Best IEEE projects list in mechatronics

To the fans out there for “Breaking Bad” television series, Better Call Saul is a well-known phrase. When any criminal is on trouble, Saul the lawyer comes to the rescue and gets them out. Zapping all the issues brilliantly with crazy skills, Saul became a strong character and even a new series is being telecasted just with his story line.

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Now, if anyone across the globe is in need to eliminate or zap dangerous viruses like Ebola in a quarantine zone, better call Saul.

Yes, Saul will come to the rescue. But only difference, Saul who comes to rescue this time is not the fictional character but an advanced robot.

Standing 5 feet 2 inches tall, Saul is a germ zapping robot that can harness power to kill off dangerously contagious viruses like Ebola in a gist. Saul uses pulses of high intensity ultraviolet rays that are 25000 times brighter than florescent lights to split bacterial cell walls and eliminates the dangerous pathogens commonly found in quarantine zones.

Saul is super smart and very efficient that it can eliminate viruses like Ebola, two meters out in any direction in just five minutes at an efficiency rate of 99.9 percent.

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Long gone are the times where viruses like Ebola are considered deadly. Now we are in an era, where smart mechatronics devices like Saul are making our lives better and healthier.

Saul is just one example for the mechatronics innovation that is happening around us. There are thousands of mechatronics devices like Saul that are being researched and developed every day. Even more, millions of mechatronics devices have been successfully implemented on industries to improve their operational efficiency.

With such rapid penetration into all the major industries, mechatronics is quickly transforming into an inevitable technology that would enrich our lives in the coming years.

For such an innovative technology, the challenge is not about getting the right kind of components or establishing a research setup but in getting skilled people who can work on mechatronics technology very efficiently.

Since mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary subject, one should have a good understanding on mechanical, electronics & robotics technical concepts to work efficiently.

So, if you are an engineer who is very passionate to get into mechatronics industry, then there are 2 obvious things that you need to do.

Latest projects on Mechatronics

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  1. Learn and understand the basic principles involved in electronics and mechanical engineering subjects. It is not necessary to be an expert at all the subjects, having an understanding on the basic concepts is enough for you get started with your mechatronics career.
  2. Build a lot of projects hands-on involving mechatronics concepts to strengthen your learning and develop good expertise. Developing such mechatronics projects will not only improve your practical skills but also greatly help in clearing your core job placements.

You can also utilize your mini & final year projects to learn mechatronics effectively. Since these projects provide you with a good amount of time, you can use that opportunity to build mechatronics projects and learn the concepts of it.

So, if you very much passionate about mechatronics, here are some of the best IEEE mechatronics projects which you can build to improve your skillsets.

Automatic Saw Cutting: The main objective of this mechatronics project is to develop an electronic device that can help the industries to greatly improve their operational efficiency. Any industry for that matter, need to cut raw metals and wooden planks into various sizes and shapes to manufacture a consumer product. And using solely manpower to carry out these operations results in two major disadvantages, time consuming & less accuracy. By inculcating such type of automatic machine will surely assist us to manufacture more goods in a short period of time and with a great accuracy.

Through this project, you will develop an automatic saw cutting machine that integrates a microcontroller, real time clocks, relay driver circuit, user interface screen and mechanical arrangements to help people carryout tedious tasks in industries. The relay output is directly connected with the mechanical arrangement, so the machine can easily change to slanting teeth, sharp teeth etc. according to the work automatically in a gist.

Technology you need to know: Machining using Arduino

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Robotic Arm: The main objective of this mechatronics project is to develop an electronic device that can help industrial workers to carryout difficult tasks from a remote location. These tasks can vary from dull, dangerous and delegate ones. Such type of tasks not only needs accuracy but also needed to be performed with greater efficiency. Robotic arm is an excellent industrial solution which can greatly impact in improving the operational efficiency of an industry.

Through this project, you will develop a robotic arm that uses kinematic principles, a microcontroller and mechanical systems to assist in industrial activities. The robotic arm consists of 3 major parts, microcontroller that acts the brain of the system to control the actuation, servo motors that help the robot to move with varied degree of freedoms, end effectors that can be modified to carryout numerous industrial activities.

Technologies you need to know: Operation of robotic arm , Inverse Kinematics

Cutting Rewinding Machine: The main objective of this mechatronics project is to develop an electronics device that can help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in cutting & rewinding operations in a cost-effective manner. Most of the devices that come with such operations are very costly and complex to be considered for small industries. This device would provide a cost-effective solution in such cases. These devices are greatly needed for paper industries where a large jumbo reel of paper is moved through an array of knives before rewinding it on one or more shafts to produce smaller paper roles.

Through this project, you will develop a mechanical device that integrates Plummer block, induction motors, rollers, single v-belt & pulley systems to carry out the cutting and rolling of paper roles. You can embed a microcontroller to this mechanical device to make it smarter and carryout the operations automatically without needing much assistance from workers. With this device, industrial operation becomes very simple, saves floor space due to its compact built up, and more importantly saves a lot of time & money for SMEs.

