Data Analysis of Cab services

You need to analyze something to get the work done properly or to make improvements in your life. Data analysis is exactly like that. Data Analysis is generally used to extract information and use it for decision making for better performance. Some logical and analytical facts are taken into consideration from the information gained from data. In this article, we are discussing the data analysis of cabs trips. It will be helpful for beginners. If you are interested in technologies the Skyfi Labs will help you to improve your knowledge.

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1. Data Analytics using R

Project Description

So let’s talk about the topic, Its data analysis for the cabs trips. The system is for the business growth purpose or to increase your information about the business. The article will cover basic concepts and guidelines for the building of the system. It is very useful for an engineering student. You can use it for your minor project also. So let’s begin with the concept. 

Technologies Used

Data Analysis


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Implementation Guidelines

  1. Initially, you need a raw dataset for the cabs trips. You can download it from various websites like Kaggle or Github.
  2. You can use a jupyter notebook for the analysis.
  3. Then you have to import some python libraries like pandas and seaborn. Pandas basically used for the data manipulation and sorting and seaborn is for plotting.
  4. Then load the data with simple python commands. It contains some attributes like time, date, longitude, latitude, and base, etc.
  5. Let’s begin by adding some extra columns. You can add some extra columns like day, hour, etc by defining a new function. Then display the mapping again. If the previous column is the date which contains some entries of date for example 30/05/2020 and time shows 05:15:00, after running the command for displaying the day, it will show 30. and for the hour it will display 05.
  6. You can use a histogram to build the frequency table of the column. You can label the X and Y-axis values for clarification. Another thing is that you can use a length function which gives the number of records. Also, use matplotlib for plotting the graph which is useful to analyze the condition of the cabs business.
  7. You can analyze different attributes other than a day.
  8. Also, you can plot heatmap using the seaborn library.
  9. So by the data analysis of cabs trips, you can analyze when the business is strong, the strength of the trips. Also, you can see the booking time, when the bookings for cabs are more or less. So the company can arrange extra cabs at the time. See the strength of bookings day wise.
  10. Use matplotlib python library to allocate 2D graphs.

So this is a basic start of the data analysis of a particular dataset. Even you can analyze data of movie ratings, automobile companies, or any other business firm also.

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Data Analysis of Cab services
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