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Learn How to Host A Dynamic Website On AWS

Dynamic websites are used to give interactive features to the users based on their request. A dynamic website uses both server-side and client-side languages such as Javascript, PHP, ASP, HTML and CSS to provide a dynamic interface for the users. You can easily develop a dynamic website using CMS (content management system) like Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, etc.

Having a dynamic website from your business will boost your sales by giving access to a wide number of people around the world.

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In this web development project, you will learn to develop a dynamic website on AWS and also learn concepts like cloud computing, web development and AWS configurations.

Advantages of Dynamic Website

  • Dynamic websites are easy to maintain and to perform the changes.
  • It can be expanded for greater functionality in the future.
  • As per the visitor request website can be customized to provide a better user experience
  • Editors and content contributors need only basic programming skills to add content
  • SEO of the website can be improved easily
  • Less expensive for long time usage

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Disadvantages of Dynamic website

  • Cost more for smaller firms
  • Consumes more time for the initial development
  • Hosting a dynamic website costs more than a static website

Project Implementation

AWS gives you 12-month free tier access which includes Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB with that you can easily set up your website.

There are two ways to host a dynamic website on AWS one is using EC2 to host a website and other is using Elastic Beanstalk service. With Elastic Computer Cloud you have to launch, install and configure the site. But with Elastic Beanstalk which is an app deployment service by AWS, you can easily deploy your website just by uploading your code written using PHP or other languages. Elastic Beanstalk automates the website or app deployment by functioning in the background.

We are going to use EC2 - Elastic Computer Cloud to create our dynamic website on AWS.

Following is the process to be followed to host a dynamic website:

  • Create the application server
  • Create the Database server
  • Deploy the website application
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Merge Domain name with your website

Launch EC2 instance by creating a virtual server to run your web application. After creating the instance it will appear in the dashboard you can connect to the instance using Java plugin or putty since Linux server does not have any GUI.

Now install the LAMP stack, which is a set of open-source software (the stack consists of (L) Linux operating system, (A) Apache HTTP server, (M) MySQL database management system and (P) PHP programming language) used to create web servers and applications.

To check that you have installed the webserver properly copy-paste the public DNS of your instance in the browser which will display “it works”.

Now upload your web pages to the www folder of the webserver using FileZilla client. Remove the index.html file from the www folder and upload your PHP, CSS and HTML files.

Go to the public DNS to see your site after uploading the files. Index.html file will show the index page of the site. Using the elastic IP map your domain name to the Elastic Compute Cloud instance which will bring customers to your website.

Image Author: Seobility (CDN), License: CC BY-SA 4.0
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