Data Analytics using R Programming

Data has become a very vital and important part of the technology age. We as a human rely on data and information to process things later. Handling these huge data can be a tough task but we have found some ways to manipulate it easily. We will be using the R programming language to build this project. R programming language is open-source software which was developed for data mining and statistical manipulation of the data.

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What is R Programming language?

R is a database programming language and the factors which make it more popular rather than most of the programming languages are as follows:

  • Free to use
  • More powerful with an amazing ecosystem
  • Wide range of packages for data access
  • Data cleaning
  • Performing analysis
  • Creating reports

Data can be easily visualized with the help of the R language. We will first install R language in our respective computer systems. The packages should also be installed to code with all the predefined functions. The R programming language is very easy to code and it can easily match data with each other. The aim of the project is to gather the huge data of the nationwide food restaurants and then compare them according to respective interest.

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Project Implementation

The datasets of the restaurants and their review should be downloaded and linked to the programming language. The dataset is available for free on the internet. Once it is downloaded, the R language will be set to compare the different restaurants. For example, if a customer wants to eat Chinese then the project will show the results of the best Chinese restaurants in his/her locality. The application will help many daily lives and it can be easily implemented. The requirements of the project are quite simple and it is very easy to make.

The code should be like that to compare the restaurants on the basis of different factors such as quality food, clean food, tasty food, best music theme restaurant, etc. First, the data should be classified on the basis of the most searched results. The data will be stored separately for the different classes and the coding should be done in such a way that the result will be portrayed according to the search.

The comparison of the reviews is not easy but that’s what R programming language is made up of. The reviews are to be scanned and then the sentiment is decided by a small project sentiment analysis using R. Based on the results the project will show the desired result.


The project thus will require having knowledge about data analytics and R programming language. The developer should download the good dataset from the internet and to get proper training on the use of R language is by visiting our online courses. The online courses on Skyfi Labs on R will teach you the basics of the language and the extent of data analytics. The project is easy to build and you can make it well with some help.   

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Data Analytics using R Programming
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