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Build DevOps on AWS

Nowadays, cloud computing helps most of the firms to run their businesses more efficiently by cutting costs of operations and infrastructure. In this cloud computing project, you will learn to build DevOps on AWS.

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DevOps - Let’s break it down Dev and Ops. Initially, after developing the code, the deployment of the code to production consumed huge time. This is due to the gap between the Dev(developer) team and Ops (operations) team. From Continuous Integration to Continuous deployment DevOps automated the process by making the teams work together. It uses various CI-CD tools and people having both the development and operations skillset to fix the bugs and respond quickly to customers need.

Following are benefits of DevOps:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Team collaboration
  • Risk management
  • Security

AWS - Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that allows users to host their web sites, web applications, and for data storage purposes on a pay-as-you-go basis. Following are the companies that use AWS - Netflix, BBC, Baidu, Facebook, LinkedIn, ESPN, etc.

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  • Set up a Jenkins Build server
  • Migrate a Git Repository to AWS
  • Locally Debug a Serverless Application

Project Implementation

Following are the steps to set up a production-ready DevOps solution:

Step 1: Setup a Jenkins Build server - Jenkins is an open-source automation server which combines with plenty of AWS services like AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeCommit, Amazon  Ec2 Spot and Amazon Ec2 Fleet. By using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud you can easily deploy Jenkins application in few minutes.

  • Launch an Ec2 Instance
  • After launching Ec2 instance connect to your Linux instance from Windows using PuTTY
  • Before installing Jenkins make sure the software packages are up to date on your instance.
  • After the installation, you can configure Jenkins using your browser.

Step 2: Migrate a Git Repository to AWS -  In AWS Codecommit create a private git repository where the project will be hosted.

  • Finish the initial Codecommit setup
  • Create a repository for Codecommit
  • Clone the created repository and push it to Codecommit
  • Check the files in the Codecommit repository
  • Share the Codecommit repository with your team.

Step 3: Locally Debug a Serverless application - By using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda create a Node.js serverless application in AWS Cloud9.

Step 4: Security - AWS Identity and Access Management is used to manage the users and protection credentials like access keys, passwords, and permission policies. It is very important to protect the company’s infrastructure and assets in the DevOps enabled environment.

DevOps solution is successfully implemented through the following: Continuous Deployment automates the deployment of production-ready application code. It also helps to roll back to previous versions, if the deployment fails. Following are the platforms used to automate the process: AWS CodePipline - It is a release automation and continuous delivery service that assists smooth deployment, AWS CodeDeploy - code deployment service, AWS CodeCommit - used to host private Git repositories and AWS Elastic Beanstalk - supports infrastructure modifications and helps for continuous deployment of application code changes.

With the help of AWS, your DevOps will bring coordination to your business and IT organization and stimulate your journey to the cloud.

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Build DevOps on AWS
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