Latest Projects based on Zigbee

The following projects are based on Zigbee. This list shows the latest innovative projects which can be built by students to develop hands-on experience in areas related to/ using Zigbee.

1. Rescue Robot and Pipeline Inspection using Zigbee

Rescue Robot and Pipeline Inspection using Zigbee

Often, we hear a lot of news on child being fallen into the borehole that is left uncovered. And it is very difficult to rescue the trapped children. This project provides an efficient solution for this. Through this project you will be designing a robot that is capable of moving inside the pipe according to the user commands.

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2. Land Survey Robot

Land Survey Robot

The main objective of this project is to build a robot that can conduct a land survey, especially help a user in the calculation of area of the given land and divide into subplots accordingly. You need to use Zigbee technology to establish the connection and make the robot work efficiently.

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3. IoT based Finger Print Authentication using Arduino

IoT based Finger Print Authentication using Arduino

The conventional authentication technologies like RFID tags and authentication cards has a lot of weakness, biometric method of authentication is a prompt replacement for this. Biometrics such as fingerprints, voices and ECG signals are unique human characters that cannot be tampered or replicated. This facilitates real time system implementations. And it is also proven to be more accurate with less than 2 seconds of processing time, facilitating the authentication system to be faster and reliable.

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4. Land Mine Detector Robot

Land Mine Detector Robot

Every country is preparing for a strong army to prevent them from terrorists, the soldier undergo a particular period of training in the camp and finally they will be shifted to the most dangerous place of where terrorist area camp, even to protect the borderline between the two countries.

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5. Gas Detection System

Gas Detection System

Drones are nowadays largely used for environmental monitoring. To locate the leakage of gasses in houses or industrial area it was easily monitored and detected by using sensors fixed on a moving vehicle but with an aerial vehicle or UAVs we can attach a camera to identify the location.

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6. Automatic Irrigation System

Automatic Irrigation System

The automated irrigation system can prove that the use of water can be reduced for different agricultural production. The irrigation system provides only the required

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7. Detection of Asthma Trigger using Zigbee

Detection of Asthma Trigger using Zigbee

This project focuses on the development of a system which will collect the data periodic wise from different sensors. For this system, the PIC microcontroller

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