The following projects are based on Voltage Regulator. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using Voltage Regulator.

1. Home Automation System

Home Automation System

In this project, you will develop a Home Automation System using Bluetooth technology. The system you develop allows you to remotely control home appliances with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and a special Android application. The system is fitted with a Bluetooth module, microcontroller and relay switches to automatically control the appliances.

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2. Review on Temperature & Humidity Sensing using IoT

Review on Temperature & Humidity Sensing using IoT

With the climatic conditions becoming a big concern among the environmentalists, a device that can monitor and stream the temperature differences in the environment is needed. The objective of this project is to develop an electronic device that can sense the temperature/ humidity difference and send the data to the cloud for analytics.

3. Home Security Model Using IoT

Home Security Model Using IoT

Security systems is one of the most researched fields of today. Through this project, you will develop an electronic device that can detect the human activity and switch on the buzzer to alert the user. The system will also be connected to the internet and can send the data to the cloud spontaneously.

4. Electric Harvesting Tiles

Electric Harvesting Tiles

It's all about generating energy from people's footsteps. Every time the people walk we are capturing that kinetic energy and turns into electricity the more people walk moreover we can create. Well, it's not just about the power it's about power data and engagement. You can generate 10 seconds of light from one foot. We don't want any large transformer for generating power. Yes, this creation is helpful for human resources. It requires no natural resources.

5. Weather Monitoring using Raspberry Pi

Weather Monitoring using Raspberry Pi

Weather Monitoring is a Project where you can see the change in the weather remotely using your smartphone, so the main conditions in the weather monitor are the temperature, humidity, and the air quality. Weather can change at any time as it is uncontrollable but it can be monitored continuously and measures can be taken depending on the weather conditions. In this project, you will be able to monitor the conditions of the weather and receive the data to your phone.

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6. PI Phone

PI Phone

A person, if he has to communicate with someone far, will be using a telephone or a mobile phone, like if he wants to send a text message or make a call. This Pi Phone can send and can receive text messages, can make a phone call and receive a call. This Pi phone is a basic mobile phone with a touchscreen interface and has basic features like time, date and you can also keep an alarm.

7. Battery Free Flashlight

Battery Free Flashlight

Do you think by using battery constrain you to run the technology anywhere in the world or in a solar system. Our drawback is battery we need some platform or power source for storage of power in the form of chemical energy. What if you are making your project without battery sounds crazy right! You don't need to store energy anywhere or neither you need to convert into another form. What happens when you use the battery you are converting in the chemical energy to store in battery and then again to are converting into electrical energy in that process you are losing some amount of energy in form of power. Usually batteries are made of terrible chemicals among very few are being recycled and finally, in the end, we have to dispose of them in the earth which might be very dangerous for humans in future

8. Salt Light Lamp

Salt Light Lamp

The idea behind this project salt lamp is the chemical conversion of energy. It utilizes the scientific process behind the Galvanic cell, but instead of electrolytes, the SALt lamp uses saline solution, making it harmless and non-toxic. SALt lamp project is an LED lamp powered by the galvanic reaction of an anode with saline water. It also has a USB port to charge low-power mobile devices such as cellphones, smartphones, and mp3 players.The anode must be replaced approximately every six months and the saline water daily; sea water is usable.

9. Weight sensing automatic gate

Weight sensing automatic gate

Automation is everywhere now, from industries to home, the automation has lead to a drastic change in this world. There is Automation or Automatic Control everywhere now, from machines, the process in factories, to microwave ovens, switching in telephone, steering, and many more. In this project, you can automate your gate or door and open it whenever a person's or a vehicle's weight is detected.

10. Drink and drive detection with Ignition lock

Drink and drive detection with Ignition lock

Drink & drive is a leading cause of road accidents. Detecting drunk driving requires stopping vehicles and manually scanning drivers by using breath analyzers. Well, here this is a system which allows detecting drunk driving in the vehicle itself. The system uses an alcohol sensor with raspberry pi along with a GSM modem for SMS notification.

Latest Projects based on Voltage Regulator
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