VLSI its applications, how you can learn VLSI and the latest VLSI final year project ideas for ECE students. 

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Note about VLSI Note:

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What is VLSI?

Before knowing about VLSI, let us see what is meant by Integration Technology to understand about VLSI. Integrated chip is a single chip in which all the active and passive components are fabricated. But the devices needed more efficiency to run and more circuits were included. This, in turn, made the electronic devices bulkier. This was the time when integration technology came in to increase more components in a single chip. This tremendously increased the speed of the device and decreased the size of the device. There are more categories of integration which are determined by the number of components, that is, transistors that are integrated into it. They are: 

  • SSI (Small Scale Integration): 1-100 transistors
  • MSI (Medium Scale Integration): 100-1000 transistors
  • LSI (Large Scale Integration): 1000-10000 transistors
  • VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration): 10000-1 million transistors
  • ULSI (Ultra Large Scale Integration): 1m-10m transistors
  • GSI (Giant Scale Integration): more than 10 million transistors

VLSI was conceived during the late 1970s. It is now one of the used technologies for component designing, integrated circuit, and microchip processor. VLSI has the capacity to hold a huge number of transistors that are integrated and embedded in a microchip. 

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Advantages & Applications of VLSI:

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Apart from making our lives easier, VLSI is more advantageous.

  • It tremendously decreased the size of the circuits
  • It does not need more space and relatively a smaller area is enough
  • Comparing to Discrete components, it requires only less power
  • It is more reliable
  • The operating speed of circuits are increased by VLSI
  • The effective cost for devices are reduced

With all the advantages being laid, it is one of the used and preferred technology in various other fields. Especially, it is applied in many other branches of engineering such as Commercial Electronics, Automobiles, Computers, Digital Signal Processing, Data and Voice Communication Networks, Medicine and so on. 

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How can I learn VLSI Programming?

There are many online tutorials to help you understand VLSI better. But Skyfi Labs is one of the reliable companies which offer impeccable online tutorials to help you understand VLSI better through developing simple and useful projects. Here are some of the useful, at the same time effective online courses on VLSI:

1. VLSI Starter

This VLSI online course will be apt for you if you are a beginner in learning about VLSI. Using Xilinx ISE, an industry-wide used tool, you will get to understand the basics of VLSI. You will get to program in Verilog and build combinational circuits. As a part of this course, you will learn the concepts of encoders and multiplexers by building the digital circuits and VLSI projects. Also, you will get to work with Comparators and Logic Gates. 

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2. VLSI Explorer

This VLSI online course would be an eye-opener when you are seeking to know more about VLSI. It lets you learn the basics of VLSI through Xilinx ISE, one of the industry-wide used tools. You will also learn to program Verilog, concepts such as multiplexers, encoders, decoders through building digital circuits. Eventually, you will build combinational circuits by working with Logic Gates, Comparators and so on. 

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3. VLSI Champion

As the very name suggests, this course is best for you to excel in VLSI technology. Apart from learning the basics like programming in Verilog, building digital circuits and combinational circuits, learning concepts such as decoders, encoders, multiplexers, so on and so forth, you will eventually learn to develop a Static RAM Design and Traffic Light Control.

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4. VLSI (Career Building Course)

This course is the best to add a weightage to your profile if you are seeking a career in the Electronics and Communication background. You will learn the various concepts such as multiplexers, encoders, decoders, flip flops, comparators, registers through building the combinational circuits, digital circuits, sequential circuits and so on. Eventually, you will learn to develop projects like Traffic Light Control and Static RAM Design. 

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Final Year Projects on VLSI for ECE Students:

Final year is the most crucial period in the life of an engineering student. The good project you build in your final year will add more weightage to your profile and even lead to a better career in your future. Here are more final year project ideas on VLSI for ECE students:

  1. Design and Implementation of a Real-time Traffic Light Control
  2. Fuzzy based PID Controller using VHDL 
  3. Design and VLSI Implementation of Anti-collision Robot Processor
  4. Synergetic use of Bloom Filters for Error Detection and Correction.
  5. Bluetooth Based Wireless Home Automation System
  6. FPGA based Robotic Arm Controller
  7. Cloud-based Temperature Monitoring System using IoT
  8. Multi-Channel UART using FPGA
  9. FPGA Implementation of Distance Measurement using Ultrasonic Sensor
  10. Linear and Morphological Image Filtering using FPGA Image Processing Kit
  11. Implementation of Medical Image Fusion using Spartan 3 FPGA
  12. Flexible DSP Accelerator Architecture Exploiting Carry-Save Arithmetic

With all the definitions and applications of VLSI being laid, choose wisely to build your final year project to gear up your career to a bright spot. We, at Skyfi Labs, have curated more efficient and effective online tutorials on VLSI to help you build your own final year project on VLSI in ECE background. Our tutorials are led by experts in the particular field and you get the 1-1 discussion to clarify the doubts and queries. Please do leave a comment below to allow us to answer your queries and general questions on the topic. 

Final Year Projects on VLSI for Electronics(ECE) Students
Skyfi Labs Last Updated: 2022-05-07

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