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Game development using Augmented reality

In this game development project, we are going to use AR technology to develop a game similar to pokemon go using Unity and Vuforia. Augmented reality has suddenly become a buzzword among everyone. Augmented reality overlays digital objects on the existing environment. The advancement in technology brought Augmented reality to smartphones which resulted in the development of various Augmented reality applications and games. 

Before getting into the topic let's discuss the software used for this project:

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Unity - Unity is a cross-platform game development engine used to develop various games and applications for desktop, console, and mobile devices. Unity is the combination of a game engine, an application, and a code editor. 

  • Unity is the best platform for game development, where you can render 3D images also. 
  • You can develop apps for various platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Thus you can compile a single script and use it for various purposes. 
  • Provides an easy to use interface where beginners can also understand and use the tools. 
  • Unity comes with an asset store where you can get various assets for your project.

Vuforia - It is a software development kit used to create augmented reality applications. You can integrate Vuforia with Unity and develop cutting edge AR applications. With the help of Vuforia, you can do various things such as the recognition of visual objects such as cylinders, boxes, planes, etc. 

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Applications of Augmented reality

  • In medical augmented reality is used to practice surgeries to avoid mishaps. 
  • Augmented reality is used for navigation as well where it helps people to move from one point to another. 
  • Augmented reality is also used in education to teach kids interactively. 
  • Retail industries use augmented reality technology to provide a better experience for their customers. For example, textile industries use this technology to trail clothes for the customers. 

Game development using Augmented reality

Let’s understand how this application is going to work, Vuforia uses the mobile device camera along with gyroscope and accelerometer to understand the real-world. It also uses computer vision technology to create a model according to the environment. In this tutorial, we are going to develop an AR game called shoot the cubes. To develop this game we are going to use ARCamera prefab. 

First, download and install the Vuforia SDK for Unity. Then install the ARcamera package. The aim of this game is to search and shoot the flying cubes with the help of the device’s sensors and camera. This is a similar approach to Pokemon Go. We are going to use the Vuforia Behaviour script from the ARcamera package to develop the game. 

Find the center of the world using the device sensor and Goto Gameobject>3D object>Cube to create the cube. Position the cube correctly in the space. Now go to file>build and run.

Use your device to locate the cube in the real world. You will observe that when you move the device the cube stays in the same place. 

Now set the position of the element according to ARcamera. And create a spawn manager to define the spawn position of the cubes. This manager will locate the cube according to the ARCamera rotation. 

In this tutorial, you have learned to develop an AR game using ARcamera the main prefab in Unity By developing this game development project you will also learn to create illusions using the by configuring the device sensors.

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Game development using Augmented reality
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