Robotic Manipulator Arm: The main objective of this project is to develop a mechatronic hand that can be manipulated to perform various actions. From the devices that are used in movies to animate a structure to a device that is used to assist doctors in carrying out precise surgeries, all are applications of the animatronics technology.

Through this project, you will develop an animatronic hand that integrates a microcontroller, servo motors, flex sensors and mechanical hand arrangement to carry out various industrial activities. The action of the animatronic hand can be modified to carryout numerous industrial operations. It can be either programmed to carry out a specific action automatically or can also be integrated with an actuation system to be controlled by a user on real time basis.

Technology you need to know: Animatronics Hand

Pneumatic Forging Machine: The objective of this mechatronics project is to develop an electronic device that can act as a fashioning tool and cut the materials to the intended shape & size by applying mechanical pressure or weight. In the recent years this device has picked up a lot of significance and almost all the industries that are into consumer products need this to complete their operations efficiently. Although many such machines exist in the current industry, the objective here is to design a much efficient and smarter device that can even be used by semi-talented workforce.

The project you develop will integrate a micro-controller, pneumatic cylinders, tubes and a work piece. The cylinder is powered by passing the right amount of highly pressurized air which then generates enough power through the linkage to transmit a punch on to the material placed using a desired work piece. You can also embed this device with varied work pieces for desired measurements and make the device smarter to pick the right work piece automatically to complete the given job.

Paint Mixer Machine: The objective of this mechatronics project is to develop an electronic device that can be used as a paint mixer machine. Mixing process is a part of production in many industries and they need a device which can efficiently get the work done. As there are million variations of colour out there, mixing the right proposition of colours without any discrepancies in a short period of time is too time consuming and complex when solely done by human labours. This electronic device will surely assist in such cases to achieve the task with high efficiency and accuracy.

The project you develop will integrate a microcontroller, LCD, keypad, relay driver circuits, relays, pipe lines and solenoid valves. Once the desired composition is entered in the keypad, the information is processed by the microcontroller and sends the signal to the relay driver circuits. This then actuates the pipelines and delivers the right amount of colours to the mixture tank. The mechanical setup placed on the mixture tank actuates and mixes the colour without any discrepancies in a short period of time.

Key Controlled Forklift: The mechatronics project is constructed with square metal pipes and resembles the structure of a rectangular box. The vertical moving mechanism containing the metal forks is assembled over the structure at the front side and can be operated from a remote location with the help of a remote. The basic concept of this device is to create mechanical movements in the fork lift according to the commands generated and transmitted through the remote that is integrated with a RF module. Once the instructions are given in the remote, the received signal is demodulated through the RF receiver module and the output is fed to the microcontroller that is placed over the fork lift unit. The microcontroller is programmed to control the motors through H Bridge mechanism and radio communication is used to efficiently carry out the process.

Stair Climbing Robot: The mechatronics project that you develop will have a tri-wheel configuration and is capable of climbing stairs on its own. The transporter is driven by four sets of wheels – two tri wheels in the front and two normal circular wheels at the rear. The tri-wheel setup placed here will have a system of three wheels sandwiched between two Y fames. This setup allows two kinds of motions, first about the axis through the centre of each of the wheels and second will be the rotatory motion about the axis of the tri-wheel system itself. This mechanism provides enough flexibility for the robot to climb steps easily on its own. This mechanism can transform the automobile industry as we see it and can pave the way for manufacturing more automobiles that can be used on any terrain.

Self-Excited Vibratory Drilling: In industries, it is very difficult to obtain holes with regular geometrical and technological parameters without any quality loss. It is very critical to carry out the deep drilling process efficiently because the chip removal process remains the main obstacle for achieving higher quality and better productivity. To solve this problem efficiently, a new drilling technology should be developed based on the mechanism of self-excited vibration.

The objective of this mechatronics project is to develop a mechanism that can smoothly execute the process. Since self-excited vibratory drilling is a dynamic process that is extremely difficult to control due to its variation of non-linear forces with time, the challenge is here is to keep them stabilized at a suitable frequency and magnitude that is needed for good quality cutting. You need to develop a mathematical model for the self-excited drilling operation with dimensional parameters. This theoretical study will obtain the equations governing the creation of work piece surface and will gives us the data to forecast the operating conditions of vibratory drilling.

Some of the other IEEE mechatronics project topics are mentioned below:

  • Automatic Pneumatic Bumper
  • Automatic Laminating System
  • Pneumafil Controller
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles
  • Automatic Bottle Filling Machine
  • Robotic Trolley for Material Handling
  • Pneumatic Forging Machine
  • Automatic Lubrication Unit
  • Automatic Intelligent Hydro Irrigation System
  • Automatic Coil Winding Machine
  • Spray Painting Robot
  • Voice Operated Fuel Injector
  • Multi-Channel Product Measurement and Rejection System
  • Remote Controlled Drilling Machine
  • Auto Stop Motion for Spinning Mills
  • Automatic Dimensioning Machine

Above are some of the best IEEE mechatronics project topics which you can select and build your innovative engineering project.

Hope you got some good IEEE mechatronics project ideas from this article.

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Best IEEE projects list in mechatronics
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